Thursday, 30 October 2014

Planning an Outfit

I'm turning 30 this December and I'm planning to have a big party, just because I can! I already have a venue reserved and most things figured out. But naturally the most important thing is for me to find something fabulous to wear ;D

My other half promised to make me a mini crown, which will be totally awesome, but the rest of the outfit is still a bit vague. I'd like to buy something that I've wanted for a long time, because giving b-day presents to yourself is fun. But then again I wouldn't want to spend a huge amount of money. There's Christmas coming, a trip to Stockholm and I'm dreaming of renovating our kitchen some day, so I'll be needing some cash in the near future.

Something like this one from Pearls & Swine perhaps!

If teleports had been invented and I won the lottery, I would be getting a Sweet Carousel Corsetry piece. But since they are in Canada (Canadian post is notorious for being slow)  and have a long turnaround time, I don't think it's possible any more even if I did have the money. They have gorgeous designs and a made-to-measure corset would be a dream come true.

A fabulous rhinestoned corset by Sweet Carousel Corsetry.

For a cheaper option, I'm looking at Draculacorsets and decorating a corset myself. They offer a imitation of one of the Sweet Carousel designs, which I adore, but it's a bit shady to be making knock-offs. Then again, I would customize the corset, and I most definitely would not do that to the Sweet Carousel one! It can be a pain to find an off-the-rack overbust that fits nicely, but the cut looks like one that could work on my body. I just hope is actually has a nice curve, there are no pictures of it worn by anyone else than the model RazorCandi, and anything looks gorgeous on her! Some off-the-rack corsets don't have a dramatic waistline and make you look like a tube. I'm quite slim, so my corsets need the shaped waistline to actually cinch something in.

Draculacorsets Skeleton Corset. Suspiciously alike to a Sweet Carousel design.
After I've chosen the corset, there's the bottom, since I might want to wear something below the waistline, too ;D If I go for the skeleton overbust, it's so long that I definitely need a skintight bottom to go with it. I was thinking of a mermaid skirt with some lace and a hem that's high in the front so I can show off what ever shoes I decide to wear. Currently I'm planning to make the skirt myself. I just got a new sewing machine and I'm pretty sure I have a pattern for a mermaid skirt lying around somewhere.

Both the corset and skirt could have some extra bling, so I'm planning to buy some heatfix rhinestones. My other half got a heat gun for working with Worbla and I could use it for the rhinestones. I haven't done much with rhinestones, but it doesn't seem too complicated to add them. I could use the same type of stones to decorate the crown and the corset and the skirt so they all match.

Something like these babies from RhineStonesWarehouse on Etsy.
I'm pretty certain I can find suitable shoes from my own closet, there are so many! And plain black pumps might be a good option to go with a sparkly outfit. I've been downsizing my shoe collection to have only shoes that are nice to wear and also look good. I've done a pretty good job because I can basically grab any pair and stand all night in them. Maybe if a very nice pair comes up I could consider buying something new, but it's not likely.

Any tips on rhinestoning things or what type on skirt would go well with a long-line corset? Or how to face the big 30? ;D Many of my friends are getting married and having kids, and I just pet kitties and go to parties, but that's what I like to do, so I plan to continue as long as I feel like it!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

I came across pictures of Pretty Zombie Cosmetics' liquid matte lipsticks a while ago. I'm a big fan of long-lasting matte lipsticks, they are very easy to wear, but sadly mostly come in boring normal colours. Well not Pretty Zombie's lipsticks! They have black, blue and a few shades of purple!

I got Three Witches, dark blue-based purple, Black Cat, plain black, Purple Poison, medium red-based purple, and Blue Moon, a bright blue.

I have to mention that some people have had experienced very long delivery times with the company. I only became aware of this after making an order, so after I waited until the end of their turnaround time (10 business days) I immediately emailed the company asking for a shipping confirmation or an explanation for the delay. They shipped my order the next day. If you do not wish to try your luck but want the product, you can try this shop that stocks Pretty Zombie lipsticks.

Purple Poison with contouring on the edges with Three Witches.
I tried Purple Poison and Three Witches. Both have a very nice texture and apply thinly, which makes them comfortable to wear for a long-lasting product. The shades are amazing, very bright and work well with my skin tone. The product dries fast, so there's not much time to blend if you want to do contouring. I resolved the problem by applying a thin layer of Purple Poison on the edges of Three Witches, which let the darker color show through a little bit but still made the edges fade nicely.

I really like the product, I'm just a bit disappointed with the company not notifying me when their stated TAT didn't hold. It's only natural to occasionally have things delayed, but especially if there have been problems, they should notify customers.

