Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter is the Time to Party!

At a friend's b-day. Jaloviina with a straw is very good ;P

Calaveras and Lumi Look

This is my make-up from Thursday. It was dark when I took pictures so all the glitter and shimmer doesn't seem to show, it was bordering on drag in real life ;D

I used:

Fyrinnae Catrina Cabaret (dark teal base with purple shift and very faint pink glitter, everywhere on the lid except the inner corners)
Fyrinnae Freya (blackened purple with purple sheen, patted on top of Catrina Cabaret in the lash line, both upper and lower)
Sugarpill Lumi (super shimmery sheer white with a blue shift, in the inside corners and gently swept over the other colours to give shimmer)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Outfit of the Day

Well, of the night actually ;P Yesterday was Club Underworld, the event that I co-organize, so I was DJ'ing the whole night. I'd had a super busy day at the office, so it was great that the other two DJ's, Tepi and Nina, handled the last few hours. It was so nice to see many friends and people seemed to have a good time!

I'm wearing only second hand! The dress has lovely draping on the back, but at least on my screen the pictures are a bit too dark to show it.

Dress - Lip Service Punk Rock Queen Gown
Shoes - Second hand, maybe Pennangalan

Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't Teal Me You Love Me Look

I was totally bummed when I missed Darling Girl Cosmetics' limited edition shade called Don't Teal Me You Love Me. It's a purple with a teal sheen, so my two colours both together! Luckily there was a small batch released later on and I was quick to order it. Here's a look I did with the shadow!

The purple doesn't really show, but the teal sheen is really metallic and striking. I think if I would have blended the shadow more on the lid, the purple would have come out, but I'll have to try that next time. Here's it's patted on with a dry brush and the base is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. There's a dab of Sugarpill Lumi on the tear duct.

I paired the teal shadow with dark lips. This is Maybelline Super Stay 10 H Tint Gloss in Timeless Plum put over a wine-red lip stain for durability.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Outfit of the Day

Here's what I wore last night to a friend's birthday celebration. We went out to a Nepalese restaurant (one of my favourites!) and then had a few beers afterwards. Just the right amount of going out for me, I'm on antibiotics because of a sinus infection, once again. Luckily the workload at the office is a lot less soon, since our game is published on the 2nd of April. Yay!

Coat - H&M
Scarf - Can't remember, it's super old
Dress - H&M (it has pointy shoulders under the coat)
Stockings - Calvin Klein (a gift from my mom)
Boots - Pennangalan

Friday, 22 March 2013

Gothic Easter

The goth scene is getting more active towards summer, so I'm glad to announce the next Club Underworld will happen on 28th of March! It's a Thursday, but the next day is free because of Easter celebrations, so you can sleep in ;) So, anyone in Tampere on the 28th, come to O'Hara's Freehouse to enjoy great music and tasty beverages! Here's a link to the Facebook event for most up-to-date information.

On the 28th of March from 2100-0200 at O'Hara's Freehouse, Hämeenpuisto 17-1933210 Tampere, Finland

Punk - Postpunk - Deathrock - Gothic rock - Folk rock - Neofolk - Medieval

Free entry!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nails by Anniina

My friend Anniina made me gel nails once again, she's so lovely! I was planning a photoshoot to get some material for a CD cover art project. I needed something feminine for the picture, so she made me these nails!

They are stiletto nails done with clear UV gel and then painted with regular nail polish. Anniina did a gradient with white, lilac and two pinks and topped it all with a gradient of shimmer polish in three shades.

Unfortunately I had to re-do the varnish for the shoot because the white just didn't work against the background I had :( But they were pretty for the time I had them, and the base gel nails worked wonderfully with another nail polish.

Here's what the nails looked like in the photoshoot.

The white in the gradient was problematic because it made the snow look dirty or yellowish. The shade of white was not the same (and the snow was a bit dirty, it's just not supposed to look that way ;P). The dark purple is Opi Ink from Opi, and I painted the nails with this sort of French manicure style but with more edge to it with the intention of not having to worry about my cuticles. I think it worked great! Anniina made the nails so carefully that the cuticle ends are really nicely finished so I'm proud to show them off. But boy did my fingers freeze!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Phyrra and Unity Look

Here's what I wore on my lids yesterday! It's Glamour Doll Eyes Phyrra topped with Concrete Minerals Unity, and a hint of Sugarpill Tako in the inner corners. A light and easy look :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués Review

I tried my hand at Violent Eyes eye appliqués just for fun. They are like temporary tattoos, but for your eyes. I bought a set with purple glitter, called "Violet Glitterati Eyes". The package has two sheet with four pairs of appliqués on both. I bought mine from the company website (hey ship from the UK for European customers), and the price was 9,99 dollars for one pack with free worldwide shipping.

