Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Karoliina's Guide to Glitter - Glitter Eyeliner with Lash Glue

New Year is coming, so I spend some time perfecting my skills with applying glitter. I did a super glittery look and took pictures for tutorials, so here's how to apply glitter as eyeliner with lash glue!

Glitter! On my brows, as liner and on my lips.

First I put on foundation, concealer and powder to prep my face. I added a very subtle smoky eye just to contour the eye area a bit. You should always wear at least a nude eyeshadow to prevent liner transferring to your lid, especially if your eyes are hooded like mine.

Glitter liner works with many looks, but a dramatic smoky eye gets an extra kick out of colourful glitter liner! Do any eyeshadow look you wish first, then apply glitter. Leave mascara to be applied after the glitter. If you use false lashes, add those last, after the glitter and mascara.

You need:

Water proof gel liner and a brush to apply it with (preferably liner in a color that matches your glitter, but plain black also works)
Lash glue and a brush if it doesn't come with one
Fine glitter
A small brush to apply glitter with, I use a soft lip brush
A plate or a palette
Fan brush or other soft, large brush

Inglot gel liner
1. Apply gel liner. The line you draw will be your guide when applying glue later. It will show through the glitter, so make it crisp and neat. Let the liner dry. I used teal liner and glitter that has teal and purple particles so they match nicely.

2. Get your lash glue and glitter ready. Sprinkle some glitter on your plate or palette so you can easily pick it up with a brush. If your lash glue has a brush that can do precise work, use it. If not, get another eyeliner brush ready. Make sure you have the glitter on the palette, the glitter brush ready and grab your lash glue.

I use latex free glue by Revlon that comes with a brush and dries very fast. If you have latex glue, it dries slower and you have some time to work with it, so it's not a disaster if you run out of glitter or drop your brush. With the latex free stuff you need to be fast!

I'm using Darling Girl Cosmetics glitter in Kaleidoscope. It's very fine so it won't irritate your eyes. Don't use craft glitter, it
can really hurt if you get it in your eye!
3. Apply lash glue on top of the gel liner. Grab your glue brush and gently apply a thin layer of glue on top of the line you drew with the gel liner. Do one eye at a time so the glue doesn't dry before you have time to add glitter!

I'm allergic to latex so I use Revlon Precision to glue on lashes and other things.

 4. Pat glitter on the glue. Take a clean brush and dip it in the glitter you sprinkled on the palette. Then pat the brush on the glue you just brushed on. Don't press hard, the glue will pick up the glitter as soon as it touches, the brush is just there to help you place the glitter. Glitter will only stick to the glue if you primed your lids with eyeshadow first, so don't worry if you miss the glue streak. Pat, pick up glitter, pat, and repeat until you feel the brush no longer sticks to the lid. That's when you know the glitter has coated all the glue it can. Don't worry about glitter falling on your cheeks, we'll fix that later!

I use a small, soft lip brush to put the glitter on. The main thing is that the brush is small but still a bit fluffy, not pointed, so it picks up much glitter and can transfer it to a large area. If patting on glitter feels uncomfortable on the lid, your brush might be too stiff.

Pat, pat, pat!
 5. Clean up. Because you put on foundation and powder first, you skin is not sticky and the glitter fall-off can be just brushed away. Use a large, soft brush to gently swipe the loose glitter away. The trick is to use the brush very, very lightly to avoid pushing the glitter against your skin so that it could stick. Do light swipes until you are satisfied. Usually a few glitter particles always remain, but when you use very fine glitter, they are not very noticeable.

Swipe, swipe, swipe!
And you are done! Apply mascara and false lashes if you want to and enjoy. Fine glitter stays well on the glue base so it won't be in your eyes or on your cheeks later in the evening. To vary this look, you could do a line with black first, and the just above it add a coloured glitter line!

6. Removal! Use an oil based make-up remover to wipe off any loose glitter and gel liner. Use a cotton pad folded in half to gently scrub off the glue. It helps if you keep the skin tight! Just place you finger next to your eye and softly pull the skin towards your temple to make it taut. Don't use force when scrubbing, just repeatedly swipe over the liner so the glue starts to roll off. If you got some on your lashes like I did, you need to squish your lashes between two fingers and gently pull out the glue. Washing the eye area with warn water helps the glue to become soft.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Furry Shoulder Thingies

I had a great mail day! My new matte lipsticks from Fyrinnae came, and a package from Artifice Clothing in Canada arrived. I follow them on Facebook and saw pictures of their new pointy shoulder thingies a while ago and fell in love. I knew they often sell the photoshoot pieces at discount prices on their Etsy shop, so I waited patiently for a few weeks until the item was listed and immediately bought it. I don't even know what to call this, since it's not jacket, not a cape and not a shrug. Furry shoulder pads maybe? Anyway I love this furry clothing item, what ever it's called ;D

The thingie has two short, boned, furry sleeves that are connected with two adjustable PVC straps. The synthetic fur is quite long and catches the light nicely, and just looks super cool. I love these kinds of small accessories that you can use to spice up any outfit!

