Saturday, 28 March 2015

Please Vote Me! / Äänestä Mua, Jooko?

I got into the finals in the cosplay competition, I'm so proud! My feet are hurting after standing for hours in the stiletto heels and I think I have a bruise on my shoulder from the huge pauldron I wore, but I'm happy I did so well for my first cosplay contest ever :)

If you wish, you can vote for me! The winner of the competition is chosen based on votes, so I really need you help here! The voting is in Finnish behind this link. If you don't speak Finnish but would like to vote, just check the box of the costume you want to vote for. The first free non-mandatory field is for telling why you chose just that costume, but that can be left empty. The next two (Vastaajan nimi) ask for your first (Etunimi) and last name (Sukunimi), and the last field is for your email address (Vastaajan sähköpostiosoite).

Photo by Emilia Lahtinen (official picture from the contest)

Sama suomeksi! Eka cosplaykisani ikinä meni ihan loistavasti, erityisesti ottaen huomioon että se oli ensimmäinen kisani ja ensimmäinen cosplaypukuni koskaan :) Nyt on jalat kipeet korkokengistä ja olkapäässä mustelma jättiläisolkasuojasta, mutta oon tosi onnellinen ja ylpeä. Kisan voittaja valitaan äänestyksellä, joten jos haluat, voit auttaa tätä Demon Hunteria kohti voittoa! Tässä linkki Aamulehden äänestykseen, äänestäjienkin kesken arvotaan leffalippupalkintoja, eli voit itsekin voittaa :)

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Game

As some of my readers may know, I work as a game designer. I wanted to write a short post on the subject, because the latest project I have been working on has done super well and received lots of attention. If games are not your thing, just skip to the next post!

I'm the lead designer of Cities: Skylines, a brand new city builder game that just came out a few weeks ago. Things have been hectic the last days: the game came out, suddenly sold 250k copies during the first 24 hours and is still the third most sold game on Steam. Journalist have been calling, emailing and visiting the office, and the game's forums have been filled with excited players. Global game media writes articles and most of the reviews have been positive.

Making games is team work, and our whole team is extremely happy about how the game has been received! Due to the amount of articles, you might come across my face somewhere around the internet, but yes it is really me ;D

I've been working as a game designer for over four years now, but never on a game that has done so well. I love my work and am really exited that players have received the game so well and have a good time with it. It's been crazy and I still have a gazillion things to do, interviews and other publicity things and just plain old design work. So if it takes a while for me to answer comments, don't worry, I'm still here, just busy!

So all in all: Skylines is doing great and I'm deeply involved with it!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Demon Hunter!

Here's a progress picture of a tired but happy Demon Hunter! My smaller pauldron still doesn't sit like it should, but I'll try to fix that tomorrow or just roll with it. And the bigger one digs to my shoulder but that's life. One of the thigh pieces still needs some adjusting to the straps. Everything else looks good to me and I still have one evening to do emergency repairs!

If you see me at Tampere Kuplii come to say hi, but please come very close, the hood is made of such thick faux leather that I can mostly hear sounds that come from the front side ;P Cosplay sure is tricky!

This baby took 23 days (mostly full working days and weekends with photoshoots and other events), 3 XL sheets of Worbla, a pile of craft foam, 50 x 150 cm of faux leather, an old bedsheet, a red scarf, lots of heat gun work and soldering iron smoothing, black gesso, silver paint and wire from a coat hanger. Modified items and accessories are a pair of brown thigh high boots, a brown leather corset, black wig and two toy guns. This is the first cosplay costume I've ever made and my first time working with Worbla, aside from making a crown and two headbands.

Wish me luck for Saturday's cosplay contest!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Queen of Darkness New Collection!

Queen of Darkness just sent me a few pictures of their new collection that went live on Monday. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, I think they did a great job with choosing models that are edgy and work well for alternative styles, and the clothes are gorgeous, as always!

First up is the minidress decorated with zippers. Simple cut but the zipper details add just the right kind of roughness and edge! You can find the dress here.

I have a special place in my heart/wardrobe for boleros. This one is made of lace and has a little stand-up collar, which gives it a great silhouette. I think my lace tattoo would super cool with this one! Here's a link to the bolero.

My other half absolutely needs this. He's more muscular than the model in the picture and I think the vest will look even better on him! The vest has just the right amount of details, not too much to look costume-y, but enough to keep it interesting. You can find the vest here.

I like Queen of Darkness' style in general, the clothing generally has a neat, simple silhouette with some edgy details. The pieces are easy to wear as everyday wear, but there are some that are very flamboyant and great for clubbing. The everyday items are too club-worthy when combined with something flashier, so they double as work wear and club wear for me.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dress by Rogue

I have a games gala coming up, and last year I was super late in getting a dress and ended up going in a two-euro flea market dress. Which was fine and looked good on me, but just didn't feel luxurious! So this year I'm getting everything done early and asked if Tiina from Rogue would have the time to sew me a dress. We sat down to discuss it and came up fast with a design that we both liked, so the project was on.

The finished dress is designed to be worn together with the Moth necklace, has pleated detail panel in the front, tiny sleeves, is fitted and made of plum purple cotton mix. It's just what I wanted and will definitely see a lot of formal events in the future! It does show off my tattoo (sorry Mom) but still leaves room for the necklace to shine and could be worn with other necklaces too, or large earrings. All sorts of heels work and lace pantyhose doesn't look too busy with it, because the pleated detail in only in the top part of the dress. Thank you Tiina for making my dream dress come true :)

Dragon Lady Look

Here's what I did for the shoot with Sanni Saarenmaa. She suggested a red theme and some scales, so red scales it was! The black wig works very well with reds and my flowered horn headdress happened to be red also, so it was a perfect match.

My camera battery was running out and I was in a hurry to catch a bus, so there's only a few snaps. The eyes actually have both Asylum by Sugarpill and Candy Coated by Fyrinnae, and a touch of matte black to darken the crease. The scales are done with Candy Coated (and by pulling a fish net stocking over my head, then patting shadow on). The lips are a combination of a bright red lipstain, which was too bright for my taste, and Sephora metallic brown-red lipstain on top to mute the bright shade.

I applied black contact lenses later to complete the look, and during the photoshoot we added more scales to get them show better. You can see the first finished picture here.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Snow Queen, Second Try

In January I showed you my first try at Snow Queen make-up. It was pretty close to what I wanted, but not exactly. For the photoshoot with the finished outfit I did a second version of the look.

I used the same eyeshadows, but placed the outer wing higher up, used darker silver liner for brows (thank you Nina for bringing it for me all the way from Paris!) and different lashes. My main gripe with the first version were the lashes, but also the low wing made my eyes look a bit tired. For lips I decided to go for pink after browsing some inspiration pictures. The silver lips are cool, but take up too much attention. Light pink is natural and lets the eye make-up get the spotlight. I applied blush heavily to have a little frost bitten look and to have some more colour on the face.

There's also more white dots and I found my dotting tool so there are two sizes and they look very neat. I did some white markings because I felt like it, I think they work nicely! To compare, here's the first try:

First version

First version

 I'm very pleased with the shades, they make me think of ice and northern lights, just the type of elements this look should have! The little dots work nicely to add some crisp details and the lashes are a thousand times better than the ones I used for the first try.

I have no finished pictures yet, but you can see some behind the scenes snaps of the photoshoot here.
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