Friday, 31 May 2013

Concrete Minerals, Femme Fatale and Fyrinnae Swatches

More swatches! This time the shadows are purchased from Femme Fatale and Fyrinnae.

Concrete Minerals Unity, Fyrinnae Shinigami, Fyrinnae Tapir and Fyrinnae Wicked.

Femme Fatale - Faerie Fire. This is a very light pinkish lavender with a strong green sheen. The shift is greener and more obvious on a dark base and turns into light and gold-toned when on light skin. I like to use this eyeshadow to dust on darker shadows to give then a gorgeous green shift.

Fyrinnae - Parental Advisory. Despite the very blue apperance in the picture, this shade actually is purple. It's blue-based and looks very blue from some angles, but it's a dark purple with a hint of a pink sheen.


Fyrinnae - Wicked. This is an interesting shade, it has a reddish plum purple base with a strong blue shift. In the pot in looks almost grey when the blue and plum mix, but on skin it's a very dark purple with a noticeable blue sheen on top.

Fyrinnae - Tapir. This one is from the endangered animals collection, I think. It's a matte plum purple, very warm and reddish, going close to brown.

 Fyrinnae - Shinigami. This is one of those shadows that look boring in the pot but come to life on skin! A cool, dark purple base with multicoloured microglitter is really unique and very pretty.

Concrete Minerals - Unity. A light purple with some subtle silver glitter. Very usable and goes with many pinks!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Outfit of the Day

Today was really hot, every day the weather forecast has promised rain for the next day, but in the morning that has been changed to sunny. Well, I don't mind, I like warmth! The lighting is a bit weird in the pictures, I think the sunlight is reflected off the white floor and thus creates a gradient with the top of the picture being darker.

Nana participates!

Top - Tally Weijl
(Bra - H&M, the top is so sheer it shows my carefully chosen black glittery bra)
Belt - Spirit Store
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - eBay (UK)

This one is just to show the cute ruffles in the back!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fyrinnae 1960's Retro Collection Swatches

I recently ordered a few eyeshadow of Fyrinnae's new 60's retro collection. Here are finally some swatches!

(Femme Fatale Frostfire peeking) Polyester Witch, Gender Bent, and Bollywood Babe

Bollywood Babe is a warm medium pink with some golden microglitter. Very stunning in person, but the camera doesn't capture it well. It's not super glittery, but has visible shimmer. The golden glitter gives the shade a peachy tone.

Gender Bent is an awesome turquoise! It's very, very close to Fyrinnae Pteranodon, but where Pteranodon has some silver shimmer, Gender Bent boasts golden microglitter. 

Polyester Witch is a medium purple with silver glitter. It's fairly neutral and a bit lighter than in my pictures. It's a very close match to Concrete Minerals Unity, which I also like.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Outfit of the Day

Today I had some challenges taking the outfit shots, it was so windy!

Dress - Iron Fist (my other half bought it for me from the Leipzig X-tra-x shop)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
(Tights customized by Möttönen the kitty, she decided to suddenly depart from my lap)

I'm having a super shopping week, I already ordered another pair of Lita shoes (ones with silver rivets on the heels) and won an auction for a gorgeous DeadlyGirlz corset on eBay. And I ordered some colourful fake lashes in anticipation for Lumous Gothic Festival. Can't wait for all those goodies to arrive!

By the way, did you like my old style of doing outfit photos as a collage better than these individual ones?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Le Cimetière au Printemps Jewellery Collection Pictures

I think the new jewellery pictures came out super good, thanks to the 40 mm lens I got in the beginning of the year (or was it December? I forget). So here's a few, just because I'm so pleased!

I'm also quite proud of the collection name, it's "Le Cimetière au Printemps", the cemetary at springtime. I wanted to use candylike pastel colours and silver, to give the jewellery a unified look. So there's baby pink, light blue, even a dash of orange here and there to give the feeling of little flowers awakening in the spring.

Baby pink fleur-de-lis earrings. I just love these cabochons and I think the settings are one of the prettiest I've seen. I used deer horns as a prop to have something from the nature and still reminding of death to set the mood.

Pink lucite cross earrings. I think these look just like candy! I love the kitschy look of the crosses, they are gothic at the same time with the ornamental design.

Cascading Drops earrings.
I had a bag of different plastic tear-drop beads and selected a few sets of colours
that went well together to create these type of earrings. Some of the beads have an
iridescent finish, others are just transparent bright colours.

