Friday, 21 October 2016

Photoshoot with Qumma

I have to say the problems with Finnish Alternative Models turned out to my benefit in the end, as I got a few collaboration requests for photoshoots as a result. Some shoots are still in the making, but one was done and I got the finished pictures!

Qumma is if not the best known Finnish fetish photographer, at least among the best known. He does many kinds of shoots, but I was especially interested in his skill of capturing latex as shiny and nice as it really is.  When he offered to do a shoo with me, I was ecstatic! And even more so when we got a talented make-up artist to join! I think our team was better than any I could have gotten for the prize photoshoot, so things went better than expected.

Here are the results!

Model and wardrobe: Me
Hair and make-up: Sini Silfvenius-Bart
Photographer: Qumma

The first outfit was my rococo underwear set with tons of plastic pearls. I should get a medal for getting my hair stay up when I only had two tiny alligator clips and one hair pin ;D

The second outfit is a chocolate brown latex dress made by Tiina Rikala for a gala I attended. I paired it with Jeffrey Campbell oil slick heels and an antler headdress. The headdress just wouldn't stay on my head, so in the end it was photoed separately. But you can't really tell from the photo, I think!

For the third outfit: glitter latex! You now how crazy I am for this stuff ;D The dress in also made by Tiina Rikala, the heels are Jeffrey Campbell and necklace by Artwithlatex. The thing on my head is actually three separate crystal tiaras, as I couldn't decide which one would look best, and then though the whole bunch goes nicely with a look that this ornamental. The tiaras are by Lumissa's Purple Octopus, she does the best crystal jewellery! She asked if I wanted to switch one tiara for a newer, improved model, as I had earlier purchased two and been very happy with them. Eventually I offered to just buy the new model too, as they all looked so nice and I didn't want to give up any ;P So now I own enough crystal tiaras to last me a while!

The fourth outfit was just a pair of heels, but those photos are only for me and my husband :>

Friday, 14 October 2016

Brass and Copper Look

I haven't played with make-up in ages, but tonight had both the energy and the time for it! So here it finally is, a look with Colourpop metallic shadows!

The dark coppery shadow is called Mooning and the brass one is Kathleenlights. On the waterline I wanted a purple that pops, but it ended up looking a bit muted in pictures. A more blue based purple would have served my purpose better. This purple is Urban Decay pencil in Voodoo, a pretty, mildly sparkly purple, but too red for my waterline.

I used to find it hard to apply Colourpop shadows, as their mousse like formula doesn't adhere to most of my brushes at all. I've been very fond of fluffy synthetic brushes that simply do not pick up any of this type of shadow, no matter what I do. I had the idea to try my new favourite brushes, Zoeva Luxe Shaders, and they were perfect for this! They are not fluffy, but flat, but somehow the shape and bristles are just perfect for blending. This will help my Colourpop shadows see a lot more use, as I'm not very keen on applying eyeshadow with my fingers, as the Colourpop shadows are meant to be used.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Wedding Picture

The wedding was perfect! I'm still too tired to go into details, but here's a photo of us on the day.

The photographer is Eliza Rask, who I nominate for the fastest wedding photographer ever, as the wedding was on a Saturday and we got the finished pictures on Monday. Perfect! I'll tell you more of the party and ceremony later, now I'm off to have beer to recover.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K Review

My lipstick obsession continues! I love liquid to matte lippies, so I really wanted to try a Kylie Lip Kit. Good mattes are hard to come by, and I think the packaging with black dripping pattern is very attractive. The price point is a bit high for me (with shipping and customs fees, yikes) but I wanted to give them a try anyway. So here's my take on Dolce K.

First of all I'll say that the shade is very difficult to capture with a camera. On my screen it looks too pink and too dark. Just keep this in mind when looking at the pics!

I really like the packaging. The lipstick and matching lip liner come in a sturdy cardboard box that has a high gloss finish and a picture that shows the shade dripping on the lips. The inside of the printed mouth is finished with a silver foil. The product came with a card that has the same image with foil and white lipstick.

The lipstick and lip liner look and feel high end. The lipstick tube is smooth and the cap is shiny and black. The liner is black matte plastic with a glossy cap and an end piece showing the shade of the product. I thought the lipstick felt nice and heavy when held in my hand, sort of being of high quality, but when I compared it with a ColourPop Ultra Matte they actually weigh the same amount and are identical in dimensions. The Kylie lipstick looks nicer to me, but it might be just that it's brand new and glossy black looks more expensive than the foil print and golden caps ColourPop uses. I'm not sure how well the print on the Kylie lipstick lasts, ColourPop's tends to fade easily.

