Saturday, 29 November 2014

Dreamwoven Luxuries Look

Fyrinnae is one of my absolute favourite brands. Their products never let me down! This eyeshadow is from my last order. It's a metallic taupe called Dreamwoven Luxuries. A very easy shade to wear and works well with my skin tone!

Sorry for the squinting expression! I took the pictures before leaving for work and the
lights were so bright that most of the pictures came out with me looking either sleepy
or drunk ;D

Friday, 28 November 2014

Rogue Photoshoot

I posted a little sneak peek of this photoshoot a while ago, you can find it here. I was really happy when Tiina of Rogue Clothing asked if I could model for her. She does totally awesome clothes and we've worked before on a collaboration project with prints designed by me. This time she had teamed up with the very talented photographer Eliza Rask to take shots of new garments.

The other models were Tiina herself and Tii, who is a pro and has a great Facebook page! Marjo Hakala did our make-up, her Instagram can be found here.

The weather was bitterly cold on the morning of the photoshoot and this time of year there's only very few hours of daylight. We were shooting at a garden by a manor house. The nature looked gorgeous shrouded in a slight mist, just what we needed to make the clothes really stand out!

And now the pictures!

I brought my own horns to the shoot, as requested.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but I was sinking into the muddy ground with my stiletto heels ;D

Tiina didn't even fall from the tree! It's dangerous to be a model ;P

I love the skull applique on this dress!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Date Night Dream Outfits!

Queen of Darkness suggested a collage post for an outfit for an event, night out or something to that effect, and after thinking on it for a while, I came up with a great idea! One of their ideas was a date night, but since it usually takes two people to make it a date, I asked if my other half would like to compile his dream date night outfit and I could make mine to match his. He agreed!

Lace bracelet - lacy jewellery compliments the tulle and lace skirt nicely.
Lace and pearls necklace - with a low cut neckline, a choker-like necklace gives the look definition
Lace and leather jacket - I might feel a bit exposed in just the corset top, so this jacket hides and reveals just enough!
Dipped hem fluffy skirt - you already know I love this skirt ;D
Plastic boned corset - a rigid, tight-laced corset might not be the best choice for going out to eat, but a plastic boned one lets you move and eat more freely.
New Rock Magneto heels - the skirt just begs for gorgeous heels!

Military style coat - for a masculine look, this coat is perfect
Black shirt with studs - simple but with nice details, works with everything!
Pants with decorative pockets - The pockets keep most of the decoration up to go well with the shirt
Bracelet with studs - a black bracelet with silver studs is something that works with many outfits, it just gives it that finishing touch.
New Rock String shoes - we share a love for New Rock footwear ;P I think there are around eight pairs in our apartment. Bulky shoes work well with most of the details of the outfit being higher up.

So this is what we would wear to a romantic night out. We like to go out to eat at restaurants and afterwards come home to watch a movie or play some Diablo 3 together. We have slightly different taste in music, but usually both of us have enjoyed going to listen to bands, even if it's only the other one's favourite artist playing. And goth clubs are always great!

My other half, Arttu, wears gothic style clothing too, so he knew just what to choose for the outfit. Queen of Darkness has quite a nice selection for men, unlike many brands. Arttu is always on the lookout for some cool clothing when we go to festivals, because he sings in a band and naturally needs something posh to wear on stage. I think he always looks good, nice clothes are just a little bit extra ;D If you want to listen to his band, click here! I love their stuff, I'm a sucker for gothic rock and could listen to him sing all night long!

This is us!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Adora Batbrat Look

For yesterday's mini-photoshoot with the new corset I wanted to try out an Adora Batbrat inspired look. I adore (get it? ;D) the way she does her heavy black eyeshadow and her intricate decorative lines and jewels incorporated in the make-up.

Here's what I used (aside from BB-cream and powder):

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, black gel liner
Sugarpill  Bulletproof, matte black eyeshadow
Red Cherry lashes
Sugarpill Dewdrop lashes, cut
Claire's body jewels in baby pink and dark purple
Claire's silver bindi
Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive, a latex free lash glue
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, a dark wine red
Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Rose, a dark cold red

Here's the look!

And a close up.

I started out by drawing the wing outlines on my lids with the gel liner and a stiff, small brush. Apparently my mind was wandering because I forgot to put primer on my lids, so please ignore the slight fading in the pictures. With a good eyeshadow primer colours come out more vibrant and black is blacker. I usually use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

When I felt the wing outlines were symmetric enough, I filled them in with the gel liner to achieve a deep black. On top of the gel liner wings I applied matte black eyeshadow to deepen the shade even more and to gently blend it out towards the inner corner of the eyes. I then took a blending brush and blended the black over the edges of the wings to soften the transition. I also applied a generous amount of black on the lower lids, blended out.

Then on to the liner! I grabbed a thin eyeliner brush and set to work. I decided to not even try the more complicated ornaments Adora does and go for simple long lines with jewels for decoration. In addition to overly long cat eye liner, I drew two long lines on the bottom and two on the top, and added a second line to one of the top ones to make it a spike like pattern. I think that wasn't such a good idea, so just do simple lines if you try this look! Adora often draws the lines to go over her eyebrows, but I felt on my face there was no room with the slanted bangs. I applied a touch of black liner below my lower lash line too, with a line that "opens" in the inner corner to make my eyes look bigger.

