Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mac Cosmetics Cyber and Nightmoth

I bought a birthday present for me! The first Mac Cosmetics counter in my home city opened, which meant I absolutely needed to go shopping. I knew some of the staff there, so it was especially easy to let them show me products and help choose the ones that fit me best. I went in with the plan to get a lip liner in Nightmoth, a dark brownish red, because it seemed like a shade that would work with many of my favourite lipsticks. I also had a coupon for discount that required the total sum to be over 50 euros.

In the end I got Nightmoth lipliner, Cyber lipstick and Let's Skate! paint pot. Here's some pictures of Cyber and Nightmoth. I've been wearing them practically non-stop since I bought them last week :>

While Nightmoth is more red than Cyber, they go very well together.

Cyber is a satin finish. I don't think I've ever had a satin finish lipstick before, but I really like the formula!

Cyber looks very purple in the tube but goes on more sheer on the lips.

It blends perfectly with Nightmoth, especially if you apply the pencil on most of the lips, then smooth it with a lip brush, then apply lipstick with the same brush. I'm really impressed with the wear time of this combination. I usually have not worn regular lipsticks because they need so much touching up, but this combo wears for 4+ hours on my lips with no need to re-apply.

And look! Cyber matches my Isadora Purple Prune nail polish just perfectly!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

B-Day Hair

Happy belated birthday, me! I had the real b-day yesterday, but my parents took my other half and me out to a fancy restaurant on Saturday to celebrate. I even did my hair up, according to the suggestions I got when I showed this dress earlier on the blog. You people were spot on, the up-do suits it very well!

The ends of my hair are a bit faded, so make the do more lively with different shades.

I bought the lipstick as a present from myself to me ;P

The earrings are tiny clock hands.

In the back the hair is simply teased for volume and lifted up, secured with some bobby pins.

I popped in two glittery black roses for an accent.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Outfit of the Day

A simple but comfy outfit for the office. Well, except for the shoes that I put on just for fun at home, they are maybe not office material ;D

The skirt is by Queen of Darkness. It seems to be a replica of a Lip Service skirt, but the sizing is much more accurate. I own the lip service skirt in a size XS and it's a bit loose on me. This one is an S an fits like a glove. I'm usually an S, so I think it runs true to size. I love the cut, the longer back piece gives you awesome curves because it's gathered just right. While the cut makes the skirt look narrow, it has none of the problems tight pencil skirts have. You can move freely and walk normally, not only in tiny geisha-steps. All the benefits of the slimming pencil skirt but none of the negative effects!

Top - Rogue x Bones&Lilies
Shoes - Second hand

The skirt has a little tail!

This one is trying to show how the tail and the clips in
the back accentuate even a moderately sized bottom

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Top Shop Velvet Lips in Plush Review

As you may know, I'm very fond of purple lipsticks. That's why when I visited a Topshop in Stockholm, I absolutely needed to get a Velvet Lips lipstick in Plush. I already own Velvet Lips in Raven, you can see my pictures of it here.

I really like Raven, it's hand down the best black lipstick I own. It's matte, opaque in one layer, stays on forever, does not feather or smudge, just perfect! Sadly Plush isn't as nice. It's a lovely purple, but feels a bit gritty on the lips. It's also very hard to get to go on evenly, which makes you want to add a second layer, but a second layer makes the lipstick too thick and causes it to crumble. The best way to use plush is to first prime your lips with a lip liner, then do a fast thin layer. Don't do any fixes, you'll just melt the first layer and make a mess, believe me I tried many times!

The liner I'm wearing underneath is more red than Plush, but it's a cool tone and works well with the purple. You can see some unevenness on the edges of my lips, but the shade looks purple and isn't too blotchy. Once you get it on your lips, it stays dries matte in under a minute and stays on very well. If you need to retouch it, only add more to the center of your lips, where the lipstick wears off.

My take on Plush: lovely shade but a bit fiddly to wear. Not as awesome as Raven, but I can forgive much because it's just my type of purple!

Here worn with Sleek Vintage Romance palette shades on the eyes.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hems Galore!

I found this dress by reading Sary's blog post about her favourite alternative bloggers. The first one on her list, Faiiint, had a gorgeous picture with a wide-hemmed dress. I immediately went "I need that!1" and went to check out her outfit post to see where the dress was from, hoping it might not be super expensive or hard to find.

Where was it from? H&M! It also happened to be on discount when I scoured their website. They didn't have my size, so I got a size bigger than what I usually wear, intending to take it in. Apparently it runs a bit small because it's not very loose on me, lucky me!

