Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kitty Picture

Because the apartment is still a mess, here's a cat picture to make up for the downtime ;P This is Nivek taking a nap on some curtains piled on top of flattened boxes.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


It might take a few days until I find the time to do a decent post, and this is why! There's so much stuff piled everywhere ;P

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Orchid Is Blooming

The orchid I got from the supermarket early this summer is blooming! I'm usually totally useless with flowers, but the orchid and I really hit it off. This is the second time it blooms and now it has even more flowers than the first time.

We are moving on Friday and the apartment is a mess, most of the stuff is packed already and the cats love piles of boxes. They climb up on top of the boxes to take naps! I'm hoping our wallpaper will arrive on Tuesday so there would be enough time to put it up before the move, but we'll see. I still have some Christmas cards to paint and a flyer to design, but my other half will handle the last of the packing, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm so happy everything is almost done, moving house is so stressful! 

Möttönen hiding in the kitchen shelf.

I hope the kitties will be fine with the new apartment! They haven't been too stressed with the packing, especially Möttönen is really enjoying herself. We have boxes that come flat, and as soon as you fold out a box, Möttönen will jump right in the check it out ;)

I might not be able to update the next few days, but I promise nice pics of the new home next weekend!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mini Photoshoot!

Last night me and my friend Jukka had a mini photoshoot. He had some extra time and wanted to try out his new green screen and a white background. I had totally forgotten and packed almost all my makeup already, but luckily a few eyeshadows were still left on my vanity! These pics are taken by Jukka and edited by me.

I had also packed almost all of my clothes, but came up with an idea to wear my new winter coat. I got it on Tuesday, because I was cold in my leather jacket and my fluffy winter coat is still too warm for this time of year. So, off to H&M I went, and they had most coats on discount! This one was -50% so I paid under 30 euros for it. Seems like a good price, since it's half wool :) I made up my mind in the shop under a minute on which coat I want, because this one is almost identical to a coat I had to throw away the winter before the last one. It was my favourite coat and I'd had it for years, it was so worn out I just couldn't fix it any more. So this new one was perfect for me, like meeting an old friend! The only differences are that this one has buttons, my last coat didn't, and there's some blue in the fake fur collar (but it really doesn't show that much!). I think it suits me well since I'm so small on the chest department, I can easily pile on ruffles and fur to get some more stuff up there ;P

This is my rock 'n' roll pose ;D

The Death Star is lovely ;P

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Louis The Arachnid Look

I had a little more time than usual in the morning, so I decided to put on eyeshadow to brighten my day! This is what I came up with.

I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, inner corners and brow bone)
Detrivore Cosmetics Arachnid (shimmery warm pink, on the lid)
Antoinette's Revolution Louis (dark purple with a blue sheen, in the crease)
p2 100% black gel eyeliner
Black mascara

I think the look came out quite nice, although a lighter pink might have been a better choice. What do you think?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Planning The New Place

We have been busy planning what to do with the new apartment. Currently we are painting the floor of the bedroom white, building a book shelf and putting wallpaper on one wall.

Choosing the wallpaper was super hard! We ordered samples twice and went to two stores to look at wallpapers, and eventually settled for a grey one with unicorns, tea kettles and fancy swirls. It's called Truly Great and it's by Albany, we ordered it from here. We still need to go and buy a suitable glue and other things to get it on the wall, but I'm very happy with the pattern. I would have chosen something more colourful, like red or turquoise or gold, but my other half liked this more and I think it will suit the place well.

As for the book shelf, we wanted to ditch the old dark wood imitation shelves we had, because they were quite low and a lot of space was wasted. The new apartment has higher ceilings, so we decided to build a shelf so we can make it the height we need. This is the plan. We are only making one shelf by stacking two Expedit units on top of each other, it should be enough for all our books.

Picture from Ikea Hackers.

We also got new mattresses from Ikea, and some shelves to go on the foyer walls to get some storage space for all our shoes ;P

We are moving in a week and half, and I've already packed all the books and some other stuff that's not often used, so I think it's going great! We should have plenty of time to renovate and pack the rest of the stuff, and sell the furniture we no longer need.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Spiky Liberty

Last night we celebrated a friend's birthday. It was a small party, and I was exhausted after spending the day picking wallpaper and paint for the new apartment, so I didn't dress fancy. Had lots of fun! Me and my other half will fix the b-day girl's sofa and build a taller cat tree as a present ;P

A cool hair band!
I had gotten a new hair band earlier in the week. It's by the designer Tiia Vanhatapio and made for Seppälä stores. I was disappointed when the collection was available in only a few stores and none in the city I live in. Luckily there was the web shop! The shipping was too expensive for my taste, and you couldn't order stuff to any Seppälä store, but I really wanted the headband so I gave it a go anyway.

The band is very soft and not too heavy, so it's very comfortable to wear. And I think it's very pretty, too! The gunmetal spikes look nice and the leather (I have to admit I don't know if it's real leather, but I don't think so) is soft and black.

I'm wearing MAC Shale and Maybelline tint gloss in Timeless Plum.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

KK Center HK Lashes And Glitter

KK Center HK contacted me and offered some fake lashes to try, so I decided to give lower lashes a go. I've never had fake lower lashes and was a bit worried they would feel uncomfortable or just wouldn't look nice on my eyes, but turns out I was wrong :)

They also gave my readers a coupon code, so use BONESLILIES to get 10% off until the end of January!

I did a glittery look to compliment the heavy lashes, so here it is!