Ripe Berries earrings. These are wonderfully small and delicate, and I really like
the finish on the beads. They are cloudy, not transparent, but still let some light through.

Purple Sprinkles necklace. This one was made with nail polish and some glitter, I think
the turquoise and lavender shades really go well together! And the hanging bead was such
a good match, too.

Purple cross necklace. This picture was just so nice I wanted to share it! It shows perfectly
how the lucite cross changes colour according to the background. On dark backgrounds, it
is a deep purple, but on light it goes lavender.

Purple Glitter Bat Bow Hair Clip. This one is my favourite! I found a few sheets of glitter foam and decided to make hair clips, since I'm totally into purple, glittery things ;P It's shaped like a bat, but still feminine and delicate enough to pass for a bow when needed. And because everything purple and glittery needs an over-the-top name, it's called "Wings of the Night"!

Pastel Look

This is the look I wore when I went to the hairdressers. I had some extra time so I decided to have some fun with colours! I really like how Don't Teal Me You Love Me blends into Fabby Lala. Suffocation doesn't really show off its blue sheen in these pics, but IRL it's really noticeable.

I used:
ELF purple gel liner (for brows)
Evil Shades Banshee (light turquoise/aqua, on the inner part of the crease)
Darling Girl Don't Teal Me You Love Me (dark purple with a very strong turquoise sheen, in the outer part of the crease)
Evil Shades Suffocation (light pink with a blue sheen, on the lid)
Madd Style Cosmetics Fabby Lala (medium purple, on the lower lid)
Sugarpill Taco (matte white, on brow bone and inner corners)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pastel Baubles

I had conveniently forgotten that I had made a pile of jewellery earlier and just hidden it away in my jewellery supplies box. Well, last night we have a ladies craft evening and I found all the almost finished items and continued to work on them. I'll be adding them to my Etsy store when I have the time to take individual pictures, but here's a little sneak peek!

I had planned this to be a spring collection, since it has light, bright colours, but it's a little late now. I'm not going to care, there's always a new spring coming ;)

Edit: These are now listed! Have a look at my Etsy shop if you are interested :) I'm very glad how the pictures came out, I took them on a window sill using deer horns as a prop.

Manhattan Lips2Last Liquid Lipstick Review

I always like to check out cosmetics in the drugstores when I visit Germany, and this time was not different. One product that I especially like is the Lips2Last liquid lipstick by Manhattan. I originally just tested one on the back of my hand and immediately tested if it wipes off, and it did move. Since I'm always on the hunt for lip products that actually last on lips without retouching, I thought it wasn't for me. But when I got back to the hotel and proceeded to wash off all the swatches, Lips2Last didn't budge, it could only be removed with oil-based make-up remover.

So, the next day I went back to the drugstore and bought the product, tried in on my lips the very same day, and was in awe. The Lips2Last has colour in on end and clear gloss in the other. You put on colour first with a doe foot applicator and let it dry for one minute. If you don't mind the dry feeling, you could leave your lips like this and use it as a matte lipstick. If you want gloss and moisture, add the gloss on top with its own doe-foot applicator. After that you can do whatever you like and your lips will stay looking great!

Taken from the Manhattan page.

I eventually bought four different shades, since I felt 5 euros for this kind of miracle product is a steal! So far I've been wearing two, and both are incredibly opaque, don't stain, don't smudge, don't need lip liner and look just fantastic the whole day. Just have a look:

This is 46T (I have no idea what the letters mean), a dark pink just applied with gloss.

This is the same shade after 9-ish hours of working and shopping, including a sushi lunch. I have only applied lip balm on top, I didn't even have the Lips2Last tube with me.

It does wear off a bit in the center of the lips, but very little and there's no bleeding.
+ Very long lasting, I've gotten as much as twelve hours of wear with no touch-ups.
+ You can use regular lip balm on top
+ 5 euro price tag seems very low for a product performing this well
+ Easy to remove with an oil-based make-up remover (mostly anything meant for waterproof make-up)

- Manhattan seems to be available only in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria
- The colour selection isn't great, most of the shades lean to brown and there are no plum-purples that I love
- Dries out your lips a bit, remember to use lip scrub and put on lip balm for the night after using Lips2Last

