Monday, 20 October 2014

Samhain is Soon!

I'm getting ready to celebrate Samhain! Like on a few previous years, I'm organizing a goth club with a Samhain/Halloween theme and a costume competition. Last year I made my costume early because I came across a nice and cheap second hand wedding dress. This year I'm pretty late, I just got to know I'm going on a business trip on Thursday and returning on Friday, so I don't have many nights before the party on Saturday.

If you are hanging around Tampere on Saturday, come and party with us! There's great prizes for the competition and you can also win in a raffle just by voting for your favourite costume, so everyone can win. Here's a link to the Facebook event Club Underworld and Bella Morte Release the Bats III!

I originally planned this costume for the Fetish Factory event, but I couldn't go when I got sick. Good thing there's many possible events to wear costumes at! Here's a few snaps of my steampunk themed outfit.

I'm using the bustle skirt I got from Fan + Friend a while ago, but wanted to make it look a bit different. The brown overskirt used to be a wraparound skirt, but I took it apart and sewed it to have pleating in the back and strings for tying in the front. I'm planning to gather it up to get the bustle even bigger, in the pictures it's still just hanging loose.

When finished it will gathered a bit like this! The shirt is from a second hand shop, the harness and sleeve are from Fantasmagoria and the corset is a dramatic points corset from Draculacorsets. I was planning to wear it as underwear, but the shirt didn't have enough fabric in the back to sit nicely on the bustle, so this way it had to be.

Details of the Fantasmagoria sleeve, it has a cool high collar!

And my tired face when trying on the outfit ;D

These thingies are going to become a head dress for the outfit! My other half wanted to make one, I'm quite exited!
I'm really happy with the outfit so far, it might be a little bit hot to wear, but it's still otherwise easy and looks surprisingly good. The only things I bought for it were the skirt and the shirt, and both were discounted second hand garments. I also got to try out my new sewing machine which works like magic after I'm used to fighting with the old one that was so worn down it hardly worked. It's so pleasant to work with good equipment, I should do it more often!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Horn Project

I came across some very nice looking plastic costume horns and decided to buy a few pairs to re-paint them. They were originally glossy with a sloppy red finish on a black base. My other half did the matte black base paint and I'm planning to add some purple and maybe a pearlescent finish or some glitter. The horns looked so nice even after just the base coat that I wanted to take some pictures with them!

The horns have a very nice shape and the texture on them looks good and is an easy surface to paint on. I really like their curve, they look realistic but are still so compact that I don't have to worry about getting stuck on doorways or poking people.

The horns came with a clear silicone ribbon to secure them on your head. I think I have to ditch it and go for a coated rubber band or a headband, since the silicone has so little stretch that the horns seems to slide around a lot. It might just be the fact that the silicone would get a better grip if it didn't have to sit on the shaved side of my head, since it does stay in place under my hair.

What do you guys think? Glitter, shimmer or are they best just as they are now?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tattoo Post with Bones, Lilies and Lace!

When the tattoo artist who worked on my sleeve asked if I had any good pictures of the finished work, I realised I had not really taken any pics after the background of the moth in my upper inner arm was finished. Here's a few snaps finally in the fading autumn light!

The upper arm and shoulder were done in by a different artist 2012, here's my post of that part of the tattoo.

This post has pictures of the forearm finished, but inner upper arm still bare.

And here you can see the upper arm still missing the background color and lace.

The 2012 parts were done by Hexa at Precious Tattoo and the new parts from this year by Tomppa at Halo Tattoo. I really enjoyed these latest sessions, Halo is a great place with a really relaxed atmosphere and Tomppa has just the sort of style I like! Also he really knows how to do lace, I'm very impressed with the technique.

Roses, lilies and lace. I love the ending the lace has at the wrist, the tattoo artist Tomppa
draw it free-hand right on my skin and it was just perfect right from the start.

You can see here that the flower patterns in the lace are actually not
pure black, they have a little texture that mimics they way thread would
look on actual lace fabric. Also the screaming cat skull, my cats are
very vocal so it's perfect!

The moth shows best from the backside. It's in an ornamental frame with
a deep purple background. The purple might need a little touching up,
but I've been too busy to worry about it much.

Backside of the arm. I really like the lace next to the moth in the frame, it's so
realistic and works very well in tying together the whole tattoo.

Raven skull with a lily.

Moth and lace.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Reverse French Manicure Nails and How To

I saw a wonderful nail polish style in Miss von Xtravaganz's blog and wanted to try it out with different colours. While she had a glamorous matte black and shimmery gold tones, I did mine with a deep, dark purple and bright turquoise.

H&M Capri Breeze on the bottom, Opi Ink on top.
I used Opi Ink, a gorgeous shimmery purple for the main color and bright Capri Breeze by H&M for the accent.

