Monday, 30 April 2012

Flea Market Finds

I visited a flea market yesterday and spent a total of 8,50 euros on some great finds.

Skirt, 2,50 euros. It's black and high-waisted and has loops for a belt.
None of mine fit, they were all too wide, but maybe next time I'll find a suitable one!

A blurry pic of all the other stuff I bought: red glitter, WoW trading card game
cards, red flocked picture frame and Roller Coaster Tycoon game. I usually
pick up old games I find if they still have the manual and/or some extras
the game came with. Roller Coaster Tycoon is from 1999. The box had a tear, but
manual was intact and it also had an expansion pack tucked in the box with its
own manual. And it cost only one euro.

The glitter is for a nailpolish project, I'm having trouble finding
different sizes of glitter but this one looked nice. It was 2,50 euros.
The cards are from the World of Warcraft trading card game, I just quickly
checked that the pile had at least a few rare cards and one foil, so 0,50 euros
wouldn't be too steep for it. They turned out to be from a special all-foil edition,
really fancy! And also a few very useful cards for my hunter deck.
I picked up the frame because I thought it would go well with our sofa and armchairs,
and it did! The picture is of me when I was 16 or 17, I loaned a cool goat skull from school and
took pictures with it. The frame was 2 euros.

I also stopped by the marketplace and couldn't resist the red roses one stall was selling.
I had gotten the white lilies earlier and just added the roses in the same vase.
(The only vase the cats can't topple)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Curls and Crafts

I gave in and bought the Remington Pearl Wand, because I had read so many positive reviews of it and I dream of having curly hair. I'm just too lazy for all the fuss with traditional curlers, I own two (used to have three) but rarely use them. The wand is quick and easy, and it seems like the curls hold really well. In this pic the curls have been done the day before, slept in, and just brushed in the morning.

Last night we had a girls' craft night, I was working on some jewellery, other participants made necklaces, earrings, painted a t-shirt, put together parts of a cut-out Unseen University and made doll clothing. I made pendants with glitter and cabochons, and tweaked some old resin pendants I had lying around. Some are for my self, some I'll sell. I also got to try shrink plastic, it was great, I have to get my hands on some more! We had a great time, listened to Scary Bitches, ate cookies and then went out for a few glasses of sangria (and had to listen to karaoke, but we survived!).

Bambi on black glitter! I'm wearing it for a while to see if it falls apart,
I haven't done anything in this style before.

Tons of jewellery!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Outfit of the Day

This is what I wore yesterday! The shirt and belt are second hand finds, I have far too few classy basic shirts in my closet, but a fair amount of belts since I like dresses and they are easily complimented by different belts.

Shirt - Second hand (I think it's originally from H&M but I'm not sure)
Belt - Second hand (Pieces)
Skirt - Seppälä
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, 27 April 2012

Book of the Dead Look

This is my look from yesterday, I wanted to use Book of the Dead by Fyrinnae which I got a while ago, so I picked other colours to go with it. Book of the Dead is a gorgeous golden colour with small blue and teal glitter. I'm bummed that I didn't remember to take an outfit photo, I wore a shirt my mom brought me from New York, it has a glittery spider on it. It's bling and goth at the same time ;P

I used:

Fyrinnae Book of the Dead (on the lid
Fyrinnae Damn Paladins (inner part of lids)
Concrete Minerals Doe-eyed (crease, blended up)

Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13
Evil Shades Matte Silk powder
Elf blush in Glow

Gosh lipstain in 003 Berry

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I Love my Ikea Frame!

Last time I went to Ikea, I got the Ung Drill picture frame that I had been drooling over for years. I still don't know where to hang it in the apartment, but while figuring it out, I took some pictures with it. I was alone so I used the camera with a remote, and since my hands were busy with the frame, I pressed the remote button with my foot ;P Still, got surprisingly good photos! I'll be working on them later on, so here's one just for a sneak peek. Enjoy, I'm off to have a beer!

I'm wearing
Fyrinnae Book of the Dead
Fyrinnae Damn Paladins
Concrete Minerals Doe-eyed
Sugarpill Taco
Evil Shades Roué lipstick (on top of Gosh lipstain in 003 Berry)
H&M nailpolish in Bella's Choice
A second hand shirt
A second hand belt
Hair band from Glitter
Necklace by me

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vixen Look

Today I wanted a purple smokey eye, so I tried one of the Darling Girl Cosmetics' samples I have. For some weird reason Vixen went on looking really blue, instead of the dark purple it is (see my swatch here), but it's still very pretty. I think it has to do with me doing the swatches in the darkest winter without natural light. I also tried doing the whole eye make-up with only a blending brush and it worked really nice, it was easy to do the smokey effect.

