Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pastel Demon Nails

Pastel polka dot nails for the pastel demon! Naturally I needed matching nails for my lavender outfit, so luckily Anniina had just the perfect polishes. I rarely wear light polishes, so I didn't have anything that would match, so this was perfect! There's an opaque lavender base with a shimmery topcoat, and dots in pure white on top. I made the dots differ in size, so I wouldn't have to concentrate on making matching patterns on each nail. Simple but works for this outfit!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Petrol and Glitter

For the second day of Lumous, I wore my new latex dress. I had thought of commissioning a new dress, but when Tiina Rikala posted that she was ordering special latex from Yummy Gummy, I knew I wanted some. Galaxy latex, glitter latex, colour change latex... all their products looked wonderful! In the end I settled on a colour changing glitter latex and a hi-lo hem dress pattern.

As always, Tiina did an excellent job! The dress has tiny sleeves, a reinforced waistband for extra slim silhouette, cups and the most wonderful hem ever (which I forgot to take a picture of)

The colour changing glitter latex is simply to die for. In natural, cool light it's more petrol and leans towards purple under more yellow indoor lights. It looks metallic and the glitter shows very well when the dress is polished. Tiina made me a matching hair flower too, which was just what the outfit needed!

And as I'm a sucker for all things petrol, I did my make up with the same shade and even had a matching lipstick ready. The hair is just straightened to keep things nice and simple. I happened to have Jeffrey Campbell sandals with an oil slick finish in my closet, so those were a natural match to this dress.

The dress is quite heavy, but because it's made for me, it fits like a glove and is effortless to wear. I like the feel of latex, and the usual problem of having a wide hem go every which way when it's windy is eliminated as the latex is too heavy to fly in the wind. I'm so happy with this dress!

I've scheduled a photoshoot to get better full body pictures of the dress, but it will take a few weeks until it happens. Meanwhile this is the only full body shot, taken by Tomi Vitikainen Photography at Lumous. Take a look at his other pictures, they capture the atmosphere of the festival.

Photo by Tomi Vitikainen Photography

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Little Demon(s)

I have once again survived Lumous Gothic Festival! Days of drinking, eating, friends, dressing up and great music, whew! I'm tired but happy. I managed to get a few outfit pictures so I could show you the lovely dress I made.

My friend Kerttu had an awesome idea to dress up as a pink pastel demon, and I asked if I could join in. We had third friend also join in and decided each one should have their own colour. I was lavender, Kerttu was pink and Anniina was mint. Luckily my fellow demons are trained seamstresses, so I got help in drawing the pattern for my dress, and lots of great tips on sewing. After going through tons of lavender fabrics on eBay, I settled on a cute polka dot pattern. I didn't have time to test the pattern, so the top part doesn't fit perfectly, but the hem is gorgeous and I'm so proud of the first ever puffed sleeves I have sewn ;D

Horns - eBay, customized (thanks to Anniina for painting them!)
Wig - eBay
Hair flowers and other ornaments - DIY
Dress - Sewn by me
Heels - eBay

So everything lavender and then some white lace, ribbons and flowers on top! I had planned to wear lacy socks with the cute heels, but they were so tight that that was out of the question. I had no necklace, so some ribbon left over from sewing a little purse of the same fabric worked fine. None of the lavenders seem to match, which is always the problem when shopping for colured items online, but the different shades look quite nice together!

I think I'll re-do the pattern for the top part of the dress, but the hem works very well even now. So whenever in the future I'll need a flared hem, I'll go for this pattern. I'm wearing two "one-size-fits-all" Chinese cheap petticoats under the dress to give it some poof. The next problem will be where can I store those fluffy monsters, they are huge ;D

This is me and Kerttu. Anniina had to get to the venue early, but we agreed
to take more photos at a later date and with a nicer background.

I haven't done many sewing projects lately, and I have to agree I was ready to throw the sewing machine and the dress out of the window when the top just wouldn't fit, but I'm happy with the end result. The fabric has no stretch at all, making it a bit challenging to sew. The top part is made of doubled fabric, as the lavender was a tiny bit sheer, so I layered it with plain white cotton. By the way, Ikea has by far the cheapest black and white cotton if you ever need some! Perfect for underskirts and petticoats, or if you need to do a draft of a pattern. 

I have fabric set aside for at least four other dresses I'm planning, but I want to first take decent shots of the ones I already have. And play some Pokemon Go, that takes some time too ;P

Monday, 4 July 2016

Outfit of the Day

My other half was so nice he stayed up to get a Black Milk dress for me when the Hot Little Goths collection came out. What could be better than doing a favor for your spouse and playing Stellaris all night long? ;D But this altruism is what made it possible for me to own this lovely piece! The dress is the Ouija Board Black vs. Mermaid Bones inside out dress, worn with Mermaid Bones on the outside. I love the cut of the inside out dresses and the versatility. I travel quite often, so having two dresses in one is great! This is my third inside out dress and I use all of them quite often.

I paired the dress with faux garter pantyhose and pulled my hair back. It ended up being a very hot day, so I could have done without the pantyhose, but it looks very nice with the skirt. The sandals are from last summer, but I only last weekend stretched them out enough to make them comfortable to wear. I waited and waited for them to naturally stretch, but ended up using a hairdryer to heat the leather up to speed up the process. Simple, easy and the results are good!

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