The package contains instructions and two sheets of appliqués.

 Applying was very alike to the tiny temporary tattoos you used to get with gum packs! Gently push the wanted liner type free from the backing, then see how it fits and cut some off if the liner looks too long. Then remove a protective film and gently press the appliqué on. Wet the backing paper with a q-tip until it slides off and smooth the appliqué with some water. I tried the second smallest one with upwards cat-eye flicks at the ends of the liner. Here's how it looks on my eyes. I think I might have cut the liner too short, it would have looked better if it was longer in the inside corners.

They look okay, but a bit obvious when I'm not wearing much make-up with them. My problem was that where my lid creases, the appliqué stuck together glueing the crease. They also looked a bit wrinkly, like you can see at the outer edge on the flick, but that might have been my application. If you stretch the skin on your lid, the appliqué will wrinkle. It was quite hard (at least on the first time) to get it on without stretching. I was positively surprised how fast and easy application was, if you don't mind the wrinkling. Removal was very easy with a makeup remover meant for waterproof eye and lip make-up. I will be trying these again, but I'm pretty sure the larger ones will feel uncomfortable if they get glued together at the folds like these small ones.

+ fast and easy way to get bright liner
+ doesn't smudge
+ colourful and bright, glitter shows well
+ ten dollars for eight appliqués seems decent
+ free shipping
+ easy to remove
+ latex free

- goes on wrinkly if you are not careful
- looks quite obvious if you don't have much make-up on, so does not necessarily cut down time needed to do whole face
- you can feel the appliqués when they are on

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fyrinnae Purples Part I

Princess of Darkness, Cuddlefish, Sennyo, Nevermore and Faerie Glamour.

I wanted to swatch more eyeshadows, so I decided to do my Fyrinnae purples next. I would have thought that I own a ton of them, because Fyrinnae is one of my favourite companies and I love purple, but there actually weren't so many in the end. Here's the first batch!

Princess of Darkness
Princess of Darkness is a matte plum purple, almost close to burgundy. Works very well on green eyes! My swatch is on Pixie Epoxy primer, which made it a b*tch to get on evenly. You should use a less sticky base with this colour, as I feel is good with all Fyrinnae mattes.

Cuddlefish is a blue based purple, very cold and with lots of pink and blue shimmer. I usually put something more red on top of Cuddlefish or put it on another shade to give shimmer, since it's so cold. Cold, blue purples don't work so well with my blue-green eyes.

Sennyo is warm and reddish,with matching shimmer. A medium shade that works well with green eyes.

Nevermore is a dark purple, matter with the tiniest hint of blue shimmer. A really dramatic shade and looks like the truest purple of the lot.

Faerie Glamour
Faerie Glamour is from the Arcane Magic collection, meaning it's super shimmery. It a blueish purple and has purple microglitter. Like Cuddlefish, it's so blue that it rarely works with my eye colour and skin tone on it's own, but it has wonderful shimmer and can be layered with other purples.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Better with Cats!

Today was much better, but I didn't have the time and energy to make a decent post. So, instead I present you with cat pictures from my archives ;P

Nana sleeping in a basket I was crocheting.

Nivek and Mörkö on the sofa.

Möttönen sleeping on the aquarium.

Möttönen lounging on the kitchen sofa.

Mörkö enjoying a nap on an armchair.

Nana taking a quick was on the balcony.

Missed a spot!

What many times can be found on our bed when the humans are trying to
go to sleep ;P

Möttönen with her tongue out.

Nana kneading a sheep pelt.

Nivek is a little prince and likes to sleep on pillows.
I noticed I have much more pictures of the orientals than of the regular kitties. It's not that I like the orientals better, they just are generally more active and very interested in what humans do. All the cats come to see who comes when me or my other half comes back home from work, but other than that, the regular kitties are not that interested. Then there's Nana who likes to spend her free time lying in the bathroom sink waiting for anyone to come and then instantly demands attention upon seeing any human. It's kinda hard not to notice her! All of the orientals also like to sleep under covers and just follow us around the apartment. So I'm claiming that's the reason, they just do more stuff and demand attention!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sick of Being Sick!

No one ever wants to be sick, but this is such a bad time to go down with a flu! I had to cancel a lecture yesterday and my work deadlines are just around the corner. Well, it's never a good time to be sick, as I like to say, but totally unfair that I have to stay in bed when I'd have so much interesting stuff to do. Oh well!

The goth event last weekend as awesome, so I thought I'd share a few videos from there. I'm a lazy photographer at gigs, I like to just enjoy the atmosphere and not worry about documenting stuff. It was great that Oskar, who runs the This Is Gothic Rock Youtube channel was there and shot some video!