I used:
Sugarpill Bulletproof (black outlines)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (glitter glue)
Cheapo no-name upper lashes
Black Onyx Glitter Eye Shadow Powder (basically lavender glitter with a turquoise shine to it)
KKCenterHK Clear Liner Cross Under Lower Lashes
Isadora White kohl pencil (waterline)
P2 100% Black gel eyeliner (brows, a hint in the inner corner of the upper lash line to hide the fake lashes)

The lashes arrived in a nice cardboard box which is an easy way to store them. Each pair has a bit longer lashes on the corner that's meant as the outer one, it took some time to notice, so be careful to put them on the right way! Here's a link to the specific product I got.
The box.
I used Revlon latex free glue, since I'm allergic to latex, and it worked really well. The lashes have an "invisible" band, meaning the little hairs are mounted on a see-through thread. Unlike many cheaper lashes, these were not stiff, but were very easy to get to fit the curve of my eyes. The lashes are quite long, so I just trimmed off the excess from the outer end of the lashes. I used tweezers to get the them in  place, and even though I didn't get them super close to my lash line, the see-through band makes them look nice still.

It contains ten pairs of lashes neatly fastened to the back with gold stickers.

I can feel the lashes when they are on, but they don't feel bad or scratchy, so I think I could wear them for a night out. I think they need false upper lashes with them to make sure the look is balanced. The criss-cross version blends in well with my own lower lashes, so it does look surprisingly natural. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with the lashes! The box is neat and the stickers don't leave residue, or hold the lashes too hard, the lash band is flexible and soft, every pair looks neat and works well with my glue.

And remember the discount code! It's BONESLILIES, gets you 10% off of any purchase and is valid until 31st of January :) Have fun!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Halloween Costume

Last night was the Bella Morte & Underworld Samhain party and it was just great! Things went (mostly) smooth, we had a lot of guests and a great atmospheric. The only downside was long queues to the bar, but there was nothing that could be done, so I just hope people enjoyed the evening anyway. I sure did!

An here's my costume! I wanted something comfy, because I was at the venue for seven hours.

Sorry for the bad light, it was late!
Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Second hand
Tights - Backstreet
Shoes - eBay

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be, but some sort of wood spirit or faun might be close. The horns are vintage deer horns from eBay, ears and tail (it doesn't show, sorry!) are made out of a super old mink fur coat I got from the flea market a few years ago (it's also served well for many cat toys and some photoshoot outfits ;P). My other half did my hair and fixed the horns in, he did a great job! I used regular eyeshadow for my face.

Brown shades and white spots!

The ears were so large I had to lift them to hear well if someone was talking

I was planning on wearing brown contacts, but the brown shade made
my eyes look really pale and I liked the look.

I have some close-ups of the makeup, but they are still in the camera, so I'll post them later. I was very happy with the outfit, it looked nice and was comfortable for the whole night. It also helped a lot that I took off my shoes when I was DJ'ing, gave my poor feet some rest! So many people were dancing and I'm so happy everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves :)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Late Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my readers! I'm preparing for the Samhain party, so I thought I'd post a pic of the pumpkin I just carved. It's my first ever and I did it using the guide stickers the pumpkin had when I bought it. I think I did pretty well!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Remember The Samhain Party!

I wanted to make a brief post to remind everyone of the awesome Samhain party that's on Saturday :) I've been making decorations and laminating number cards and planning playlists, I'm so excited!

Älkää unohtako lauantain Samhain-bileitä! Olen liimannut ja leikannut koristeita, laminoinut pukukisan osallistujanumeroita ja suunnitellut soittolistoja niin huolella, että pippaloista tulee takuulla loistavat :)

We have announced the prizes for the costume competition, there's gift cards to Cybershop and a huge discount code to my Etsy shop, a shirt and cd packet from EKP, an Android phone and a photoshoot session with Visual Reality! Everyone gets to vote so bring your friends along :)

Pukukilpailun palkinnotkin on julkistettu, tarjolla on lahjakortteja Cybershoppiin ja superalekoodi Etsy-kauppaani, paita- ja levypaketti EKP:ltä, Android-puhelin ja kuvaussessio Visual Realityn kanssa! Yleisö äänestää voittajan, joten kaverit mukaan :)

More information from the Facebook event!

PS. We are expecting there to be a lot of people, so be early if you want to ensure you get in! / Odotamme paljon kävijöitä, ole ajoissa jos haluat varmistaa sisäänpääsyn!

The New Apartment!

We signed the papers for our new home yesterday, on Halloween. It's right in the centre of the city, close to everything (well, the place we live in now is pretty central also, but still!), has a nice open layout, renovated bathroom and lovely high ceilings.

Here's a few pictures! I forgot to pack my camera so I have only phone pics, but they seem nice enough :)

The foyer floor.

View from the living room window and the lovely wide window sill.

The living room and the study, they are connected by
large folding double doors.

The bedroom wall has a tiny build in closet that closes
with a key.

I'm so in love with the apartment! I've been dreaming of high ceilings and large, open rooms, and this is just what we need. It's also close to the post office and our favourite grocery store (Lidl, for Finnish readers ;P), and it's only a few hundred meters from our current home. Also, I'm not going to miss the tiny bathroom with yellow floor tiles, it's horrible! The new place has an old kitchen, but it will do, and it's still better than our current one ;) We are planning to just go with it and renovate it later if we feel like it.

We've been contemplating on painting the floor white, it's birch and a bit yellow, but in good condition. I also have a pile of wallpaper samples, we might put some on one wall, but the current neat, white walls also look okay.

Now there's just the huge task of packing everything and selling the furniture we don't need, but I'm sure it will go just fine :)

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