Sunday, 28 April 2013

Some Home Pictures

I've been having such a busy week! I have one last course to pass this semester and it has proven to be really cumbersome, tons of work for just a few credits. It's also been hectic at the office, and we are having a house warming party next Tuesday, so the preparations take time too.

I took a few pictures of our apartment since we've been trying to find all place for all the stuff and fixing a few last things, like taking off the bedroom double doors and putting up curtains instead. So yesterday was an Ikea day ;P I love Ikea, I had a tiny hotdog and found some gorgeous straws for the house warming party!

But on to the pictures!

First the bedroom curtains. I'm so happy with them! The fabric is thick and easy to iron,
and it doesn't seem to suck in cat hair. Victory! My other half chose the curtain rod, it's

Deer horns and a mirror still waiting to be put on the wall.

Stuff to swatch on my desk.

Nana and Nivek napping on top of the aquarium. Nana immediately took the
white circle scarf as her own when I just casually put it on the aquarium hood for
a few minutes.

I got a venus flytrap from Ikea. I hope it survives, the kitties seem to think
it's delicious.

A new nailbrush from Tiger. It look cool on the sink.

The black sink is so pretty, but a real bitch to clean. Any tips?

Some stuff on the wall behind my work desk.

A watercolour piece by me and the horns and mirror.

Möttönen holding on to her foot while sleeping.

Möttönen yawning.

A collage of kitty pictures (and one template since I accidentally ordred too few
portrait prints ;P)

The living room wallpaper.

Thing I've got for the party!

I like Oscar Wilde.

The bedroom window sill.

What the curtain rod's end are like. Super pretty!

The living room window sill.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Console Television and Newb Look

Here's what I wore today! It's rainy and grey, but I wanted to put on nice make-up anyway. I opted for bright lips and neutral eyes. I'm eagerly waiting for Wave Gotik Treffen already, today I booked an appointment with my favourite hairdresser to get my locks looking good before the trip.

I used:
Fyrinnae Console Television (medium taupe, in the crease)
Geek Chic Newb (light skin tone, on the lid)
Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in Forever Fuchsia

I didn't get a decent picture with my eye open, but I swear this was the best one ;P

Console Television looks very dark in the pot, but on skin it has a strong
golden sheen which makes it a lot lighter. Sorry for the touch of turquoise
at the lash line, I didn't remember to wipe my lash curlers so they had some
eyeshadow from yesterday's look.

Forever Fuchsia.

These self shots are always cropped very interestingly ;) The lens I use captures
very small area, so it's hard to aim!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Gothmetic Cosmetics

Last week I got an email from the Finnish Gothmetic importer asking if I'd like to try out their products, and I sure did! I had been looking at this line last summer in Germany, but didn't get anything and have been drooling over the pretty packaging ever since. Here's the website for Finnish customers.

They sent me a package with a black mascara, a pencil sharpener and a lip liner in the shade Plum.

The Gothmetic range is mainly black, white, purple and red to suit gothic tastes. The products are wonderfully decorated with ornamental pattern and fleur-de-lis stamps. I especially like the pencil shapener, she black and silver design is very sophisticated.

I tried the mascara briefly, but since it's not waterproof, it's not for me. My eyes are quite sensitive to wind and light (mark of a true goth? ;P) and my eyes tend to water easily, so water soluble mascaras only make a mess. It did make my lashes look nice but further testing will take place once it's less windy and sunny.

I really like the packaging!
I requested the lip liner and was really happy with it. The shade is called plum. The swatch on the site was not very accurate, but I didn't have a nice cool, dark pink liner I decided to give it a go. The end of the pencil is painted to represent the liner shade, but on my pencil it looks very different from the actual product. The paint is brown-ish wine red, but the actual liner looks like this:

Gothmetic lipliner in Plum. Taken in natural light, no editing.
It's a cool dark pink and seems to fit my many purple lipsticks quite well. The texture is a bit on the dry side, when I coloured my whole lips with it the colour "rolled" a bit, meaning it made little colour clumps that didn't want to blend in. I got rid of the clumps by gently rubbing my lips with my finger, making the liner melt better. This only occurred when colouring whole lips, when traditionally lining, it worked perfectly. The liner is soft and therefore very comfortable to use.

