Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Outfit of the Day

My outfit on Saturday! I went to buy a new lens for my camera, eat a hamburger and then to a lovely bloggers' meet. In the end I chose different shoes for the meet.

Jacket - Juunappa
Top - GinaTricot
Skirt - Tripp (purple leopard mini)
Belt - Second hand
Boots - Unif (High Trench)

I chose a simple peplum top and added a belt to get more detail. The skirt is very old, but still fit me nicely and I like the colour. The boots are just so great to walk in that I often just go for them when going out! I'm planning to add descriptions of items to my outfit posts so they are easier to find. I like to google pictures of shoes and clothes when I'm deciding whether I want to buy them or not, especially online, so blog posts with tags would be useful!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Glitter Gradient Nails

I can't remember where I saw a picture of a beautiful glitter gradient manicure, but it stuck to my mind. I made my own version using Spindleweb by Femme Fatale. It's a polish with a petrol blueish sheer base and lots of turquoise and green glitter in various sizes.

I first put a neutral skintone polish on my nails, then added a few coats of Spindleweb with each layer ending closer to the tip than the previous, then finished with a fast drying top coat. An easy look and quite fast to do!

Monday, 28 April 2014

New Corset Photoshoot!

I bought a new corset, so to bond with it, I made myself pretty and wore it, and asked my other half to snap a few pictures. The corset is a black and white striped underbust by DeadlyGirlz, I've been looking for ages for this one! The company doesn't make corsets any more, so it was tough to get a hold of one. I own their black PVC underbust with buckles on the sides and love it, so I knew how good the quality was. Deadlygirlz corsets are the sturdiest I've found, and they pinch you in at just the right places, creating an amazing hour glass figure! Both of my corsets are second hand, this one was found in Finland and the black one travelled from the UK to live in my closet.

I'm quite small, so many corsets don't take the waist in much. And if they do they can be very uncomfortable, since being thin I don't have much mass to shift in that area. The Deadlygirlz ones are cut just right for my body!

Now on to the pictures! They are taken in our living room with me standing on a chair to get enough free space behind me to show the wallpaper ;P I maybe should have done something with my hair, but maybe next time!

Just look at that curve at the waist!

That underarm area looks so naked now that the sleeve is taking for. I'm
thinking of getting more ink to cover it...

Necklace - Royal Deer Crest necklace from Taxidermia collection by A for Arsenic
Corset - DeadlyGirlz striped underbust in black and white
Skirt - Them Bones by Iron Fist
Hat - by me, it's called Betelgeuze

I have a thing for black and white stripey things (what kind of a goth doesn't? ;D) so my Betelgeuze hat matched the corset perfectly! I also have a skirt, shrug and there might be a pantyhose somewhere in my closet if I desire to do a total stripe overdose look ;P

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ladydanger Look

Here's my eye look from Saturday. I had an urge to do something dark, but still try a few new techniques to get familiar with them. I used for reference this look by Ladydanger on Instagram, shared by Sugarpill Cosmetics. She said she used Sugarpill's Dollipop, Bulletproof and Poison Plum, and since I owned them all, I tried to do something similar but without the false lashes and thick liner.

In addition I used Tako, a plain white, where Ladydanger used Mac's Motif, a skintone with a pink shift. I put Tako on the inner corners, brow bones and in the middle of the lids. Then added Dollipop, a bright pink, gently on top of Taka in the middle of the lid to create a pastel pink. There's also Dollipop in the crease and blended out.

Next colour was Poison Plum, which I applied in the crease and in the inner part of the lid on top of Dollipop. Bulletproof is a matte black, so that's just in the crease to darken it. As a finishing touch I patted some Dollipop above the crease to brighten the colour since it had blended with the plain white on my brow bone.

On the lower lid I first put Bulletproof in the lashline, then Poison Plum on top and blended, and lastly Dollipop on top and blended.