I really like Silent Scream's 80's style sound! They played a cover from Joy Division as the last song :) I bought their newest album, too, and really liked it.

Psyyke is and old Finnish band, but they have such amazing energy in their performances! The audience isn't that active, but I think everyone had fun. You can see me if you look closely! I've seen Psyyke three times and they've always been great :)

This is from the previous week in Helsinki. I was DJ'ing so I didn't have so much time to enjoy the bands, but Lepakkomies was a really nice venue with good acoustics and fancy lighting.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

On Goths II

Inspired by my last post on goths, I would also like to talk about the stereotype that goths are arrogant and look down on anyone who doesn't have the right Lip Service clothes. I'm not sure how prominent this thought is in other places, but at least in the Finnish discussion it comes up often. To this day I have not met a single person who actually does it. Naturally it is possible that there are people who sneer at others because of their clothing, but I haven't seen it happen in the goth scene and no one has been able to tell me of a specific event where it would have happened.

I claim it is a MYTH. Goths dress up, that's what we generally like to do when we go out to events. Dressed up people look unapproachable and maybe even a bit scary. They look like something you cannot reach if they are strangers. Add to that the fact that the people who have been honing their dressing-up skills for years usually have gotten to know other people, and you have clusters of dressed up people happily chatting. It's not an easy thing to approach a group or try to blend in in that environment. But it is not because the people wearing Lip Service sneer at the newcomer's clothing or hair, they just might be also shy or just concentrating on having fun with their friends or organizing the event. I also know the feeling of envy when someone has the corset that you have been drooling over for months, or they look better in the same top! It's horrible! But at the same time totally harmless, any civilized human being can still function normally.

I've come to Tampere as an outsider, from another city, young and just interested in goth music and visual style. I think I would have noticed during these ten years if there would be some strange apartheid politics regarding newcomers and their clothes. I'm pretty shy, and I've still eventually ended up in a position where I DJ, help organize events and have many friends among the goth scene. And I claim it's not because of my clothes ;P

To make the point clear here's a picture of me from 2004 looking totally fabulous
in my horrible unruly brows an crimped hair ;P And that top is self made!

I dress up because I love it and it's a way of expressing myself. I love to come up with new combinations of the clothes I have or buy a new piece that goes well with the ones in my closet. I'm a visual person and feel like this is a continuation of painting, decorating my home or choosing just the right eyeshadow colour. I do not dress up to sneer at other people or show off how much money I've spent on clothing!

I organize events and sincerely want people to come there and enjoy the music and the atmosphere. Every new face is most welcome! I still look back with regret to the time when I was DJ'ing and noticed a lost looking goth girl in the venue, but she had left by the time my shift was over. I would have liked to say hi and make her feel welcome, because she was clearly there alone and uncomfortable. I'm friendly and like to talk to new people, even thought I'm shy, and I'd like to make it easier for people to just join in the fun and talk and dance and have fun with others at goth events. I feel that the Tampere scene is like a circle of acquaintances: everyone knows at least the others' faces, so coming to an event here is like a pub night with friends. That's what I personally like. Good music and good friends. Not some secret society looking down on less-familiar peoples' apperance!

Just last weekend in Helsinki I met the most wonderful two goths that I had not met before. We liked the same music, went to the same events so it was easy and nice to chat. And I did not even look at what they were wearing, but it must have been black ;)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Workshop Look

What s super busy week! Tons of stuff to do at work and then on Thursday and Friday I had workshops on character design and interactive storytelling. Very interesting stuff and I learned a lot, but now my poor brain is totally exhausted!

This evening there will be bands playing at Dog's Home. My other half's band was supposed to play, but he's been down with a flu the whole week, poor thing. But the other bands are good, if you are in Tampere come and listen! Here's a link to the Facebook event. Psyyke, Silent Scream and Wreckdance are playing and most likely there will be cds and other merchandise available.

Concrete Mineral Lolita on the whole lid and some Sugarpill Tako on the
brow bone and inner corner.

Lumene lipstain in Secret 11.

And the best face shot I could get with the lens ;P

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Photoshoot Time!

Last week I worked with a new photographer, Kari Vuorio, who I got in touch with through Facebook. He had some free time in between shoots and I wanted to do some modeling, so we hit off instantly! You can visit his Facebook page here. Here's some of the finished pictures:

I was super tired when I packed my bag the previous night and forgot some clothes I had planned to bring. Like black undies to go under the lace skirt and a mini skirt for the shots with the machete. I think the shoot went well still, we got many different sets even in the short time we had!

