Sunday, 29 November 2015

Adult Uniform

Yesterday we had friends over for dinner. I even took the time to dig up some led candles and put up a light string to make the living room look nice. It was so lovely to just sit, eat and talk, a great way to spend time!

I wore what I jokingly call my adult uniform ;P I got the top and skirt from H&M's sale and they make me look like a real grown-up.

Behold the Ikea folding chairs ;D We put the table together only if there are guests coming, so the chairs are folded away when not in use. And I couldn't find the table cloth I wanted, so this one had to do.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Where The Light Is Look

Is been a while since I ordered a huge pile of Colour Pop eyeshadows, including the Where The Light Is eyeshadow set. Coppers set off my eyes nicely and I've been drawn to them lately. Today I did a look with two shadows from the set, called Kathleenlights and Glow, and one other Colour Pop shadow named Mooning.

Glow is a light matte skintone shadow, I used it as a highlight and at the inner corners. On the lid is Kathleenlights, a gorgeous metallic brass. The crease is done with Mooning, a dark warm brown with copper glitter. I added brown liner, but it doesn't show that much.

And here's two bonus pictures of me and Tirri, because he wanted to sit on my lap when my other half was taking the photos ;P

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Friday Tips

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which for me means shopping mostly indie make-up. I'm too lazy to write my own list, but here's link to a few collections of interesting links.

I'm most interested in Jeffree Star's matte lipsticks, Geek Chic Cosmetics' discounts, and I'd like to recommend Black Moon Cosmetics, as I'm really fond of their liquid lipsticks.

Here's a link to Phyrra's list with many indie brands and a few others.

Henna also has a good list. It's in Finnish, but the links are to stores that trade in English, so don't worry!

This instagram link has the discount codes for Black Moon Cosmetics. Purgatory is such a gorgeous shade of purple that you should take a look! The bright red lipstick, Sanguis, is out of stock but at this moment all of the others are available.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Pumpkin Spice and Monarch Butterflies

Today I woke up early to have time to play with eyeshadows! So let me present to you, today's office look :) I wanted to do something with rusty browns and have Sugarpills Pumpkin Spice in the mix. In the end I used Fyrinnae's Moonchild on the inner corners, Pumpkin Spice on the lid and Fyrinnae's Monarch Butterfly in the crease, blended boldly upwards. Monarch Butterfly went a bit colder on my skin than I liked, so I warmed up the shade by patting ColouPop Fairfax, a warm dark brown, on top. On the lower lid, from inner corner towards the outer, there's Moonchild, a touch of Pumpkin Spice and Fairfax.

I wore a light lipstick for the day, because sushi lunch + dark lipstick is a recipe for disaster ;D After work I put on Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned. I think dark lips go well with a brown, heavy eye make-up look. Once again I have to say Urban Decay Primer Potion is pure magic, as the photos were taken about ten hours after I did the make-up in the morning. The only touch ups I've done are blotting, a light dusting of loose powder and adding the lipstick.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Least Favourite Time of the Year

As the title of post says, this is my least favourite time of the year. Work is busy, as everyone will head out for Christmas holidays in a month. It's dark most of the time, today there was around five hours of light and all of that during office hours, so when I go to work, it's dark, when I come home from work, it's dark. The first snow just fell, so it's also cold and icy outside. I walk to work and constantly have to be careful on the icy streets.

Luckily Christmas holidays are close, and this year I have a long holiday. It's less than a month until days start getting longer. And maybe Santa will bring me some nice gifts!

Yesterday I invested in a new hat at H&M. It has a wide brim to protect my hair from sleet and snow, and it covers my roots so I can get away with slightly dirty hair if need be. I combined the hat with a simple look, just a touch of brown liner and OCC Sebastian on the lips.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Bustle Dress Pictures

I suddenly realized I have not shared these pictures on the blog yet! Right now the first snow of the season is falling, but I'm dwelling on memories of summer. These were taken in June at the Hatanpää Arboretum. I had just finished the bustle outfit the night before and it seemed like the perfect match to the mansion and the park around it.

All photos by Sanni Saarenmaa Photography, and a special thanks goes to Agony von Grim for assisting! It was a very windy day and my hems were all over the place ;D

Monday, 16 November 2015

Edward Scissorhands Palette Look

I bought the Edward Scissorhands palette from Sugarpill in a rush. It was limited edition and I love the movie, so I felt like I absolutely need it. I've tried it many times now but just can't get it to work. The shades are not among my favourites. There are blues and an orange, cool metallic grey and a very nice dark brown, but I have tons of very nice dark browns. Have you ever had a palette that you just don't connect with? Any tips or links to nice tutorials?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice is Gorgeous!

Sugarpill recently release a limited edition Halloween theme shade, Pumpkin Spice. Orange is usually not my thing, but deep, reddish oranges really set off my green-grey eyes, so I decided to buy it. Pumpkin Spice is a pressed eyeshadow, but very sparkly, close to some of the loose Sugarpill shadows that pack a ton of glitter. 

So here it is, Pumpkin Spice! It does just what I wanted it to do, accentuates my eyes nicely :) And it works very well with natural lipstick shades when all of the attention is on the eyes. I think the eyeshadow would pair nicely with dark browns, but I wanted to try it as a smoky look with just Pumpkin Spice and a little highlight with a plain matte white, Tako.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

He's A Kitty Cat

One of the things keeping me busy lately is this little fella. He's our cat number seven, Tirri the white siamese. He's been living with us for a month now and settled in nicely. Back when a friend was looking for a new home for her two cats, I told her Tirri can absolutely come live with us if she doesn't find a home that would take two cats. I had already forgotten all about it, when she contacted me and asked if I had really meant what I said. I said yes, and two days later Tirri arrived!

Tirri is turning ten in a few days, so he knows what he likes and those things are sleeping, eating and playing with cat teasers (as long as he doesn't have to jump). No kitten shenanigans either, which is lovely! Tirri immediately chose one of our armchairs as his nest and loves taking naps in it, occasionally with another cat next to him. At night he sleeps in the bed with us humans.

As a siamese Tirri has gorgeous blue eyes, even when he doesn't have the mask siamese are known for.
Tirri and Nivek sleeping. They are almost the same age (Nivek turns eleven in January and Tirri is ten in a few days) and seem to enjoy similar things. It's so nice to see the cats coming along well!

Tirri absolutely loves humans and likes being held. He seems very happy with the fact that my other half works from home and thus there's a lap available all day long. And just as I suspected, seven cats is not that different from six cats, especially with Tirri settling in so well and being a calm and well-behaved cat. So we are bordering crazy-cat-personness, but maybe not there yet ;D

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autumn Look

Today I took some time off from work to head out with a photographer friend to do a shoot we had planned to happen during the summer. Both of us are so busy that we had to change the schedule a few times, but finally got it done! I naturally don't have the finished photos yet, but here's the make-up look I did for the shoot.

The eyeshadows are Girl Crush and Fairfax, with Girl Crush as a base and Fairfax padded on top for a smoky look. Red Cherry false lashes #600, my current favourite pair. The lipstick is Mac Cyber, with Cyber World liner that I just bought yesterday. It's a very close match to Cyber. I did my brows in black to go with the black wig I wore for the shoot.

And a little taste of what's to come! The gorgeous shades of brown and orange were just perfect with a black outfit, and this was a very warm day which suited running around without a coat on nicely.

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