Products used
Sugarpill Tako (matter white)
Sugarpill Bulletproof (matte black)
Sugarpill Poison Plum (matte plum purple)
Sugarpill Dollipop (bright matte pink)

Sorry for the worn out lipstick! Just concentrate on the eyes ;D

Saturday, 26 April 2014

How to Fix Battered Heels

I bought a pair of pink shoes from the flea market. Their heels had some scratches and the top layer of the faux leather had peeled off. Here's how I fixed them!

Starting point: battered, peeled faux leather,
1. Find a nail polish or an acrylic paint that matches

If possible, the finish should also match. For example a black shiny nail polish would work well on PVC, and black matte acrylic for faux leather. I have a pink nail polish that's sadly slightly darker then my shoes.

Shoes and (almost) matching polish.
2. Grab a brush and paint the scratches

With nail polish you can use the brush they come with, but for more precise work, put a drop of polish on a palette (like a piece of a plastic bag, something that doesn't go mushy) and paint it on with a thin brush. For best results, try to get the polish/paint only on the scratches, so it doesn't show on the intact leather. Especially if your polish or paint is darker, it can show on the shoe, like mine did a bit.

3. Let dry well, apply second coat if needed

Give your fixes time to dry thoroughly before you decide if another coat is needed. Some material soak up paint and can appear a lot darker when wet, so you can only see the final result when the polish or paint has dried. Apply second coat only on dry surface to avoid making the previously applied coat roll off.

4. Let dry, enjoy!

Since your shoes are usually a long way from anyone watching, the results don't need to be perfect. Just hiding the most obvious scratches and dents does wonders!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flea Market Clothing and Shoes

I haven't been shopping at the flea market much lately, but the last time I went there, I found lots of useful items! Often I feel things are overpriced or just not my style, but this time was different.

I got two skirts (similar in size an style, one black and one raspberry pink) for two euros a piece, light grey knit for two euros, a grey dress with black cutouts at the sides for 3 euros and the most wonderful pair of pink shoes for 3,60 euros.

The skirts are nice everyday skirts, as is the knit. The grey dress got to see action in the games gala I went to when the dress I ordered for it didn't arrive in time. The shoes were an impulse buy, they were just so pretty and pink! They are faux leather, with a faux patent toe. The heels had some scratches but I patched them up with matching nail polish (a tutorial coming on that!).

Pink! And Möttönen.
Möttönen the kitty quickly decided the pile of clothes was actually for her to sleep on. Who could say no to such a cute cat?

So here's a pile of pictures of Möttönen, she wanted to pose ;D

Möttönen then switched on to my other half's lap. He was taking pictures but Möttönen instantly knew petting her would be far more important.

Mör also got some attention!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Face and Feast

Face from the weekend! I wore light, neutral eyeshadow and a my-lips-but-better lipstick for an easy look. I still had the curls from going to the hairdressers, so I felt that light make-up complimented them well.

For some reason everyone had brought desserts for the dinner with parents, but that was surely a happy problem! My sister had made delicious carrot cake, mom had gotten a mango cheese cake and I made macarons, or macarenas as my mom called them ;D I actually bought the tops from Lidl and only made the filling, but I think that counts ;P


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shedding the Winter Coat

When you go swimming in natural waters for the first time in the year, we Finns say that you shed your winter coat. And that's just what I did last weekend at my family's summer cottage! My other half and I arrived with plans of just eating dinner with my parents, quickly bathe in the electric sauna, and head home afterwards. But since my uncle, aunt and their kids were at their cottage next to my parents', we went to say hi after eating and bathing. Turned out they had heated the wood fuelled sauna by the lake shore and invited us to join. I love the heat of the wood sauna, so I couldn't resist going to the sauna again when there was an opportunity. And since it's right next to the lake, I dove in for a few minutes despite the cold water.

