Saturday, 22 November 2014

Celestial Crow Look

Celestial Crow is one of the eyeshadows I ordered form Glamour Doll Eyes a while ago. It's quite dark, so I had been saving it for a going-out night. Yesterday I finally took the time wear it, and I'm glad I did! I had a really nice night with my other half, first tasting some weissbeer at a friends, then a quick stop at a bar meeting other friends, then a pizza and eating it at home.

I used:
Cherry Culture Jumbo Eye Pen - Paparazzi (a metallic teal, padded on the lid)
Glamour Doll Eyes - Celestial Crow (dark blue with green microglitter, on the lid and crease)
Evil Shades - Suffocation (light pink with a blue sheen, on the inner corners and as an accent on the outside of the wing)

The lights are so bright I tend to squint in pictures, sorry ;D

Celestial Crow is just the kind of blue that works super well with a cool pink.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

This is my Christmas list of dreams, I mainly lust after things that are a bit out of my price range, so that's why many things look expensive ;D But with the Christmas season coming and my birthday too, I can always dream!

"Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange" by Robert Irwin and translated by Malcolm C Lyons

I like fairytales, and this books has the oldest recorded Arabic stories, of the same tradition as the famous Arabian Nights. It just came out and looks like something that would keep me occupied for a few nights!

A gorgeous underbust corset by Snow Black Corsets.

Made to measure corset

I haven't been that into corsets before, but I've recently found which shapes and sizes fit me best. A made to measure corset would be a dream come true, since the ready-made ones always have tiny problems.

Swatch by Temptalia.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil

For wearing dark lipstick this lip pencil is a must. The shade looks gorgeous and something that would compliment many of my darker lip products.

Flat iron by Cloud Nine

My old flat iron just had it's tenth birthday, which is a pretty good age! The coating on the irons has started to wear down so it doesn't glide on hair like it used to. Cloud Nine flat irons are the cream of the crop, they are top quality and I do like their design as well.

"Prince Lestat" by Anne Rice

I love the Vampire Chronicles, so Prince Lestat is a must! Lestat is such a cool character, I always liked him!

Marlies Dekkers signature bra.

Marlies Dekkers bra

Because awesome bra is awesome. Marlies Dekkers makes underwear that's both pretty and durable, just what you need under your clothes. I especially like their signature bra, it has a gorgeous silver metal accent in the front.

Killstar Pentagram earrings

I've been eyeing these earrings for quite a while, they look so good but I'm not sure if I would find outfits to go with them. And I have a ton of earrings. But they are still wickedly good looking!

Minna Parikka Angora heels

Minna Parikka is a Finnish designer who makes shoes, handbags and accessories. Her high heels are to die for, like these ones called Angora. Sleek, black suede with cute bunny ears? Yes please!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pärrinkoski Photoshoot

I got these finished pictures from a photoshoot a long time ago but forgot! I posted a few shots before. They were taken by Helena Pahaoja at a place called Pärrinkoski, a small rapid in a forest area. What a picturesque spot, all the moss, large stones and clear running water, wow. Well the water was clear before I waded in an discovered the extraordinary muddy bottom of the stream ;D

Photographer: Helena Pahaoja
Model: Karoliina
Styling and wardrobe: Karoliina

These ones were taken with my DIY Daenerys dress and a set of antlers. This one is my absolute favourite, the light is perfect!

Long exposure shots while moving was something Helena wanted to try, they look really interesting. There was a heatwave when the photos were taken, otherwise I might not have liked the cool mud my feet sunk in on the bottom of the stream.  But for that kind of heat it was actually a welcome relief!

All photos by Helena Pahaoja

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ombre Lips

I'm into ombre lips these days, they are a great way to make lips look fuller! The simplest trick is to put lighter colour in the middle of the lips and a darker one on the edges and corners of the mouth. These lips were done with long lasting liquid lipsticks by Pretty Zombie.

On the very corners of the mouth there a touch of Black Cat, a pure matte black. The purple is Three Witches and the blue in the middle goes by the name of Blue Moon. The matte lipsticks don't blend well, so the ombre looks a bit blotchy, but it was much better in person. Lip pictures always show each and every mistake you make! IRL no one looks at your lips from a few centimeters away ;D

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Liquorice Lips

I usually prefer matte black lips, because matte lipstick doesn't smudge or bleed and altering lip shape is very easy with a matte product that does not catch light. This time I wanted to give glossy black a try, and the results were surprisingly good!

This is Pretty Zombie Black Cat with a Sephora's own brand black gloss on top. The gloss is most likely oil based, because it melts the matte Black Cat. To keep the colour from feathering I left a little area on the edges of Black Cat without the gloss and it worked very well. The gloss does transfer and leaves marks on glasses etc, just like glosses usually do. But despite the lip prints I really like this look!

There's a hint of the stain left by the lipstick I wore the day before. The black is pure black, there's no pink!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Soft Look and Curls

I went to Helsinki for a friend's birthday party on Saturday. I wanted to wear light shades on my face, and grabbed my trusted taupes to create a soft look with a defined crease. I paired light eyes with a my-lip-but better shade of Manhattan Lips2Last, it's a shimmery mauve shade.

I used:
Concrete Minerals - Doe-Eyed (dark brown)
Fyrinnae - Moonchild (pearlescent champagne)

I look so serious ;D I did take smiley pics too, but they all looked retarded, sorry!

The curls were done with a tapered Remington curling wand. My other half helped, I have so much hair that doing the back of the head is a pain! I really like the wand, it's fast and easy, and my hair holds curls made with it very well.

I put Moonchild on the whole lid, all the way up to the brows. Doe-Eyed is in the crease, blended out, and on the lower lashline very lightly applied. No liner, just mascara! An easy look but still gives nice definition to the eyes.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sneak Peek of Rogue Photoshoot!

Today I was busy modeling for Rogue! I was wicked cold outside, but us models braved the weather and the photographer was so talented she got the perfect shot is just a few frames. It's great working with skilled people!

Here's a little taste of what's coming, an unedited picture straight from the photographer's camera.

Photo by Eliza Rask (unedited)
Dress by Rogue
Make-up by Marjo Hakala

That's what a short dress and lace pantyhose in freezing weather looks like ;D I had teased my hair, but the air was so moist it just didn't hold. I still like the look of the waves and curls, even though they are not like I originally intended. Last night I came home only around three in the morning after going to Helsinki for a friends, b-day party, so I was a bit tired in the morning and mainly just fluffed up the curls. My other half was so sweet, he curled most of my hair yesterday when he saw how I struggled with the back of my head. My vanity only has one big mirror so it's tricky to work on the backside of the head by yourself. Luckily he's pretty good with hair!

I'll post more pictures when they are finished! I'm so excited to see how they turn out, we had such a great team working on this project!
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