I'm very pleased with this product. It does what it promises, and that is to last incredibly long. I don't like lip products that you need to constantly touch up, they are too fussy, but this is a dream come true! Lip stains are awesome, but they are not opaque, but the Lips2Last is totally opaque and lasts at least as long as most stains. I'm planning to do a little experiment and try if I could change the shade with powder pigment. If I could make a black version, or a very dark one, I'd be in heaven!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Outfit of the Day

I saw this poncho in Suski's blog, and she was kind enough to let me know where to get a similar one! Now we can be like twins ;P My local Gina Tricot luckily had a pile of the ponchos, sometimes they change the collections so fast that I miss out on clothes. The poncho is made of flat yarn, so it shows garments under it, and is light to wear. It also moves wonderfully in the wind, I should really do a better photoshoot with it!

Poncho - GinaTricot
Jeans - GinaTricot
(Basic black top - H&M)
Handbag - H&M
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Seems like I'm totally not goth today, everything is from regular clothing shops! My hair is in natural state, I just quickly washed it in the morning and rushed off to work.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

More WGT Pictures

Here are a few pics from Monday, the last day of the Wave Gotik Treffen. We decided to start off by eating lunch at Moritzbastei (the hotel breakfast was only until 10:30, I was too lazy to get up ;P), then checking out the medieval market there, and going to see the Heidnisches Dorf viking village. This naturally meant a lot of Met, or honey wine, as I think it's called in English! 

Just me and my Wikinger Blut! It's honey wine with cherry flavor.
I bravely went to order the Met in German, but had to resort to English after successfully telling what size and which type of Met I wanted, when the lady at the booth still asked me if I wanted mine hot or cold. I understand written German pretty well, but spoken is much harder! But I think I'm better every year, so if I go to WGT every year, maybe when I'm 80 I'll speak perfect German ;D

Outfit of the Day

Bolero - Queen of Darkness
Top - Queen of Darkness
Shorts - Cubus
Boots - New Rock (second hand)
Handbag - Addicted (second hand)

I had planned to stop by the hotel and change my clothes, but in the end there was no time. I felt very underdressed, but who cares, this was a great outfit to dance in! KMFDM and VNV Nation played at Agra in the evening, and we continued back to Moritzbastei to dance the night away (and eat). I'd say KMFDM was the best performance I saw this year, they had an awesome energy!

All in all it was a great festival, once again! I was feeling a bit tired on the first two nights, but I still got to see the bands I wanted and all the performances were great. I found the perfect skirt, and even when I didn't find a pair of New Rocks with wedge heels, I tried which size fits me so I can just order them when I find a style that I like :) The hotel was also great, internet access was included and they served a delicious breakfast! And by chance we got the same hotel and we're just about four rooms down from some friends who live a few blocks away in Tampere. Talk about a coincidence!

This one is from last year! Apparently then I was too lazy to photoshop a piece
of spinach off of my teeth and thus didn't use the picture ;P

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Völkerschlachtdenkmal, what a Word!

Just a quick update before we check out of the hotel and there's no internet anymore! We went to see the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, battle of nations memorial that I've missed previous years. It was HUGE, a big stone monument with statues and a great view from up top.

Me at the denkmal.

Südfriedhof, the southern graveyard, was next to the monument so we had a quick walk there too. I love garden-like graveyards and this one had such a lovely atmosphere with all the colourful flowers and gravestones hidden in the midst of trees and bushes.

A stone angel at the Südfriedhof.
I'll post more pics later, once I've gotten a good night's sleep in my own bed :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Outfit of the Day with Glitter Boots!

Now I finally have pics of the purple glitter boots worn! My other half took so many good pictures that I had trouble choosing which to post, so you get a ton. Sorry ;P

Necklace - Art with Latex
Top - Burleska
Skirt - Queen of Darkness
Handbag - Addicted (second hand)
Boots - Pennangalan (second hand)

I bought the skirt on Friday. I tried it on in the Queen of Darkness booth at Agra, but deemed it too expensive and decided to think on it. Well, when we came back to listen to the bands, I just had to go and buy it, because I couldn't get it from my mind! I don't wear long skirts often, but this short in the front model is nice because it isn't so hot and shows off my legs.

I also found a killer combo for my hair: a pair of Bumpits (little plastic hair inserts supposed to give volume) and the tangle teezer hair brush. Super easy and fast, and since I don't have to backcomb my hair so much, it's easy to de-tangle.

And the photographer himself! He got the shirt yesterday,
I think it looks gorgeous on him :)

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