It was an exceptionally sunny and warm day, and since my other half had gotten enough of saunas for one day, he snapped some pretty pictures! The lake is so shallow that I'm kneeling in the picture, boy were my knees cold afterwards ;D

Sun is setting on the lake.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Outfit of the Day

On Sunday I wore my brand new Lamby dress by Iron Fist. I ordered it for the game gala that was on Tuesday, but sadly it arrived on Wednesday. I wore a back-up dress I got from the flea market for 3 euros, it was a great find! Lamby needed some TLC when it arrived, it's mostly cotton and being smushed into a tiny bag had not gone well with the pleats. I ironed it to get them sorted, it made the whole dress look a lot better.

The print has black and white lambs with bows ans skulls on their heads. Some wear leather harnesses. It was still so light and pretty that it worked excellent for having a meal with my parents!

Dress - Iron Fist
Boots - Unif

I call this my "look at my nails" pose ;D

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bella Morte Outfit Pictures

I was in such a hurry organizing the club that I didn't remember to take a picture of my outfit. Luckily on of us organizers, Ari, is a talented photographer and documented the evening! Here's a few snaps of me.

Me playing some music! You can see the tattoo pretty well also, I'm excited to get it finished to properly show it off :)
I wore a Lip Service top (Which I've modified, it was apparently made for people with boobies the size of my head ;D The front was way too low for me, so I shortened the straps.) with a DeadlyGirlz corset on top. As the bottom half of outfit I have a glitter pvc-skirt by Lip Service (which I took in the very same day in a hurry and need to fix a bit more), plain dark tights and stiletto boots from the flea market.

I have to say I love that corset! It's the sturdiest one I've encountered and it has the curves in just the right places. It creates an amazing hourglass silhouette and is still quite comfy to wear. As an added bonus, it doesn't look too shabby even when laced very lightly, so if I grow tired of wearing it on a long night, I'll just loosen the laces a bit to make in more comfortable.

I'm eagerly awaiting for the postman to bring me a black and white version of the same corset! A fellow admin at the Finnish goth fleamarket on Facebook tipped me off that there was one on the Finnish equivalent of eBay. I read her message while updating a picture from the Game Awards gala and instantly logged in to to buy the corset, because it was just my size and the one I had been searching for for months. Thank you so much, Tiia, for remembering that I was looking for just that one corset!

My other half got his hair cut, he looks so smart! And I just love how he wears the raven skull I gave him!
Photos taken by Ari Rantanen @ Club Bella Morte on 18.4.2014

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bella Morte at Doris Look

Yesterday's club Bella Morte was a success, thanks to all guests and especially everyone who worked to make it happen! I had a hectic day, but managed to take a few pics of my make-up. I wanted to do a look with glitter, since there's not many occasions when putting glitter on everything is appropriate, but a goth club is one of them ;D

For the lips I used Kooky matte lip lacquer by MUA and a pink long lasting lipstick by Manhattan. The outer edges are coloured with Kooky, a medium purple, and there's dab of pink in the middle to give the illusion of fuller lips. I put the gloss that is supposed to be used with the Manhattan product on top of both.

For my lids I took Catrina Cabaret by Fyrinnae (dark teal with a purple sheen, but the purple get lost on my skin) and put it on the outer half of lids and up to the crease and above. To give some more colour, I used Sugar Rush, a medium purple with a blue sheen by Femme Fatale in the inner corners. I lightly patted some Sugar Rush in the middle of the lid on top of Catrina Cabaret to get the blue shift to pick up light there. To top it off I put on Ardell false lashes with glitter on them and did a small wing to the corner of the eyes with black gel liner.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Just a super quick post! I got my hair done for club Bella Morte this evening, Elina of Scissor Sister made it absolute perfect.

This was the drawing I did to tell Elina what I wanted.

And here it is! My face is still bare, I'm doing my make-up soon.

My hair was dyed on Tuesday, so it's freshly turquoise. I brought some clip-in extensions in teal, purple and pink with me to add colour to the do. Elina washed my hair and curled it with a large curling iron for big curls. She then curled the extensions and pinned them in with my own hair to get the shape. I really love how the pink streaks work with the turquoise base, and the curls are just perfect! Now I'm off to do my face and try to get some clothes on before any guests for my other half's preparty arrive :)

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