Decorating with the jewels was easy. I had a pack of small body jewels by Claire's. They came with their own glue on the backside of the jewels, but that was total poop, I just added a touch of lash glue after losing a few stones due to the weak glue. I used tweezers to position them. In my look there's 8 stones, two at the inner corners of eyes, two at the end of the cat eye liner streaks and four at the ends of the lower long lines.

Lush lashes are Adora's trademark, so I grabbed a pair of long human hair lashes by Red Cherry from my stash. Adora's are waaayyyy longer, but these were the closest ones I had. She usually wears lower lashes too, so I took a pair of Sugrapill Dewdrop lashes that have nice sequin decorations and cut them in half. They were very long and heavy to use on their own, I think cut they will see more use. I glued the cut strips to the lower lash line with the sequin side up. Normally as upper lashes the sequins would face down.

For finishing touches I applied dark blush heavily (the camera fades the colour, IRL it was VERY visible!) on the centers of my cheeks and put on dark lipstick. The bindi was an afterthought. Adora uses plastic jewels on her forehead, the bindi is a far cry from those, but I like the sleek look of it.

No primer = streaky eyeshadow! Always remember to use primer!

I really liked the little jewels and I think I'll use them more often from now on. You can basically use any jewels, from expensive Swarovski crystals to any cheap-o plastic rhinestones. Prepare to lose a few per night, so go for ones you don't mind getting lost!

The lower accent lashes are also very nice, they open up my small eyes. You can feel them when you are wearing the lashes, as these long ones touch your cheeks, but you get used to it quite fast and it's not unpleasant.

I think next time I'll try to draw the wing further out to get more oomph to the look and perhaps add a few more lines to make them more balanced. A darker lipstick or a two-tone look with black on the edges and dark red in the middle might also work well with the heavy eye make-up.

It's fun to try on new looks and you always learn a few things along the way!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Skeleton Corset

I pondered on getting a new corset for my upcoming birthday party and ended up ordering one from DraculaCorsets. I have to admit that I was mentally prepared for it to be of poor quality or not fitting me well, because ready made overbusts are always tricky and they only had pictures of it on the gorgeous Razor Candi. I bet she can wear a garbage bag and make it look glamorous ;D Just meaning that I was a bit unsure of what I would receive, quality wise and for the fit.

I was disappointed when there was no information on the site on how long making a corset takes. They sent me a notification when the work on the corset started, but since they only listed the time it takes to deliver one, I had no idea how long I would have to wait. In the end it took ten business days from the "production started" notification for the corset to arrive at my doorstep. It not too long I think.

The corset arrived today and naturally I had to try it on immediately (well, after eating dinner, as it's always such a great idea to put on a corset right after a meal ;D) and I was positively surprised! The corset has a very nice waistline and comes quite low on the hips, creating a beautiful shape. The top part fits me very well on the front (with a bra on, I'm quite small on the top) and the back rises high to keep the silhouette smooth (and hide the bra closure). The corset is made of real leather, which feels very nice and soft against your skin. I've never had a leather corset before, I didn't know they are this comfy! The leather has a tiny bit of stretch so it molds to your body.

The ribbon is very long and the busk is sturdy, making it easy to put the corset on and take it off. I can't lace it up myself, like I do with my underbusts often, this baby is so long that you need some help to get it sit right and tight!

I also wanted to try a Adora Batbrat inspired make-up look (I'll have detail pics of it in a separate post, there's so many photos I like from this set!), so I decided to do it together with the corset. So prepare for shots of a painted face, tons of lashes and a killer corset!

Tiara - Too Fast
Hair fall - Hair from Hell
Feather collar - DIY
Corset - DraculaCorsets

Shrug - Artifice Clothing

I had planned to add rhinestones to the corset, but it looks so bad ass as is that I don't think I want to now. I save them and make something else that sparkles!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I'm a Queen of Darkness Ambassador!

Queen of Darkness, on of my favourite goth clothing brands, contacted me and asked if I would like to be an ambassador for them. Naturally I said yes! What this basically means in that I'll be able to offer you, my lovely readers, some sneak peeks into their upcoming collections and review clothing items so you will know which ones will fit you best. I'm really excited about this collaboration and hope that I can provide you with valuable information!

I own a few items by Queen of Darkness already, they always have a well-stocked stall at WGT. This year I bought a new bolero there, because I had worn my old one to pieces, so just getting a new similar one was a great choice! The year before I got one of my favourite skirts to wear at events, the layered long skirt with dipped hem. It was a bit expensive, so I didn't buy it right away but decided to think on it. It turned out I just couldn't get it out of my head, and that usually means the garment will see lots of use, so after a few beers I went back to the stall to buy it. And I'm glad I did!

Here's a few outfits I've put together so far with the skirt:

This one was taken in Leipzig, the day after I bought the lovely skirt.
I paired it with a Burleska corset and Pennangalan glitter shoes.

