Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stripe Make-Up

Here's a few close-ups of the make-up I did for taking pictures with the stripy jacket. I wanted a smoky eye with some colour and short brows. And I just couldn't resist the dark purple lippie!

Products used:

Sugarpill Bulletproof (matte black)
Femme Fatale Eternal Trance (metallic dark green/teal)
Inglot gel liner in purple (for brows)
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, for highlights on the inner corners and brow bones)
Red Cherry false lashes
Fyrinnae Liquid Matte Lipstick in Desire

The false lashes work very well for my hooded eyes. Long lashes open up the eyes and give a nice liner look too. I think I should have primed the lids with a black jumbo eye pencil to get the black to look deeper, but I'll try that next time. When I blend out the edges of the black it tends to go a bit sheer.

The camera makes the black fade! I just need to pile on more the next time I do smoky eye for a shoot ;D

Monday, 26 January 2015

Photoshoot Workshop Pin-Up Photos

Here's a few more photos from the workshop I attended! I'm so proud I challenged myself and tried out some pin-up poses, it was super hard but I like the results. Special thanks to Salla for coaching me on how to pose, I could not have done it without you :)

Photos and editing: Markku Rintala

I'm wearing a dress my other half got me for Christmas, heels from Bianco and some clip-in hair extensions.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Striped Stripey Stripes

I'm writing this post wrapped in my black and white striped blanket that my other half gave to me. He knows what I like! Black and white stripes are one of my favourite patterns: simple, elegant and stunning. I like Artifice Clothing a lot, and when they listed a black and white striped shrug on their Etsy shop, I just had to get it! It arrived early this month and I've been meaning to take pictures with it but always been too busy. But today my other half and I installed the grey Ikea curtain we got to work as a background for photos. I wanted to try it out and remembered the shrug, so here are some shots of it! I naturally paired it with a stripy corset ;P

Shrug - Artifice Clothing
Top - Lip Service
Corset - DeadlyGirlz
Necklace - H&M
Earrings - Second hand
Hair piece - Hair from Hell

I really love the effect the grey curtain gives! It works with both black and white outfits and the shadows blend out which looks kinda cool. It's now attached to hang on top of a doorway so the curtain can just be pulled down when needed and is neatly rolled on top of the doorway when not in use. I've been needing a neutral background on a spot I don't have to prepare to take pictures at. When I use the black wallpaper as background, I have to lift one of the big speakers we have to get it out of the way. It's not something I enjoy, especially if I'm an idiot and put a corset on before prepping the shooting area!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Snowy Crafts

I've been having a craft Saturday! Yesterday when I finished work, I went straight to shop for some lace and decorations for the Snow Queen outfit. I had a white overbust corset, but wanted to decorate it and make a skirt to go with it.

So this is what I started with:

A plain white ready-made overbust corset that's a little bit too small for me.

I bought two lace appliques with sequins and pearls on them, two meters of elaborate lace trimming and a meter and a half of trim with sequins and pearls on. For the skirt I got some white elastic and white satin ribbon.

Trying on the lace and appliques. I got two large mirrored appliques so I could fill a large area
in the front of the corset easily.
Sewing on the lace and appliques was much more time consuming than I thought. I spent around two and a half hours on it and then decided to glue the rest of the decorations on ;P I think sewing the large appliques was a good choice, they now conform easily to the corset's shape and are very secure. The glued-on pieces are much smaller so they don't get pulled around that much.

After sewing I cut pieces of the sequined trim and glued them to the front and sides of the corset. I wanted the decorations to be in a hourglass like formation to emphasize the corset's form. I then took some rhinestones I had in my stash and glued some on the corset for added bling.

Bling bling!