Full face, I was lazy and just applied the lipstick on no eyeshadow.

Lips before applying a second coat of Purple Poison to fade the edges of Three Witches.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Favourite Perfumes

I have to say I this time of year is the worst for blogging! When I leave for work, it's dark, and when I come back from work, it's dark. So I ordered a set of lights, lets hope they make things easier. In the mean time, I wanted to tell you of my favourite perfumes.

I recently purchased a lot of 36 Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume samples and have been enjoying them for a few weeks. A few were not for my liking, so I gave them to a friend, but it's been fun to try out a new perfume every morning!

A little coffin shaped box of wonderful smellies!
The ones in the box are the ones I've already tried, the upper pile is the ones I haven't and the lower is the ones I absolutely love.
Playing around with the samples made me want to dig deeper into my perfume stash. Perfume is for me usually the final step in my beauty routine and I easily forget it. Putting on perfume makes me feel feminine and a bit mysterious, so I definitely should do it more often!

I don't have a large collection of perfumes, but I have a few specific types I like. Mostly I wear musky, dark scents with hints of sandalwood, rose, incense or such. But then I also adore light, crispy scents that might have some citrus, green apple or flowers.

These are my current favourites.
Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana.
I believe this is the most expensive perfume I own. I only have two other "brand" perfumes aside it. I won it at a raffle and was unsure if it would suit me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's light and sophisticated, makes me think of the perfume department of a posh department store. I use it for formal parties where I feel I should appear less alternative than usually.

Raspberry Gingerale, I Smell Like A Witch, Love Oil #20.
The solid scents are by One Hand Washes The Other. I've ordered from a few Halloween collections and some are of the permanent selection. Rasberry Gingerale smells just like a sour candy might taste, and I love sour candy! It's very unique, I've never come across anything like it. Love Oil #20 is by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, it has a musky base and a very strong note of rose that lingers long on my skin.

The grey perfume oil bottle is I Smell Like A Witch by One Hand Washes The Other. The store description says it has "Red & White Roses, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Smoke, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla Bean", and I think I can smell most of those in it. It has a slight sweetness to it, but not too overpowering, since patchouli, sandalwood and smoke tone it down. And it does smell like a witch!

Black Forest, Quoth the Raven, Horseman, Victorian Rose, I Smell Like A Witch, Toxid Lotus.
Black Forest is also from Black Phoenix. It's generally dark and musky, very soft and warm. I can't make out any specific notes, but it's very much for my liking. Quoth the Raven is a perfume oil by The Morbid The Merrier, which no longer exists. The bottle with the H is another perfume by the same company, it's called Horseman. Both have a unique depth and the most wonderful combination of musky scents. I use them very sparingly since I can't get more of those when I run out. I have to say Quoth the Raven is probably my all-time favourite perfume, it's just perfect!

Victorian Rose is a simple rose smell, with maybe just a hint of tea or something citrus-like. I like to use it in the summer for just a touch of scent. Toxid Lotus is a sample from One Hand Washes The Other, it smells a little bit like herbs and sandalwood with some sweetness.

Black Forest, Quoth the Raven, I Smell Like A Witch, Love Oil #20, Black Tea, Bitten.

Black Tea smells like its name - of strong, black tea. It has a slight sting to it, followed with a sweeter tea scent. Bitten is plain green apple, crisp, citrus-y and clean. It's one on my summer favourites along with Victorian Rose.

I have a lot of other solid scents, they are so easy to carry with you and have no risk of spilling ever. Perfume oils are my favourite type, since they go a long way with just a tiny bottle and last very well on my skin. Classic spray perfumes are nice, but I like to apply perfume to my wrists and behind my ears, and it's easier to do with solid scents and perfume oils.

Do you have favourite perfumes or certain scents you always go for in a perfume?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Steampunk Samhain

Sorry for the tiny break! There was so much work in arranging the Samhain party that I just had no time to write. But finally here are some pictures of my costume, I was very happy with it! All pictures taken by Ari Rantanen. I was supposed to take some pics of my look myself, but after finishing setting up the venue, I still had to print and cut 200 voting tickets for the audience, eat, finish painting the headdress made by my other half and let it dry, do my hair and make-up, and do the finishing touches to my playlists, so there just was no time!

Headdress - By my other half
Sleeve - Red Queen's Black Legion
Shirt - Second hand
Harness - Red Queen's Black Legion
Corset - Draculacorsets
Brown top skirt - Self made (it used to be a butt-ugly wraparound skirt)
Bustle skirt - Fan + Friend

The evening was great, people had truly awesome costumes and the venue looked really nice and worked well with the amount of people there. I played two sets and only managed to empty the dance floor once (apparently not many Lebanon Hanover fans around!), so I call that a success ;D

The only downside was that I was so busy running around that I didn't have enough time to chat with people, but next time then! I feel like it's been ages since I've seen friends when I've just been at home, working or studying. It was great to go out, even if it was a busy evening, and all the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves too :)

Costume competition winners, just look at those cool outfits!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Samhain is Soon!