Gothmetic lipliner in Plum, coloured on whole lips.

And another shot!
After taking pictures of the liner, I applied clear gloss on top. This made the liner melt and spread more evenly on my lips. After an hour the liner had slightly feathered, but I think that was my fault for painting the gloss all the way to the edge of the liner, leaving a small gap would possibly have prevented bleeding.

Gothmetic lipliner in Plum with transparent gloss on top.

And again!

All in all I'm very happy with the liner. It's not the greatest I've ever used, but it does what it promises and looks damn good while doing it! The mascara formula is nice and easy to apply and the sharpener works like it's supposed to.

The eyeshadows also looked interesting and the liquid liners are just gorgeous, so if you are in need of some beautiful things to fill your make-up bag, have a look at the site :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sloth Snuggles and Newb Look

Here, once more, is a look with a Fyrinnae shadow. I just can't help myself! This is the second last one from my last order, but luckily a new one should be arriving soon ;)

This is Sloth Snuggles for Fyrinnae (a medium taupe, in the crease) and Newb by Geek Chic Cosmetics (skin tone shadow, on the lid).

Monday, 15 April 2013

Fyrinnae Diabolic Masquerade Review

With my last order I also bought two Lip Lustre samples. I'm usually not a big fan of liquid lipstick, since it needs to be re-applied so often, but I was interested in this colour. It's called Diabolic Masquerade and described as "Dark, vampy, and perfect if you're tempted by black lipcolours, but don't want the harshness or grey tones. Diabolic Masquerade is black, but enhanced with subtle glowing red shimmer to offset the darkness."

Fyrinnae suggests it the medium and dark skintones, but I think it works fine with my pale skin, too. The shade looks a lot more black IRL, the camera picked up the shimmer very well. It's not black and looks rather like dark brown on a quick glance. I suggest using a lip liner with this shade, it does bleed a little.

+ dark but with shimmer, quite unique
+ a good alternative for black lips, if you don't want opaque colour
+ nice texture
+ doe-foot applicator is precise and easy to handle

- not opaque, this means hard to get even on light lips
- not very long lasting (about 1,5 hours on my lips)
- the shimmer does not show very well in artificial light

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fyrinnae Browns Look

One more, I promise I'll wear something else than Fyrinnae soon ;P Here I'm wearing Serendipity, a medium taupe with red sheen, and Fire Opal, a dark coppery brown as the crease colour.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mephisto Look

I'm totally into my new Fyrinnae shadows! This is Mephisto. It's described as "a deep royal blue with a vibrant metallic red sheen that's quite striking when the light hits it". It looks purple in the pot and I'd say the sheen is very alike to copper on the skin. As the sheen and the base colour melt together, the shade looks purpley. Very complex and pretty!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Witchy Woodland Creatures Look

Here's another day look! I received my Fyrinnae order last week and have been playing with the shadows since. They make such great stuff, everything I have is very usable and feel unique and complex. Thanks to Mandy from Prettymaking for writing a post of her most used Fyrinnae shadows and thus directing me to purchase this little gem!

This is Witchy Woodland Creatures on the lid and crease, and a touch of Geek Chic Newb (a satin skintone shadow) on the inner corners. On my lips I have Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in Forever Berry.

Fyrinnae Witchy Woodland Creatures

Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in Forever Berry

It was so bright I had a hard time keeping my eyes open in the morning light ;P

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Days Off Are Great

I have two days off, so I'm lounging at home and planning all the stuff I could do ;P I might just end up in the sushi buffet once again. It's great to have a little vacation! The game I'd been working on for about a year and a half was published a little over a week ago and things have been quite busy at the office since. It's so good to have a little break and then go back next week full of ideas for the next project. Here's a link to Cities in Motion 2 on Steam, if anyone is interested, I'm so proud to finally have the game out :)

Here's a picture from last Sunday to brighten your day! That's me in my glasses, cursing the snow storm that made it snow for two days, ruining the spring that had gotten on quite well. Now it's sunny and nice again, but it was total bummer to have to dig up my winter shoes again to handle the slippery ice the snow formed.

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