Saturday, 1 August 2015

Shopping in Germany

I'm already packing my bags for the next trip, but here's a look at what I bought from Cologne. I like to shop at the cheap drugstores, because they have way better prices than Finland and carry more brands.

We don't have Kiko in Finland, so I always like to see what they offer. The nail polished are very nice quality for the low price, and occasionally other make-up catches my eye as well. I bought two nail polishes, a glass nail file, a glitter liner and a purple eyeliner. Essence recently came to Finland, but it's not yet available in my home city. I just couldn't resist the cute little shimmer pearls! I was also shopping for a beauty blogger colleague who asked me to get her two crystal liners, which looked so nice that I decided to get me a pair too ;P

Weleda massage oil was recommended to me. I've so far only used Lush's massage bars, but tried the oil yesterday and it's very nice. The peel off nail polish base is something I've wanted to try with glitter polishes. Glitter is such a b*tch to get off! The hand cream was an impulse buy, my hands were dry and I didn't pack any hand cream.

Super cute shimmer pearls by Essence!

Kiko nail polishes and a P2 peel-off base coat.

Kiko glitter eyeliner and Essence crystal liners.
Lets see what else I will hoard on my next trip, or if I even have any time to shop since it's a business trip!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Lolita and Doe-eyed Look

Lolita by Concrete Minerals is one the very first loose mineral shadows I ever bought. It's still one of my favourites, the shade is incredibly easy to wear and always seems to look nice on me. For this look I applied Lolita all over the lid and gently added just a little touch of a dark chocolate brown shadow in the crease. The brown is also by Concrete Minerals, but sadly discontinued. You can still find Doe-eyed at some retailers, but I'm surprised that it isn't part of the selection any more, because it's my absolute favourite dark brown. It's a cool toned brown and goes well with my skin tone.

The only new things in this look are the nude liner on the waterline (it's a MAC concealer pencil actually, thanks to Liisa for telling me how awesome it is for inner liner!) and trying to make the brows fade a bit from the inner corners. I usually paint my brows with loose shadow and liner liquid to make them last, but the fading inner edge looks very nice to me.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Black and White

Back home for a little while! I'm going on a business trip on Sunday, so just a short stay at home so I can change all the pvc clothes in my suitcase to jeans and game t-shirts for the upcoming game convention ;D I did a little shopping on my two extra days at Cologne (aside from seeing all the museums I had wanted to see for ages).

These cute little socks were one of the things I got for myself at Primark. Viivi Vanessa at Black Saliva has the cutest socks and sandals look and I wanted something similar, and my sandals are still so new and stiff that they chafe me. And the fact that it's been the coldest summer in Finland in 50 years, so the only way to get to wear sandals is with socks.

Sandals - Depeche from Nilson Shoes
Socks - Primark

Now wish me luck in trying to overcome a cold in just two days! I caught a cold at Cologne and it's poop because this is my last week of vacation. And I have to give a speech next week and be ready to show off the game and all. Right now I'm mainly interested in sleeping and hot beverages, but I'm hoping this will pass very soon.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Amphi Festival!

I'm not liking the German internet once again, hence the recent silence. I'm in Cologne for the Amphi Festival and I have to say it has been awesome. Despite some bands being cancelled due to a storm on Saturday, I got to listen to many great ones. And I still have some time to do shopping, as I'm flying home on Wednesday. So expect a lot of make-up posts in the near future!

The last band of the festival was VNV Nation, here's a snap from the gig. All of the little lights are lighters and phones, there are so many!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pentagram Earrings by Killstar

I think I'm having a Killstar phase in my life ;D I have a few of their dresses, few pairs of leggings, a handbag and now I extended my collection to large pentagram earrings. I have to say that while these babies look gorgeous, they are quite heavy and cumbersome to wear. I solved the heaviness problem by ordering a packed of Lobe Wonder patches. They are small silicone patches with glue that you put on your lobes to cover the earring hole. You then thread the earring through the porous patch. The patch divides the weight of the earring on a much larger area than just the tiny hole, making them way more comfortable to wear. The patch itself you can't really feel, and it's clear so it doesn't grab attention.

Here's about a million pictures of me with the earrings because so many came out nice :> I really like how this look turned out! I'm wearing MAC Cyber lipstick and a simple neutral smoky eye.

If you look close, you can see the Lobe Wonder patches in these pics.
The patches can also be worn on the back of the ear lobe, but I felt they gave
more support on the front side.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Purple Liner Look

A super simple look with mauve lips, light neutral smoky eye and just a touch of purple liner. I took the pictures after a trip to Ikea, so I'm a bit shiny and the lipstick is worn. I usually wear colourful liner on just the waterline, but now I put it on as upper lid liner too and it seems to work nicely. I think the purple really brings out the green in my eyes :)

I'm wearing Rare Find by Pollen Cosmetics as a smoky eye. It's a light taupe with a hint of pink sheen, very light and easy to wear. Perfect for quick looks!

Pink on Pink on Pink Look

The post person brought my latest make-up order in today. I wanted a tea lipstick, so after consulting my fellow beauty enthusiasts on Facebook, I made an order to My Beauty Addiction to get their "Teal with It" lipstick. It felt silly to get just one item, since the shipping to Finland was a bit expensive, so I got a few other items too. I wanted to try their eyeshadows, so I chose to get a Mineral Eyeshadow Quad with colours that went well together, and a neutral lipstick, because I've been wearing those quite often lately.

My look is done with Lip Paint in Vintage and eyeshadows called Sangria, Illumi, Blossom and Ruby Slipper. The quad doesn't have a name, but here's a link to it. I have to say that Illumi is not very much like the picture in the listing. The shop picture shows a light beige, but Illumi is actually a pale peachy pink. It's a pretty colour, but not alike to the listing, and quite close to Blossom. Having both Blossom and Illumi in the same set seems excess, I'd much rather have one light pink and one matte beige, than a shimmery pink and a matte peachy pink.

I didn't have a lip liner to match Vintage, but it's a very nice mauve and super easy to wear. It's a little bit darker than my lips to give definition and has a satin finish. I also got Color Rich Lipsticks in Teal with Me and Aquatic, but I'll show those to you later! The brows are Aromaleigh Obsession with liner liquid. And that's my too-lazy-to-brush-my-hair bun ;P

Illumi on the brow bone and inner corner, Blossom on lid, Ruby Slipper in the crease and just a touch of Sangria in the deepest crease for definition.

Lip Paint in Vintage.
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