Skirt - H&M
Belt - Second hand
Boots - Spike Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

The dress has open slits on the sides and a wide rubber band to keep the sides together but still show some skin. The hem is longer on the sides than in the middle, giving the dress a lovely shape. The hem is HUGE, just like I wanted, and there's a build-in petticoat to keep it from sticking to your pantyhose. My dress could use some ironing, I put it on straight from the package it arrived in. The fabric is 100% cotton, so it's bound to need some care, but it should also breathe well.

Flap flap ;D

Friday, 12 December 2014

Heather Fields Look

This look was done using a Lumene palette called Heather Fields, which I forgot to take a picture of. Take a look at Hanna's review for pics! I got the palette from a bloggers' meet last summer. I think I've used it twice. The colours are gorgeous, but for some reason my eyes hate it, they water when I wear these shadows. I usually use loose shadows that have a very short ingredients list, so I'm not sure which ingredient my eyes are sensitive to. It's a pity really, I love the shades and they compliment my eye-color nicely!

I used three shades from the palette. Two light taupes and a dark brown. The lightest taupe is on the whole lid, with a hinta of the darker one in the crease. The dark brown is on the lower lid and the outer corner of the crease. There's also a touch of black gel liner, I think this is my best liner application ever so far, it blends so well into the lash-line.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To Add Ankle Straps To Heels

I like heels, but I don't want to spend that much money on them. The problem with cheap heels is that they are made of plastic, which doesn't really conform to the shape of your feet. This can make then quite uncomfortable to wear. What I did was to buy these lovely spine heels in a size that I knew was a bit loose on me, so they wouldn't squeeze my poor feet, but that meant they don't stay on that well. Solution? Ankle straps! Here's how to make them!

Here's a link to where I got my pair on eBay. The delivery to Finland took a few weeks, but the shoes arrived well-packed and were just like described in the description.

You need:

Ribbon in a colour that matches your heels for attaching the straps
Fabric that matches your heels to make the straps
Heel grippers (optional, they make the heels fit more tightly and give a nice finish to the attachment)
Sewing machine

Finished heels with ankle straps.
1. Make the straps

Measure your ankle and add about 5 cm to the length to find out how long your straps should be. I made mine with PVC folded and sewn on both edges. I didn't finish the ends because PVC does not unravel, but if your fabric does, fold the ends on the inside of the strap and sew to secure. You can also use for example wide satin ribbon for the straps. If sewing is not your thing, use fabric glue. 

2. Add velcro to your straps

Take you two straps and try them on. They should have 5 cm overlap. That's where the velcro will be. Check how you can make them symmetric and choose to use the side that looks the best as the outside. To keep your straps from tangling on each other, plan the closure to sit on the outside of the ankle, with the overlapping part of the strap on top pointing towards the heel of the shoe. Cut the velcro to have about 4 cm piece on each strap (of both sides of the velcro, naturally!) and attach it by sewing a rectangle in straight stitch. Note that the different sides of the velcro (the scratchy and the soft one) go on different sides of the strap, not just different ends. It doesn't matter which side of the velcro is on top and which below.

3. Sew ribbons on your heels

Make two loops of ribbon. Each one should be large enough to let your strap pass through and then have 2-3 cm extra "tail" for attaching the loop to the shoe. Sew the tails with a zig zag stitch. Take your loop and sew each to the seam on the heel of a shoe. Make stiches only on the seam to hide the alteration. The seam is also the softest part, but you should still use a thimble, the heel part is very tough! If you have trouble pulling the needle through, try suing pliers. You don't need many stiches per shoe, but it's hard work.
I used black velvet ribbon for attaching the straps to the heels. It's soft, easy to sew and with black heels anything black matches well enough.
4. Add heel grippers

Heel grippers are basically leather sticker that fit the inside of the heel of the shoe. They make the heels fit more snug, but in this case they also help to hide the ribbon you sewed on the heel seam and attach it more securely. Stick them on the inside of the shoe according to the instructions, just leave the ribbon ends under the grippers.

5. Put your straps in the loops

Check which strap is for which foot and wiggle them through the ribbon loops of the corresponding shoes. Ta-dah! Heels with ankle straps. If your straps are too loose, just take the strap out of the loop, cut the stitches securing one piece of velcro, re-attach it to a better location and sew it in place. The loops allow you to modify the straps as much as you like without you needing to keep the whole shoe out of the way when you sew.

Sewing the ribbons on the heel seams keeps the shoes looking nice and posh.
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