Here me and my skirt are at Lumous Gothic Festival.
It works well with a feather choker and pvc-ruffle I made myself,
a DeadlyGirlz corset and a pair of heelless New Rocks.

And once again with the same DeadlyGirlz corset,
this time at club Bella Morte. I completed the gothic
princess look with a clock hand tiara!
The skirt works super well with a corset or a corset top, because it not very full at the waist, making the waistline slim and neat. The hi-lo cut lets you show off your footwear and keeps you from tripping over your hems while dancing. Tulle top layer makes the skirt look light and soft, while adding fullness where it is needed. All in all a very nice skirt and well worth the price because it's so easy to combine with accessories and tops!

If you want to take a look at what Queen of Darkness is offering on their web shop, 
click on the banner!

To like their Facebook page, go here: Queen of Darkness on Facebook

And here you can find the Queen of Darkness blog. I'll be writing for it together with other ambassadors in the future!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Celestial Crow Look

Celestial Crow is one of the eyeshadows I ordered form Glamour Doll Eyes a while ago. It's quite dark, so I had been saving it for a going-out night. Yesterday I finally took the time wear it, and I'm glad I did! I had a really nice night with my other half, first tasting some weissbeer at a friends, then a quick stop at a bar meeting other friends, then a pizza and eating it at home.

I used:
Cherry Culture Jumbo Eye Pen - Paparazzi (a metallic teal, padded on the lid)
Glamour Doll Eyes - Celestial Crow (dark blue with green microglitter, on the lid and crease)
Evil Shades - Suffocation (light pink with a blue sheen, on the inner corners and as an accent on the outside of the wing)

The lights are so bright I tend to squint in pictures, sorry ;D

Celestial Crow is just the kind of blue that works super well with a cool pink.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

This is my Christmas list of dreams, I mainly lust after things that are a bit out of my price range, so that's why many things look expensive ;D But with the Christmas season coming and my birthday too, I can always dream!

"Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange" by Robert Irwin and translated by Malcolm C Lyons

I like fairytales, and this books has the oldest recorded Arabic stories, of the same tradition as the famous Arabian Nights. It just came out and looks like something that would keep me occupied for a few nights!

A gorgeous underbust corset by Snow Black Corsets.

Made to measure corset

I haven't been that into corsets before, but I've recently found which shapes and sizes fit me best. A made to measure corset would be a dream come true, since the ready-made ones always have tiny problems.

Swatch by Temptalia.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil

For wearing dark lipstick this lip pencil is a must. The shade looks gorgeous and something that would compliment many of my darker lip products.

Flat iron by Cloud Nine

My old flat iron just had it's tenth birthday, which is a pretty good age! The coating on the irons has started to wear down so it doesn't glide on hair like it used to. Cloud Nine flat irons are the cream of the crop, they are top quality and I do like their design as well.

"Prince Lestat" by Anne Rice

I love the Vampire Chronicles, so Prince Lestat is a must! Lestat is such a cool character, I always liked him!

Marlies Dekkers signature bra.

Marlies Dekkers bra

Because awesome bra is awesome. Marlies Dekkers makes underwear that's both pretty and durable, just what you need under your clothes. I especially like their signature bra, it has a gorgeous silver metal accent in the front.

Killstar Pentagram earrings

I've been eyeing these earrings for quite a while, they look so good but I'm not sure if I would find outfits to go with them. And I have a ton of earrings. But they are still wickedly good looking!

Minna Parikka Angora heels

Minna Parikka is a Finnish designer who makes shoes, handbags and accessories. Her high heels are to die for, like these ones called Angora. Sleek, black suede with cute bunny ears? Yes please!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pärrinkoski Photoshoot

I got these finished pictures from a photoshoot a long time ago but forgot! I posted a few shots before. They were taken by Helena Pahaoja at a place called Pärrinkoski, a small rapid in a forest area. What a picturesque spot, all the moss, large stones and clear running water, wow. Well the water was clear before I waded in an discovered the extraordinary muddy bottom of the stream ;D

Photographer: Helena Pahaoja
Model: Karoliina
Styling and wardrobe: Karoliina

These ones were taken with my DIY Daenerys dress and a set of antlers. This one is my absolute favourite, the light is perfect!

Long exposure shots while moving was something Helena wanted to try, they look really interesting. There was a heatwave when the photos were taken, otherwise I might not have liked the cool mud my feet sunk in on the bottom of the stream.  But for that kind of heat it was actually a welcome relief!

All photos by Helena Pahaoja

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ombre Lips

I'm into ombre lips these days, they are a great way to make lips look fuller! The simplest trick is to put lighter colour in the middle of the lips and a darker one on the edges and corners of the mouth. These lips were done with long lasting liquid lipsticks by Pretty Zombie.

On the very corners of the mouth there a touch of Black Cat, a pure matte black. The purple is Three Witches and the blue in the middle goes by the name of Blue Moon. The matte lipsticks don't blend well, so the ombre looks a bit blotchy, but it was much better in person. Lip pictures always show each and every mistake you make! IRL no one looks at your lips from a few centimeters away ;D

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