I'm getting ready to celebrate Samhain! Like on a few previous years, I'm organizing a goth club with a Samhain/Halloween theme and a costume competition. Last year I made my costume early because I came across a nice and cheap second hand wedding dress. This year I'm pretty late, I just got to know I'm going on a business trip on Thursday and returning on Friday, so I don't have many nights before the party on Saturday.

If you are hanging around Tampere on Saturday, come and party with us! There's great prizes for the competition and you can also win in a raffle just by voting for your favourite costume, so everyone can win. Here's a link to the Facebook event Club Underworld and Bella Morte Release the Bats III!

I originally planned this costume for the Fetish Factory event, but I couldn't go when I got sick. Good thing there's many possible events to wear costumes at! Here's a few snaps of my steampunk themed outfit.

I'm using the bustle skirt I got from Fan + Friend a while ago, but wanted to make it look a bit different. The brown overskirt used to be a wraparound skirt, but I took it apart and sewed it to have pleating in the back and strings for tying in the front. I'm planning to gather it up to get the bustle even bigger, in the pictures it's still just hanging loose.

When finished it will gathered a bit like this! The shirt is from a second hand shop, the harness and sleeve are from Fantasmagoria and the corset is a dramatic points corset from Draculacorsets. I was planning to wear it as underwear, but the shirt didn't have enough fabric in the back to sit nicely on the bustle, so this way it had to be.

Details of the Fantasmagoria sleeve, it has a cool high collar!

And my tired face when trying on the outfit ;D

These thingies are going to become a head dress for the outfit! My other half wanted to make one, I'm quite exited!
I'm really happy with the outfit so far, it might be a little bit hot to wear, but it's still otherwise easy and looks surprisingly good. The only things I bought for it were the skirt and the shirt, and both were discounted second hand garments. I also got to try out my new sewing machine which works like magic after I'm used to fighting with the old one that was so worn down it hardly worked. It's so pleasant to work with good equipment, I should do it more often!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Horn Project

I came across some very nice looking plastic costume horns and decided to buy a few pairs to re-paint them. They were originally glossy with a sloppy red finish on a black base. My other half did the matte black base paint and I'm planning to add some purple and maybe a pearlescent finish or some glitter. The horns looked so nice even after just the base coat that I wanted to take some pictures with them!

The horns have a very nice shape and the texture on them looks good and is an easy surface to paint on. I really like their curve, they look realistic but are still so compact that I don't have to worry about getting stuck on doorways or poking people.

The horns came with a clear silicone ribbon to secure them on your head. I think I have to ditch it and go for a coated rubber band or a headband, since the silicone has so little stretch that the horns seems to slide around a lot. It might just be the fact that the silicone would get a better grip if it didn't have to sit on the shaved side of my head, since it does stay in place under my hair.

What do you guys think? Glitter, shimmer or are they best just as they are now?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tattoo Post with Bones, Lilies and Lace!

When the tattoo artist who worked on my sleeve asked if I had any good pictures of the finished work, I realised I had not really taken any pics after the background of the moth in my upper inner arm was finished. Here's a few snaps finally in the fading autumn light!

The upper arm and shoulder were done in by a different artist 2012, here's my post of that part of the tattoo.

This post has pictures of the forearm finished, but inner upper arm still bare.

And here you can see the upper arm still missing the background color and lace.

The 2012 parts were done by Hexa at Precious Tattoo and the new parts from this year by Tomppa at Halo Tattoo. I really enjoyed these latest sessions, Halo is a great place with a really relaxed atmosphere and Tomppa has just the sort of style I like! Also he really knows how to do lace, I'm very impressed with the technique.

Roses, lilies and lace. I love the ending the lace has at the wrist, the tattoo artist Tomppa
draw it free-hand right on my skin and it was just perfect right from the start.

You can see here that the flower patterns in the lace are actually not
pure black, they have a little texture that mimics they way thread would
look on actual lace fabric. Also the screaming cat skull, my cats are
very vocal so it's perfect!

The moth shows best from the backside. It's in an ornamental frame with
a deep purple background. The purple might need a little touching up,
but I've been too busy to worry about it much.

Backside of the arm. I really like the lace next to the moth in the frame, it's so
realistic and works very well in tying together the whole tattoo.

Raven skull with a lily.

Moth and lace.

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