I'm wearing Fyrinnae's new matte lipstick called Desire. It's a very dark purple, just my style!
I did a super quick photoshoot with my other half behind the camera just to get some pics of how the shrug looks. It's been a bit quiet on the club front so I need to do other things with the clothes I want to gush about! This is twenty minutes of make-up and hair after a day at the office and a bowl of soup at home while watching telly. What better way to relax?

I have to say I love designs by Artifice. Their price point is very decent for hand made items and the clothing is very unique, with lots of cool details and cuts. I already own three of their shrugs, two dresses and one corset, and often just browse their website to see all the lovely items and pictures. They usually have lots of pictures of items used in photoshoots, meaning the lighting is good and the models gorgeous, making the clothing look even better. 

The only thing so far I did not like was a waist corset that came up quite high. The cut just didn't work with my body, and because the corset did not have a busk, it was tricky to put on and take off. And the Canadian post is sometimes a bit slow, which is irritating, but nothing the company can help with ;P

Pointy shoulder pads - Jezebeth Fur Shrug by Artifice Clothing
Bra - H&M
Corset - Deadlygirlz
Skirt - Artifice Clothing

Now I'm itching for a PVC gown, but I have no idea where I would ever wear one. But a girl can dream!

Monday, 29 December 2014

One More from the Rogue Shoot

I'm super excited about modeling again! The workshop on Saturday was great and my head is full of ideas. Then there's a jewellery design project, a custom corset project and I'm waiting for some cool items to arrive in the mail. So many interesting things to do!

Here's one of the last finished pictures from the photoshoot done with Eliza Rask for Rogue. There's one more that's still being edited, taken on the same spot. I'm wearing a mini dress and a fur capelet. The background is a misty lake, it looked gorgeous but the air was damn cold thanks to the moisture!

Photographer: Eliza Rask
Make-up artist: MUA Maano
Clothing: Rogue
The horns are mine (from eBay) and I did the hair (well, my other half curled it ;P)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Soft Purple and Pink Look

I wore this look to just play board games with friends after Christmas. I wanted to do a bold lip colour after wearing just natural shades for a few days while spending time with family.

I used:
Moi Minerals Venus (medium pink)
Femme Fatale Exorcism (medium purple with a green shift)
Sugarpill Tako (matte white)
Mascara and gel liner
Inglot gel liner in purple (on brows)
Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Three Witches matte lipstick

Purple and pink really compliment the green in my eyes!

And look what a gorgeous pair of earrings my sister gave me for Christmas!

Glittery Photoshoot Look

Today I participated in a photo meet! I only heard about it yesterday, when they were looking for more models to join, and decided to give it a go. I tried a pin-up shoot and got loads of excellent advice on how to pose and even a few tips on applying blush. Loads of fun and learning new things is great, I already feel like twice the model I was in the morning!

I didn't remember to take any behind the scenes shots with my phone, but here's what my make-up looked like (after a twenty-minute walk home, hence the red nose ;P).

Brows - Inglot Gel liner in purple
Eyes - The Body Needs Blackened Violet with a touch of matte black shadow on top
Red Cherry false lashes with glitter
MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack
Lips - IsaDora Color Chock in Vintage Wine with iridescent glitter padded on top

Us models did two different looks in the event, one with old-time glamour and
another one was a contemporary party look, for which I did not skimp on the glitter!
I'm wearing a sequin mini dress, lashes with glitter accents, glitter on the lips
and earrings with glitter cabochons. 

I did the styling myself (aside from the blush). The simple smoky eye was
an excellent base, it worked for the glamour look and adding glittery lips
made it perfect for the party look, I just added some black matte shadow to
deepen the shade.

For the pin-up set I had to learn to do a fitting smile, it was actually quite tricky but
the lovely Salla patiently coached me through it. Here's my best try on my own ;D

Friday, 26 December 2014

Frozen Lake

My other half and I spent a few days visiting my family's summer cottage, which is a great place in winter too. My uncle had bought a hot tub so it obviously needed to be tried out. A few things can top sitting in a tub full of hot water, drinking beer, when it's freezing weather!

Today on the frozen lake. The ice was still too thin to walk very far, but where I'm standing, even if the ice gave in, there would be water only to my knees.

Filling the tub in appropriate clothing. I look like a black michelin man in my super warm jacket ;D

Trying to do a pirouette on the ice to get my skirt to lift takes lots of concentration!

The sunshine was wonderful!

I've eaten enough Christmas foods for this year and all my presents were wonderful, so it was an excellent holiday! A few days of vacation still before I'm back at the office. I'm so happy the days are finally getting longer, I love light!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Yule!

Happy Holidays! I'm spending Yule by staying home, eating excellent food cooked by my other half, watching movies and playing with the kitties. Snow finally fell today and everything looks very pretty, but I wanted to sleep in and didn't have the time to snap pictures outside before darkness fell.

