Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pastels and Flowers

Long time no see! I did a photoshoot on Saturday, it's been a while since the previous one. This was one lucky photoshoot, I have to say! My sister had found a gorgeous gown from a yard sale and got it for me, and it fit me. A friend had moved abroad and donated her wonderful headdresses for me, and there happened to be one that was perfect with the dress. Another friend suggested the spot, which turned out to be awesome. When we shot, it began to rain as soon as we started driving away from the location.

The photos will take a while, but I wanted to show you my make-up, hair and the headdress! The chains are a bit tangled, but I think it still looks pretty. These were taken after I got home from the shoot, so please allow for some wear and tear.

Model, make-up: Me
Hair: Anniina_E
Headdress: Agony von Grim

Little souvenirs I brought home ;D
I was shooting with Sanni Saarenmaa Photography and just can't wait to see the results! The location, dress, hair and everything just clicked.
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