Kylie Lipstick applicator. Nice and precise, nothing special but does its job.
The lipstick goes on easily an is of a very light consistency. It's still opaque in one layer, which is impressive. It has a very candy like smell, but the perfume disappears almost completely once the lipstick dries on your lips. I have many liquid to mattes and the Kylie one isn't very drying, but feels nice on the lips. Compared to traditional wax base lipstick it is drying, but not anywhere near the most drying mattes I own.

Kylie Lip Kit liner. These are not the twist type but you have to sharpen the pencil. 
The pencil is actually super nice! It's very smooth and feels like a silicon primer when you put it on. It can be smudged, but doesn't do so in regular use, so it isn't a problem. The Lip Kit instructions tell you to first fill in your lips with the liner and then apply one coat of the lipstick. I think this silicone-y consistency of the pencil acts as a primer for the lipstick and does a very good job at it. Compared to a MAC liner, the Kylie one is much lighter and less waxy.

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K, swatches of liner and lipstick on bare skin.
I left the photo unaltered, as I couldn't get the colours set in a way that would in my mind represent the colour truly. Dolce K is a pinkish mauve or taupe. A very natural shade, and a pretty one, it just somehow clashes with my skin tone. I have pink undertones and Dolce K makes me look a bit reddish, so it might go better with olive undertones. It makes me sad that it doesn't suit me!

All in all I really love the product, but the shade doesn't work on me. The lipstick goes on like a dream, is very light and lasts well. The liner is super smooth, doesn't smudge and acts as a primer. The packaging is pretty and the product both performs well and feels luxurious. After trying this, the price doesn't feel too high. If someone had asked me if using a lip pencil under liquid to matte works, I would have said no, but these consistencies seem to work perfectly together and support one another.  I have to say I'm impressed with the quality, packaging and uniqueness of this product! I was expecting a regular nice liquid to matte lipstick, but this combination of the lippie and the liner work better than many mattes alone.

While the shade isn't for me, I like the product. I'll most likely sell this kit and order another shade that might suit me better. It's a shame that the shipping to Finland takes a few weeks and the customs fees are a bit steep, but I'm willing to try another shade to see if it works as well as this one and suits me, wish me luck!


+ Long lasting
+ Light on the lips
+ Liner acts a primer
+ Packaging is gorgeous, it both looks and feels high end


- High price point
- Long shipping times to Finland
- Hard to find out if a shade works on you before buying the product (yes, I googled, and everyone else seems to look gorgeous in this lipstick ;D)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gothic Night Look

I promised to DJ at a new event in Bar Bändäri. They were having a Gothic Night first time ever, and I'm so glad I got to be part of it! Many people came, the music was good and the antique sofas of the bar were soooo nice and comfy and pretty. It's always great to see an event do well!

I went to the hairdressers the day before the event to get my hair dyed and to try out a hairdo for the wedding, so I still had the curls the hairdresser put in. When loose, my hair looked kinda eighties, which is cool! I usually wear larger curls, but this is a fun look too.

Bolero - Artifice Clothing
Dress - Lip Service
Earrings - Kill Star

I just love the different shades the hairdresser put in my hair! There's sections of purple, bright pink and more muted pink and purple. All done with Elumen so my bathroom doesn't look like a massacre after shower and the colour lasts a long time (in hair, not on bathroom floor ;D).

Femme Fatale eyeshadows, some Sugarpill Tako, a pink from Urban Decay Spectrum palette, and glitter lips. I did the lips so that I lined them with a liquid to matte Sephora lipstain (it's actually a lipstick, I don't know why they call it a stain), then added some Urban Decay Jawbreaker to the middle and a bit on top of the stain, then padded on loose glitter. Works like a charm! Thanks to the liquid to matte the lipstick doesn't bleed on smudge at the edges, but the traditional wax based lipstick in the middle is a lot more comfortable to wear. And the glitter just makes everything amazing.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Finnish Alternative Models Case Follow Up / Jatkoa Ongelmiin Finnish Alternative Modelsin Kanssa

I hoped this issue would have been done with, but sadly no. I wrote a post earlier describing my problems with the Finnish Alternative Models page/group. A promised photoshoot had not been done and I was kicked out for publicly mentioning my problems with getting it set up.