So here's a picture of Magnus in a lamp shade instead of a classic snowy view ;P

We got a new lamp for our study last week and took down the old one, which had a white lace shade. Magnus immediately spotted and opportunity to go to a place where he had not been before and squeezed himself in the empty shade. I guess that's one way to enjoy it!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Early Christmas Present

My other half got me a great gift and was so nice that he gave it to me early! I've been looking for this dress for a long time, and now it's finally mine <3

The dress is a black lace dress designed by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks for their 2010 Christmas collection. I saw it on Mothmouth's blog and immediately fell in love! The dress has a lovely deep cut V-neckline and a build-in slip of ivory coloured fabric that really brings out the patterns of the black lace. The tiny puffed sleeves are also super cute! There's plenty of soft tulle hidden beneath the hems to give the dress a very classic silhouette. I especially adore the scalloped hemline, it's a great touch and makes the dress feel luxurious.

Dress - Pearl Lowe for Peacocks
Heels - Iron Fist

My other half gave the heel to me last year on my birthday. I feel so lucky that he's great at buying gifts! I got him a pile of airsoft stuff this Christmas, chosen by him, so it goes both ways ;P

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Outfit of the Day

I wore this outfit to go to a design market event to buy some Christmas presents. There was snow for a short while, but it quickly melted away, leaving behind just icy sleet. Luckily today is the longest night of the year, which means the days are getting longer starting tomorrow, hurray! I'm already eagerly waiting for spring :)

Coat - H&M
Dress - Black Milk Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader Dress
Boots - Nilson Shoes

Just a simple outfit with lots of black. The boots are new, I bought them from Stockholm. I've been looking for a pair of simple shoes with sturdy heels so I could wear them at winter. I also wanted them to be made of real leather so they would last me a long time. These are just perfect!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Rogue x Bones & Lilies Giveway

I've been super happy with the prints I designed for Rogue to print on tops and skirts, so I though I could help my lovely readers to enjoy them too.

I'm giving away two tops, in your chosen print and size, so there will be two winners! The prints are Cats Will Come, with the cat skull, and Prince of the Forest, with a deer skull. The tops come in black and sizes available are XS, S, M, L and XL. The fabric is stretchy and soft.

To see more of stuff by Rogue, visit their Etsy-store! I'm loving the ouija pattern shirts and purses they have :)

To participate, comment on this post and tell me what kind of other pictures you would like to see me design for tops. Please also mention which print and in what size you would like if you are the lucky winner and list your email address so I can contact you after the winners have been selected.

Cats Will Come top.

Prince of the Forest top.

These pictures show the prints in more detail and their position on the top.

Prince of the Forest combined with a Queen of Darkness
skirt, a tiny jacket and some cool boots!

So in all simplicity, to win a hand-printed Rogue x Bones & Lilies top, comment on this post with the following information:

1. What sort of designs would you like to see on tops in the future?
3. Which print and what size would you like your top to be if you win?
4. What's your email address so I can reach you after the winners are picked?

Two winners will be picked on 4.1.2015. Please allow some time for the tops to be sent out afterwards, they will be custom made according to winner's wishes!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mac Cosmetics Cyber and Nightmoth

I bought a birthday present for me! The first Mac Cosmetics counter in my home city opened, which meant I absolutely needed to go shopping. I knew some of the staff there, so it was especially easy to let them show me products and help choose the ones that fit me best. I went in with the plan to get a lip liner in Nightmoth, a dark brownish red, because it seemed like a shade that would work with many of my favourite lipsticks. I also had a coupon for discount that required the total sum to be over 50 euros.

In the end I got Nightmoth lipliner, Cyber lipstick and Let's Skate! paint pot. Here's some pictures of Cyber and Nightmoth. I've been wearing them practically non-stop since I bought them last week :>

While Nightmoth is more red than Cyber, they go very well together.

Cyber is a satin finish. I don't think I've ever had a satin finish lipstick before, but I really like the formula!

Cyber looks very purple in the tube but goes on more sheer on the lips.

It blends perfectly with Nightmoth, especially if you apply the pencil on most of the lips, then smooth it with a lip brush, then apply lipstick with the same brush. I'm really impressed with the wear time of this combination. I usually have not worn regular lipsticks because they need so much touching up, but this combo wears for 4+ hours on my lips with no need to re-apply.

And look! Cyber matches my Isadora Purple Prune nail polish just perfectly!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

B-Day Hair

Happy belated birthday, me! I had the real b-day yesterday, but my parents took my other half and me out to a fancy restaurant on Saturday to celebrate. I even did my hair up, according to the suggestions I got when I showed this dress earlier on the blog. You people were spot on, the up-do suits it very well!

The ends of my hair are a bit faded, so make the do more lively with different shades.

I bought the lipstick as a present from myself to me ;P

The earrings are tiny clock hands.

In the back the hair is simply teased for volume and lifted up, secured with some bobby pins.

I popped in two glittery black roses for an accent.
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