A list of some games I've been working on. They are stored in different places so this page is an easy way to find them. These are games I've worked with on my free time, professionally I've done mobile games (Legens of Elendria, Cooties, Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards) and PC simulations (Cities in Motion, Cities in Motion 2, Cities: Skylines).


A game about killing cute animals with earthquakes. The original plan was to have them copulate relentlessly so the challenge would be to keep their numbers at a manageable level, but we ran out of time. Done at the Global Game Jam 2011.


With Strings Attached

Game done for the Global Game Jam 2010, it was my first time attending. The game is about controlling a marionette princess to guide a prince trough perilous ground. If you prince makes it to the end, you can see that the character you were actually playing is a horny old witch, luring unsuspecting princes to her lair with puppet princesses. Check out all the possible ending, I did a lot of work on them ;D Needs Python platform installed, it can be found on the game site along with the game file.


Invitation to Love

A roleplaying game about soap operas. Consist of a deck of cards and instructions. The game is a story telling game, where up to six players gather around a table to collaborate a tale of romance and drama. Includes evil twins, unexpected weddings and other soap opera clich├ęs! Download the cards and rules as pdf files from the links below.



Samuel L. Jackson's Super Sledding -86

This one was created in the Global Game Jam 2012. It's probably the coolest game ever, complete with pixel graphics and Samuel L. Jackson performing tricks on a flying sled. It was later released for Windows Phone as a toned down version (can you imagine it's forbidden to say "mofo" in the Windows Phone app store? ;D) as Sam's Super Sledding. Behind the link you can find a version for Windows, which is super easy to play, because the game is optimized to be played on a phone.




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