I'm wearing:

Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13
Evil Shades Matte Silk powder
Lumene Sweet Blush
Darling Girl Cosmetics Vixen
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Bulletproof (on the brows)

My hair is a mess but you can see how blue it looks on my skin.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Siouxsie Sioux Drawing

The Ladies in Black Facebook group is having a Siouxsie Sioux theme, and since it's too boring to take photos of cd's and I don't think I could pull off Siouxsie style make-up, I decided to draw a picture of her because I had so many empty frames and I haven't drawn anything in a while.

So here it is! I kinda noticed half way through the drawing that I've framed it so that I either have to draw a shirt on her or put some boobies in there, and I didn't feel like either, so instead I added a raven to fill the space ;P I suck at drawing birds so it was good practice. I also found my boyfriends nearly untouched graphite pencil set and was overjoyed, since I had one a long time ago but have lost all the pencils and I loved it. Luckily he let me borrow his pens.

I used this picture as reference, but didn't like the hair so I drew it different. The face didn't end up looking that much like Siouxsie, but who cares, I still had fun ;)

Siouxsie and the raven.

Siouxsie and the raven framed. It was super hard to get a decent picture,
on hindsight I might have done better if I had just taken the glass off for a while.
Live and learn!

Brine and Fabulous Look

I wanted to use Brine from Detrivore Cosmetics, so I paired it with a lighter version of colour and did a simple look. Today I booked a time for the hairdresser to get my locks in order, haven't had my hair professionally coloured in many, many years. I'm hoping she can do something about the fact that the top layers of my hair fade a lot faster than the bottom ones.

I've been quite busy with everything, studies and work and all, but I hope I'll get back to the once a day update schedule :) I took some outfit pics yesterday, but forgot I tweaked the tripod a bit, resulting in my shoes being cut off in every single pic.

I used:

Detrivore Brine (lid and crease, blended up)
Glamour Doll Eyes Fabulous! (inner part of lid)
Sugarpill Tako (inner corners of eyes and brow bone)
Lumene Sweet Blush
Gosh lipstain 003 Berry
Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13

Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea :)

Got a fancy Hipstamatic effect by taking the pic with curtains closed,
they gave a slight purple sheen to the whole room.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nails: Bella's Choice

I went to check out the renovated H&M store here in Tampere and just couldn't resist this nail polish. I've been looking at Essie polishes, since they have such pretty bright mints and pinks, but they are so expensive that I've skipped them. But this one looked like a close match to one of the Essies I had been drooling over and since H&M polishes only cost 3,95 euro, I decided to give it a go.

It's called Bella's Choice and here I have two coats on, and it's opaque. I felt like it dried fast (or I didn't notice the time while playing Dragon Age) and hasn't worn out at all in two days. It's slightly less bright than in my picture, but really stands out. I can't say if it's a mint or a turquoise, it's in between but leans a bit more to blue than green.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Detrivore Cosmetics Review

I placed and order with Detrivore Cosmetics in February and have been using the colours ever since. I ordered eyeshadow samples, a powder sample and three perfume samples. The order arrived fast and I like the eyeshadow formula very much, it's easy to blend and has staying power (not on it's own, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion).

I ordered 12 eyeshadow samples and a powder sample in baggies.

And put them into pots myself and just took the stickers from the baggies :)

Livor Mortis









Death Valley



Crypt, Vulture, Faithless, Macabre, Dagon and Livor Mortis

Crypt - A black base with green shimmer and gold  glitter . Very complex.
Vulture - Matte mid brown base with multicoloured glitter.
Faithless - Dark pink base with pink glitter.
Macabre - Matte warm pink base with a small amount of multicoloured glitter.
Dagon - A matte pinkish lilac with a hint of pink glitter.
Livor Mortis - A black base with red shimmer and glitter. Much like Crypt, only red.

Sacrilege, Brine, Arachnid, Death Valley, Tarantula and Wraith
Sacrilege - A matte light brown with a hint of glitter.
Brine - A bold teal with some matching glitter.
Arachnid - A light warm pink with champagne glitter.
Death Valley - A bright dark pink, matte with a little amount of glitter.
Tarantula - An orangey brown with golden glitter.
Wraith - A warm dark brown with some golden glitter.