Here's how to do the look:

1. Choose your colors. I recommend having shades of the same depth or using the lighter one as the accent color to achieve a harmonious look.

2. Grab the accent color and apply it on clean, dry nails or on top of your favourite base coat. Paint right next to the cuticles and allow the polish to fade out towards the tip. Paint very thin layers and apply three or four, until you are satisfied with the colour right next to the cuticles. Allow to dry.

3. Take your main colour. Apply it on the nail by first putting the brush down in the center of the nails and carefully pushing it towards the cuticle until the distance is as you want the polish to be situated. By pushing the polish rather than brushing it you can control where it ends better. Don't worry if your cuticle line accent isn't perfect with the first coat of the main color, you can do little modifications with the later layers.

I did two layers of Opi Ink, but you should add until your shade looks as you want it to. If you still want to fix the cuticle line, take a small brush and dip it in the main color and fix the lines carefully with the brush quite dry to avoid accidents.

4. Add a thick top coat to hide any fixes or little irregularities on the nail surface. There can be some due to so many layers of polish. I use Seche Vite top coat which is great for smoothing the surface. With Seche Vite you should allow the surface to dry a few minutes to avoid the polish shrinking.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania Review

A while ago I ordered two Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream's from Cherry Culture. I got Copenhagen, a dark wine red, and this one Transylvania. Transylvania is a very dark purple-ish red. It's the darkest shade in the selection.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania

The color itself is gorgeous, but as you can see in my picture, it's hard to get evenly on the lips. This was my third attempt to take decent photos and even then you can see a weird dark line on the upper lip, right where the colour ended up from the lower lip when I smacked my lips. I've never been able to put on Transylvania without it going blotchy. The effect is a lot less obvious IRL, the camera pics up every tiny imperfection, but some blotchiness is visible.

The problem is that while one, thin layer is easy to apply, it's not nearly as dark as the shade could be, which for me was a disappointment. It's also nowhere near the site swatches with just one thin coat. Even if you let it dry thoroughly, the lower layer will melt when you apply the second layer.

For best results, apply a thin layer as evenly as you can, let dry for ten minutes, then pat another layer on. If it looks blotchy, don't try to fix any spot, you'll just end up wiping the lip cream off. Press your lips gently together and then let dry with your mouth open. Sounds tricky? It is! But Transylvania is such a pretty shade I think it's occasionally worth it :)

If you want to use Transylvania but don't have twenty minutes to spare on applying it, try it as an ombre with another shade. Copenhagen works very well for this, here's a link to my Copenhagen and Transylvania omber lips! The blotchiness does not show when there's another shade as a base.

Here's Transylvania with IsaDora Purple Prune nail polish. IRL they match pretty closely!


+Large selection of shades
+Very comfortable to wear for a long lasting product
+Easy to apply with the doe foot applicator it comes with
+Can be layered for a darker look
+Only minimal smudging
+Very long lasting


-Takes some time to set
-Hard to apply evenly when layering if lower layer isn't totally dry
-Availability, Nyx is not sold in Finland to my knowledge
-Transylvania is really tricky to apply, it wants to go on blotchy. Copenhagen does not have this problem

Friday, 10 October 2014

Island Chic Fabulous Look

Inspired by Luna's gorgeous look, I shopped at Glamour Doll Eyes. I had a few samples by them that I had bought years ago, but other than that the company was new to me. Here's a look done with two of their eyeshadows, which sadly look like just one shade because I blended them so much ;D

I used:

Glamour Doll Eyes - Fabulous! (medium turquoise with slight shimmer, on the lid)
Glamour Doll Eyes - Island Chic (dark turquioise with a hint of shimmer, in the crease and blended up, on lower lid)
IsaDora - Highlands palette light champagne shade (in the inner corner)
Mac Fluidline - Blacktrack (black get liner, on upper lash line and waterline)
IsaDora Volume & Curl mascara

Thursday, 9 October 2014

IsaDora Purple Prune Nail Polish

I pondered long on buying this nail polish, but now I'm happy that I did! It's by IsaDora and called Purple Prune. It's a very autumn-y shade, a dark purple. I was afraid that it would be too close to something I had but luckily Purple Prune is unique in my collection. It's a dark purple with a slightly brown undertone and muted shimmer. In natural light (as in the pictures) it leans to purple, but in artificial light the brown tone comes out and the polish has a wine red hint to it.

The shade is very easy to wear and works with many other colours, adapting to them by looking more purple or brown. I like IsaDora's formula, the polish is easy to apply and dries in a reasonable time. I apply Seche Vite top coat when the polish has dried to plump it up a bit, my nails have a natural texture that shows through a bit otherwise.

Oh and that pretzel? My friend Nina brought me the most awesome nail stickers form Germany: Essence Oktoberfest collection stickers! What a great country Germany is to have make-up collections that have an Oktoberfest theme ;D And the shade goes so well with the polish!

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