Sparkly bra - H&M
Sequin dress - H&M
Sparkly heelless shoes - eBay
Corset - Burleska
Lace shrug - GinaTricot
Skirt - by me
Machete - from my other half's knife collection ;P

Having the shoot was a real self-esteem booster! It's super silly, but our old scale had been malfunctioning and showed my weight lower than it actually was, and when we got a new one, I felt like I'd gained weight overnight. I know it was just the scale, but it felt bad and I was so used to the weight I used to be. Well, I think nothing has changed in the recent months, because for example a corset bought last summer fits me just the same way as back then. The only thing I have to adjust is my brain ;)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


This is me leaving for work on a super cold morning! My scarf was a gift from my sister a few years back, she knitted it herself and it's just gorgeous! I'm only wearing mascara, some blush and a warm red lipstick.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

On Goths

I read a post from Banshee's blog (only in Finnish, sorry!) lamenting that there are no 80's style goths in Finland because the cybergoth style has taken over and robbed the scene of unique looks. I stopped to think and came to the conclusion that I totally disagree.

Just to make it clear where I'm coming from with my opinions, I'm a 28-year-old goth from the second largest city in Finland, also known as the goth capital. I've lived in large cities all my life and thus had access to the latest clothing trends and have been able to look different from the masses without it being a big deal. I come from a family where kids had some money to spend, so financially I have been able to travel, go to events and buy clothing.

In my home city, the cybergoth style is not very popular. I'd say it has been like this the whole time I've been going to goth events, and that's over ten years. There have been fashions, cyber is one of them, but it only shows in events where people from outside Tampere come. These events are generally bigger and people dress up more, so it might be that the goth rocker look could be many goths' "normal look" and the cyber gear for special occasions. I think it would be super boring if goths would have looked exactly the same from the 80's onwards, where would the creativity and uniqueness be in that?

Every subculture has its fashions. I'd say that in goth, steampunk and trad goth are the hottest trends, the 80's look is not close to extinction! Some of the people in Banshee's older photos are still a part of the culture and go to clubs. I suspect they might not have the same actual clothes, but their style is similar and they still like going to goth events. If I'd have a picture I'd show you the two young goth guys I met last weekend with the perfect backcombed 80's hairdos!

The main thing is that I don't feel that creativity has vanished! I personally can name at least five seamstresses who actively make their own clothes, I myself sew with no training, and I'd say it would be hard to find someone from the scene who does NOT do any crafts producing gothy stuff. Creativity is part of being goth, and since gothic style is very visual and people drawn to it are usually aesthetically oriented, some creativity is used to create visually pleasing things and some to create music.

I like creativity, but I still appreciate fancy Lip Service dresses or other ready made stuff, it's not inferior! If there's a look you want to have, you use what's available to make it happen. What you choose simply depends on the time, money and skill you have available. How unique a look is does not depend on the style, a cybergoth can be just as unique as an 80's goth. I personally don't feel even that the uniqueness would be an important value. Everyone should wear what they can and want. I like looking at the crowd at goth events, because the clothing is everyone's way of expressing themselves. At Wave Gotik Treffen I can marvel at huge black princess gowns, silver cyber catsuits with gas masks or traditional deathrock attire, they are all pretty! And everyone especially chose that clothing to wear for a special occasion. It makes me feel one with the crowd. No matter how different everyone looks, something brings us all together to the same event. We all listen to some of the same bands and like some of the same visual elements of goth culture.

Subcultures are great. They allow people to express themselves more freely and give the feeling of belonging. Goths have the music to tie us all together. Finland is a small country and it's not financially possible to have separate events for every different subcategory of goths, and I feel that's a good thing. We all party together, the cybergoths with their lox, post punk goths with huge backcombed mohawks, fetish style goths with pvc gowns and people wearing black jeans and band t-shirts. And we all have fun!

Here's an image capture of what comes up when you do a picture
search for Wave Gotik Treffen. So many styles!
To make my point with the Finnish scene, here's a link to an album with pictures from Lumous 2006. Cyber goths, backcombed mohawks and people with simple band shirts and jeans all enjoying the festical together!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I Survived

What a long and busy night it was! Now I'm on my way home and just quickly wanted to share a picture!

This is Murnau's Playhouse doing their soundcheck.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Outfit of the Night

This is my outfit for tonight, I bought the cool sleeve thingie today from Morticia. I hope many people will come to Lepakkomies to listen to the bands!

The pic was taken by my Mom, I'm sleeping on my parents' couch this night ;P

Friday, 1 March 2013

Off to Helsinki!

Here's a crappy picture of my outfit today. I'm leaving for Helsinki and tomorrow I'll be playing records at Lepakkomies.

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