Aren't they cute? Three perfume samples: Kali, The King in Yellow and Ripper
I chose three perfume samples. I was expecting musky, earthy scents based on the names, but all were quite light and flowery. Kali smells mostly of orchid, the King in Yellow has citrus and orange, and Ripper is mostly lily of valley to my nose. Light, floral scents that remind me of soap. Not what I expected and not really my kind of scents, but they are very nice if you are looking for fresh, light, flowery spring-like scents.

I also had a sample of Pallor Mortis powder but I used it up already, so no pictures. It's a transparent loose powder and worked really well on my skin on top of foundation. I'm still staying with my Evil Shades Matte Silk, but Pallor Mortis seemed very similar.

Overall I was very happy with the order. The sample sizes are very generous and the shadow formula is great. The perfumes weren't really for me, but that's why there are samples! Everything was packed well and shipped fast.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Outfit of the Day

Today I wore a fake leather top that I bought in January, but didn't just remember I had it ;P It's black with worn edges that have silver on them. It has lacing in the back (which I forgot to take a photo of) and is very comfy.

Shirt - Second hand
Top - Morticia
Skirt - Gina Tricot
Pantyhose - Seppälä
Shoes - Spirit Store

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Updating My Vanity

When we moved in to this apartment about a year ago, I insisted on getting a vanity, because I couldn't fit one in my previous one room apartment. So we got a mirror, a wall shelf and some Ikea drawer units. I wanted a big and ornate mirror and fancy drawers, but since we were on a budget, I chose the cheapest drawer units, a discount wall shelf and a smaller mirror with no frames. And for the chair I used a stool found in the garbage ;P

Everything is still in use (the stool is the kitties favourite place in the hallway and the mirror is getting frames) but I've slowly updated parts of the vanity and now I finally got new drawer units! I'm super happy with them, my main problem was storing my brushes on the table so that they always had some cat hair on them (it just floats around!) and that the cheap drawers looked ugly because everything showed through their wire sides.

But now I have two brand new Helmer units and could even get rid of the ugly little plastic drawer thingie which used to hold all my eyeshadows. Everything fits better, is easy to reach and looks so neat!

The old drawer units and tons of stuff on the table.
Sorry about the laundry and beer cans in the background ;P

The new neat drawer units and less stuff on the table!

I arrange my eyeshadows by colour, here are the whites, blacks, red/orange/yellow,
greens, light pinks, teals, blues and dark pinks.

Browns/taupes and purples, with some brushes and eyeshadow primers.

Blushes, small brushes and large brushes.

How do you store your make-up? Any handy tips?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Yellow Polar Bears?

I wanted to try out my new Fyrinnae colours, so I did a look with three of them today. I was a bit surprised that Polar Bear was so yellowish on my skin, I hardly ever wear yellow and was expecting it to be much lighter and just have a golden sheen, but in the end it worked fine. The BB-cream is also new, as my MAC foundation seems to be a bit too dark for me this time of year. I'll do a review when I've used it for some time. It was so nice and sunny outside I even wore hotpants! Although with thick stockings ;)

Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13
Detrivore Pallor Mortis powder
Lumene Sweet Blush

Fyrinnae Polar Bear
Fyrinnae Platinum
Fyrinnae Bastet
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack

I was too lazy to take the camera off the tripod after taking outfit
pictures, so the angle is a bit weird.

Body - Second hand
Hotpants - Second hand
Shoes - New Rock
(Tail by Möttönen)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just Pictures

I've been a bit busy with work, studies and The Sims 3: Pets ;P That's why I decided to post some pictures I've taken previously. Some are by my boyfriend, he likes to take pictures of cats, too.

Mörkö looking away.

Me looking the other way, with a quick up-do and my sparrow skull earrings.

Möttönen and Nivek enjoying the sun.

Mü looking suspicious.

The orchid and I.

A sleepy Möttönen.

Nivek telling what he thinks about being photographed ;)

Möttönen making sure her legs won't run away while she's sleeping.

Pic from my shabby party look.

Mör looking at the ceiling, with some dishes and my vanity in the background.

This is from the wedding fair a few months ago, a stall selling decorations and had pretty crystals on display.

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