Monday, 31 October 2016

Bachelorette Look

I had my bachelorette party a couple of weeks ago! We did things in a non-traditional order: first getting married, then having the wedding party over half a year later, and then after the wedding was my bachelorette party. I can recommend this order, much less stress! I don't think I could have enjoyed a bachelorette party fully before the wedding, as there was so much to do.

I didn't know beforehand what we were going to do at the party, so I just my makeup and chose comfy clothes.

Pastel look done with Sugarpill Sparkle Baby palette. Brows are OCC Black Dahlia lip pecil.
I was amazed at what wonderful things my maids of honor had come up with for the party! We ent to a burlesque dance class to improvise little performances, then to a room escape game and afterwards had a great dinner. I really enjoyed all the activities, and just meeting people who I had not had the time to talk to for a while was nice. Just eating, drinking and chatting, the most basic fun there is!

And I absolutely have to try out more room escape games, that was fun! The concept is that you have a team of people, go into a room and the goal is to find the clues hidden in the room and escape it within a time limit. I like games, and having a physical puzzle game has it's own charm.

Check out my new earrings from H&M Halloween selection ;P They say "Witch Please"

Next I hope to show you my Halloween costume! At Club Bella Morte x Underworld Samhain party we had a professional photographer set up booth to allow guests to get pictures taken of their outfits. I had some extra time (usually I just run around all night long, as there's always something that needs to be done) and got my picture taken too. Can't wait for the result!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Photoshoot with Qumma

I have to say the problems with Finnish Alternative Models turned out to my benefit in the end, as I got a few collaboration requests for photoshoots as a result. Some shoots are still in the making, but one was done and I got the finished pictures!

Qumma is if not the best known Finnish fetish photographer, at least among the best known. He does many kinds of shoots, but I was especially interested in his skill of capturing latex as shiny and nice as it really is.  When he offered to do a shoo with me, I was ecstatic! And even more so when we got a talented make-up artist to join! I think our team was better than any I could have gotten for the prize photoshoot, so things went better than expected.

Here are the results!

Model and wardrobe: Me
Hair and make-up: Sini Silfvenius-Bart
Photographer: Qumma

The first outfit was my rococo underwear set with tons of plastic pearls. I should get a medal for getting my hair stay up when I only had two tiny alligator clips and one hair pin ;D

The second outfit is a chocolate brown latex dress made by Tiina Rikala for a gala I attended. I paired it with Jeffrey Campbell oil slick heels and an antler headdress. The headdress just wouldn't stay on my head, so in the end it was photoed separately. But you can't really tell from the photo, I think!

For the third outfit: glitter latex! You now how crazy I am for this stuff ;D The dress in also made by Tiina Rikala, the heels are Jeffrey Campbell and necklace by Artwithlatex. The thing on my head is actually three separate crystal tiaras, as I couldn't decide which one would look best, and then though the whole bunch goes nicely with a look that this ornamental. The tiaras are by Lumissa's Purple Octopus, she does the best crystal jewellery! She asked if I wanted to switch one tiara for a newer, improved model, as I had earlier purchased two and been very happy with them. Eventually I offered to just buy the new model too, as they all looked so nice and I didn't want to give up any ;P So now I own enough crystal tiaras to last me a while!

The fourth outfit was just a pair of heels, but those photos are only for me and my husband :>

Friday, 14 October 2016

Brass and Copper Look

I haven't played with make-up in ages, but tonight had both the energy and the time for it! So here it finally is, a look with Colourpop metallic shadows!

The dark coppery shadow is called Mooning and the brass one is Kathleenlights. On the waterline I wanted a purple that pops, but it ended up looking a bit muted in pictures. A more blue based purple would have served my purpose better. This purple is Urban Decay pencil in Voodoo, a pretty, mildly sparkly purple, but too red for my waterline.

I used to find it hard to apply Colourpop shadows, as their mousse like formula doesn't adhere to most of my brushes at all. I've been very fond of fluffy synthetic brushes that simply do not pick up any of this type of shadow, no matter what I do. I had the idea to try my new favourite brushes, Zoeva Luxe Shaders, and they were perfect for this! They are not fluffy, but flat, but somehow the shape and bristles are just perfect for blending. This will help my Colourpop shadows see a lot more use, as I'm not very keen on applying eyeshadow with my fingers, as the Colourpop shadows are meant to be used.

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