Today I've been sewing little sleeves (are they even sleeves? A bunch of fabric on an elastic that goes on your arm) decorated with the sequined trim, a long tulle skirt and a bustle made of tulle. I still need a headpiece, shoes and underwear, but I'm very happy with the progress. I've never decorated a corset before but I think I'll make a black one too when there's time. While decorating takes a lot of time, I think I can get great results with a reasonable amount of materials (=money). This corset has something around 30 euros of decorations on it, and there's still a lot of trim left over.

I'm still pondering on how to attach the bustle, I think the ribbon takes away from the
corset too much. I might just sew it on the corset in the end. But this is generally
how the corset looks now!

 It looks like I'm preparing for a wedding with the piles of white tulle laying around the study ;D White is a great colour to work with because the selection of trims is very good. The downside is that when you stick yourself with a needle, the bloodstains will show on the fabric! I just elegantly glued the rhinestones on top of little bloodstains, no one will notice ;P

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Watercolour Look

Inpired by the Snow Queen look I did earlier, I dug up my Sparkle Baby palette by Sugarpill. It has gorgeous pastel shades, but I've been having a phase of using only dark colours and taupes lately, so the beautiful palette has been sadly neglected.

This look uses all of the shadows in the palette: CandyCrush blue in the inner corners, Frostine lavender on the lid, Kitten Parade peach blended into Frostine and outer edges of the shadow, and Hotsy Totsy hot pink in the crease. I just added black liner and mascara to bring out my eyes a bit more, and the look was done. Light and easy!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Teenage Daydream

Today I ran into Tinde at a local sushi buffet, and she told me she had seen a lovely pair of boots at a flea market nearby in my size. Because it wasn't too busy at the office, I extended my lunch hour and walked to the flea market. That's where these babies were waiting for me!

They are Libby 16 Plate boots with Victim heel by Fantasy Shoes (who make shoes for Pennangalan). There's slight wear, like some oxidization on the plates, but there are no scuffs on the sides of the soles and the heels are only a little worn. They fit me just right and all of the straps are intact. And the price? 20 euros!

The reason for the title of the post, teenage daydream, is that I've been lusting after these boots since I was a teen. The price is just so high (180 euros and shipping on top) that I've been waiting for a second hand pair to come by. Waiting for something like 12 years that is ;P So thank you so much Tinde for pointing these out for me, I'm so happy <3 They will look gorgeous with the scale mail corset I'm working on!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Slinky Chinese Gown

I first saw this dress at a Facebook flea market, but was too slow to buy it. The lady selling it was super nice and told me she got the gown off eBay and pointed me to the seller. I've been meaning to try out some super cheap Chinese gown that might work for photoshoots. My problem was that often the pictures are not of the actual garment, so it's hard to know what you will eventually get.

Just to compare, you can see the sellers pictures here. The dress that arrived has roughly the same cut but without the padded shoulders, but it's make of very thin, stretchy, soft fabric, not a stiff fabric like the gown in the pictures.

I kinda expected this, and luckily I was looking for a cheap photoshoot gown, because I don't think I'd ever wear the dress outside, the fabric looks too cheap and it wants to fall off my shoulders constantly, which is kind of a problem since the low cut neckline allows for no bra ;D But it's nice enough to take photos with, so just what I wanted and I think the 15 euros or so is a good price for a long gown that looks okay in pictures.

There's a small train in the back and a slit in the front. I paired the gown with a shaggy faux fur jacket. It's supposed to be pink, but looks more beige. It's a nice colour on photos but not something I would normally wear. For the shoes I probably should have gone for regular heels, not ankle boots, so my legs would look longer. The belt helps to keep the gown in place.

My hair looks a bit tangled, I just got back from my pole dancing class and just put on some lipstick and liner to try out how the dress looks on camera ;D I had a long break in the dance lessons when I was first ill and then lazy/busy, but now I've been going regularly. Makes my muscles super sore after a long time of no dancing, but it's oddly rewarding!

How do you like the gown? Of the whole outfit the jacket and the necklace are the only things I bought new, and they were on discount (I think the 7,50 euro jacket is a great find!). Everything else is second hand!

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