What happened then was insanity. In another, unrelated group I saw a post from the FAM admin stating that I had been removed from the group due to numerous complaints from customers. I have never done any work through FAM and didn't even know they have customers. It simply could not be true. I sent the admin a message asking them what these complaints were, so that I could understand if this was some kind of a misunderstanding and not pure slander from their part.

A day later I was sent a text purporting to be one of the complaints. I read it through, and it was a piece that stated some former FAM model or models were saying slanderous things about a magazine FAM collaborated with, signed by the editor of the magazine. I asked how this could be something that got me removed from the group, as it clearly stated it was about someone already removed from the group. Not to even mention I had never discussed the magazine anywhere. I got no explanation.

The whole thing seemed a bit shady, so I wrote to the magazine myself to ask if there had been some kind of mix up. It turned out that they had gotten some very weird information from FAM and were asked to write the "complaint". After reviewing the situation they decided to sever all contact with FAM and made a official statement.

At this point, all the admins apart from the founder of the group contacted me one by one, saying they wanted to apologise and would have nothing to do with the mess any more. I respect this, I don't know how involved each admin has been, but I have seen only one personally trying to defame me in public.

After this whole charade I finally got a public apology from the main admin at FAM, but only in Finnish and with some wording that to me sounds that they are trying to gloss over the whole thing as a misunderstanding. To me it looks like one admin deliberately made up lies and spread false information, which is not what I consider to be a misunderstanding.

I have reported this case to the police and will continue to pursue it legally.

I'm writing this piece because today FAM has stated that they are on vacation and will return before winter. While I'm all for learning from mistakes and doing things better, their international following might not have a clue as to what has happened after my failed attempts at getting a promised photoshoot set up. If you are considering collaborating with Finnish Alternative Models, please make sure to be aware that there have been previous problems.

(I don't have a picture suitable for this charade so here's my cat with her tongue out.)


Toivoin että asia olisi jo ihan taputeltu, mutta kun ei niin ei. Edellisessä tekstissä aiheesta kerroin, että en ole yrityksistäni huolimatta saanut luvattua kuvaussessiota Finnish Alternative Models -ryhmän/sivun kanssa järjestymään, koska heidän päässään hommat eivät toimineet. Mainitsin julkisesti että minulla on ollut haasteita asian kanssa ja sain ryhmästä kenkää.

Sen jälkeen homma lähtikin ihan käsistä. Huomasin, että minulle tuntematon henkilö oli postannut malleihin liittymättömään ryhmään linkin blogikirjoitukseeni. Tähän oli saapunut kommentoimaan FAMin pääylläpitäjä, joka väitti että minut oli erotettu ryhmästä useiden minusta tulleiden reklamaatioiden takia. En ole koskaan tehnyt mitään töitä FAMin kautta, enkä suoraan sanoen edes tiennyt että ryhmällä oli jotain mitä kutsua asiakkaiksi. Ei yksinkertaisesti ollut mahdollista, että joku olisi lähettänyt valituksen tuotteestani tai palvelustani, kun sellaisia ei ollut mihinkään suuntaan liikkunut. Lähetin ylläpitäjälle viestin kysyäkseni mitä nämä valitukset olivat, hartaasti toivoen että kyse olisi jostain megaluokan väärinkäsityksestä, eikä siitä että ihan tietoisesti halutaan aikamme kielellä kusta muroihin.

Päivää myöhemmin minulle lähetettiin arviolta kilometrin mittainen englanninkielinen teksti, joka kuulemma oli yksi minusta tehdyistä reklamaatioista. Luin sen läpi, ja kyseisessä tekstissä FAMin kanssa yhteistyötä tehnyt lehti kertoi että joku tai jotkut FAMista erotetut mallit haukkuvat lehteä julkisesti. Allekirjoituksena lehden päätoimittaja. Kysäisin sitten miten ihmeessä tämä voisi jotenkin olla syy erottamiseeni, kun siinä selkeästi lukee että joku jo erotettu haukkuu jossain lehteä. Enhän mä nyt voi olla samaan aikaan ryhmässä ja erotettu siitä. Schrödingerin malli? Puhumattakaan siitä, että en ole kyllä koko lehdestä maininnut missään sanaakaan. En saanut mitään selitystä.

Päätin sitten ottaa itse yhteyttä lehteen, koska koko homma alkoi kuulostaa tosi oudolta. Menemättä yksityiskohtiin päätoimittaja kertoi saaneensa FAMin ylläpitäjältä tulleiden tietojen pohjalta erikoisen kuvan tilanteesta ja häntä oli pyydetty kirjoittamaan lausunto. Pienen pohdiskelun jälkeen lehdessä päätettiin lopettaa kaikki yhteistyö FAMin kanssa ja tästä annettiin myös julkinen lausunto.

Tässä kohdin yksitellen kaikki muut FAMin ylläpitäjät, paitsi sivun perustaja, lähettivät minulle anteeksipyynnön ja kertoivat etteivät halua sekaantua tilanteeseen. Tämä on hienosti tehty, en tiedä miten osallisena kukakin on ollut, mutta olen nähnyt vain yhden ylläpitäjän julkisesti kirjoittavan törkeitä valheita.

Koko tämän sirkuksen jälkeen sain FAMin pääylläpitäjältä julkisen anteeksipyynnön. Se on vain suomeksi ja mielestäni teksti on vähän sen näköinen, että koitetaan sanoa koko asian olleen väärinkäsitys. Musta näyttää että yksi ylläpitäjistä on ihan tietoisesti valehdellut ja levittänyt tekaistuja väitteitä, mikä ei mielestäni ole kyllä todellakaan mikään väärinkäsitys.

Olen tehnyt tapauksesta rikosilmoituksen ja poliisi tutkii onko rikosta tapahtunut.

Kirjoitan tätä tekstiä siksi, että FAM on tänään ilmoittanut olevansa lomalla ja palaavansa ennen talvea. On toki ihanaa ja mahtavaa että ihmiset oppivat virheistään ja yrittävät uudestaan, mutta koska julkinen anteeksipyyntö on kirjoitettu vain suomeksi, mahdolliset kansainväliset yhteistyökumppanit, joita FAM voi koittaa löytää, eivät tietäisi mitään tästä koko farssista ellen tuo sitä esiin. Haluan, että ihmisillä on tieto tästä tapauksesta käytettävissään, kun he päättävät tekevätkö yhteistyötä Finnish Alternative Modelsin kanssa. Jos harkitset yhteistyötä, pidä mielessä että näinkin vakavia ongelmia on ilmennyt aiemmin.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Urban Decay Jawbreaker Lipstick

Some weeks ago Urban Decay released a new line of lipsticks, called Vice Lipsticks. The line has are hundred different shades. A hundred! Along natural shades it had a blue shade and a couple of purples, so this meant I was at the counter the first day the lippies were available in Finland. There are two dark purples, Jawbreaker and Pandemonium, but they are quite similar so after some pondering I bought only one, Jawbreaker.

Lovely packaging!
The lipstick bullet is very pretty, it's metallic with an embossed Urban Decay text and logo. I have to say the usability is not to my liking. You have to grab the tiny golden area at the bottom and all the rest of the tube is the cap. With longer nails I feel like I can't hold the bottom securely. The cap is also quite tight, so I have to use some force. I haven't dropped the lippie yet, but it feels like it could easily slip.

Metallic bullet. Very pretty but a bit impractical.
The line has lipsticks with many different finishes. Jawbreaker is a "mega matte". I didn't compare it to other matte finishes in the line, but to me it looks more like a satin finish than a matte. Then again I usually wear liquid to matte lipsticks, and those are as matte as they come, so I might just have gotten used to different standards for matte-ness ;D

The lipstick itself is a super pretty shade and the golden metallic bullet compliments the purple nicely. The lipstick has a little embossed Urban Decay logo, a very nice looking detail!

You can see some slight "sweating" on the lipstick. This is caused by oils coming to the surface of the product. 
Jawbreaker is very easy to apply and feels nice on my lips. It's not drying, as many mattes are, but also the finish isn't very matte, so you might not go for this one if you are looking for a very matte finish. The shade is gorgeous. It's a very magenta shaded purple, as in leaning towards hot pink more than deep purple.

Jawbreaker swatched on skin.

Jawbreaker on lips, in cool natural light.

Sadly Jawbreaker doesn't last very well on my lips, but needs touching up quite often. The shade is gorgeous, goes on well, applies evenly and feels comfortable, but I'm way too lazy to touch up my lipstick often! If you are looking for a pinkish-purple that's comfy, easy to use but you are up for some touch ups, this could be the lipstick for you. I'm not sold, but I do think I might some day learn to use Jawbreaker.
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