Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Former Ikea Bedding - Gown

I bought a set of a duvet cover and a pillow cover from Ikea to try out a pattern for a rococo gown, an open robe d'anglaise. This is the result! I have to say this little bugger is a pain to photograph, but IRL it's quite nice. Here worn with pocket hoops but without a corset, so it's a bit wrinkled, but I was so happy I finally finished the sleeve ruffles that I needed to take some photos!

Detail of the center back, where the skirt part begins. So. Many. Pleats.

The dress still needs a petticoat, I'm just wearing my Commander Shepard leggings with it ;D
Now that I made some changes to the pattern, I can get started on a dark red gothic version of this gown, can't wait!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Club Infektio Celebrates Fifth B-Day!

Club Infektio is hosting a great party on 15th of April to celebrate their fifth birthday. That's an awesome age for a club, well done!

The theme of the event is "Party like it's 2085!" and I know I sure will! I've been an avid cyberpunk fan for ages, it's my one of my favourite roleplaying settings and I've read everything by William Gibson and loved it (well, except for Spook Country which I didn't like, but maybe I'll get into it one day).

So how does a party with Grendel, Synfactory and a house full of cyberpunk goths sound? Good? Here's a look I did to fit the event and then some! (For tickets, visit Infektio's page)

Top - Dane Cyber Clothing (second hand)
Skirt - Artifice Clothing
Boots - Fantasy Shoes (second hand)
Purse - Kreepsville

A fairly simple cyber look, but I absolutely needed to do the purple theme! The corset and boots are matching purple glitter material, and the rest of the items are silver and black. The skull bag is new and I love him! I named him Phteven, because he looks like he can only mumble. That and Morte, best names for bodiless skulls! The Dane corset is so short on the sides that I paired it with an underwear corset that makes sure there's no muffin top effect. The front panel is boned and stays flat, but the sides have just mesh that might have lost some of its strength. 

The make-up: HUGE false lashes (mine are Heiress by Sugarpill), black smoky effect on top with a matte shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) but for the lower lid I used a purple that matches the corset and boots. This one is called Flashback, it's from the Urban Decay Spectrum palette. Purple lipstick was naturally in order, so I did my lips with OCC Pagan and Technopagan. I have to say that I wish Technopagan would be a bit more red and less blue, but the metallic effect is so gorgeous that I'll use it anyway!

I did my brows really high for an out-of-this-world look and used ColourPop gel liner to make sure they can last through an evening of sweaty dancing. For the final touch I applied a small black and silver bindi on my forehead.

And once I get going with cyberpunk looks, things will not stop at glitter and PVC! The background picture is from a friend who visited Hong Kong, (thanks Patty! You are the best!) I saw it on Facebook and asked if I could use it for these pictures. The glasses I borrowed from my other half, a pair of Wiley X Saber Advance protective glasses. The air soft gun in the last pic is also his. I happened to have some EL-wire in my stash and thought it would work well in these pictures, but it kinda gets lost in the noise and it doesn't look very bright on the camera. But I'll bet it look awesome at a dark club when I finally take the time to sew it on to something!

Party like it's 2085 in Hong Kong! Background picture by Patty Toledo.

Background picture by Patty Toledo.

Don't worry, it's not a real gun! I utilize my other half's airsoft
gun collection when I have the chance ;P

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Crystal Tiara

For yesterday's Club Underworld I wanted a simple look, but then came across a tiara I just bought from Lumissa's Purple Octopus. Change of plans, it was now the focal point of the look! My fringe is now long enough to be held to the sides with hair clips, so I pulled it aside to hide the tiara'a band. I think the result is excellent! I paired the hair do with one on my favourite Lip Service dresses and a pair of stompy New Rock boots. The lipstick is Black Dahlia by OCC, which I recently found when cleaning out my lipstick drawer. The things you find when shopping your stash!

These days I use Mac Nightmoth lip liner for my brows, as the Aromaleigh pink loose shadow seemed too bright after I dyed my hair ombre style. Nightmoth is a very good match for my hair, the tone is spot on, and it's just a little bit lighter than my roots. I would have thought a lip liner would perform badly on brows, but it's actually a very good product for this purpose. On the lips, the main thing is to keep the lipstick from bleeding, so the pencil does not bleed on brows either.

I'm thinking of getting acrylic nails done again, as the winter has been harsh on my natural nails. The break super easily, are thin and soft and peeling, all at the time! I use nail oil and it used to help, but now it seems no amount of oil does anything. I've gotten so used to having nicely done nails that I feel a bit naked without them.

Fyrinnae Snow Leopard as a light smoky eye, OCC Black Dahlia on the lips.
Club Underworld was a great success, thanks to everyone who came and I hope you had a great time! It seems we may need a bigger venue in the future, but I'm a bit attached to the one we currently use. Luckily there's plenty of time to plan for the next event!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Black Moon Cosmetics Wrath

Black Moon Cosmetics never seizes to amaze me! This lipstick is called Wrath. In the tube it looks a bit blah, but on the lips it's just gorgeous. The shade is close enough to my lip shade that when it fades a bit in the center, it doesn't really show. It's great at bringing out my lips but not making them pop too much, probably a really great pair with dark eyes! The colour is not quite red, it leans a bit to mauve and to brown, but it's the perfect mix of all of these. Easy on the eyes but still unique and interesting, a compelling shade!

Once again the formula is perfect. Easy to apply, lasts well, and removal is easy with an oil based make-up remover.

Black Moon Cosmetics Wrath

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rogue Black and White Photoshoot

Tiina of Rogue asked me to participate in a photoshoot last weekend for shooting her geometrical designs. I just love the combination of black leather and matte black fabric! I got a new white background for my home "studio" and it was just perfect for the dark clothes. You can see the rest of the set on Rogue Clothing's page on Facebook!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Blue Haired Snow Queen

Eliza stopped by on her way to a LARP, so we got to shoot my snow queen outfit that's been in the closet for a year. I did so much work on the corset that it would have been a shame to use it only once so it was a great opportunity! I went for a petrol green and blue wig, which seems to work very well with the white outfit! It wasn't too cold, but my fingers were still chilled even after just a short shoot, so it was good that Eliza is so fast. So here it is, the blue-haired snow queen!

Photo: Eliza Rask
Outfit, styling, model: Me

I think this shot shows off the lace applique work quite nicely, and you can also see the little sleeves that match the tulle on the corset. They are actually made of a pair of Ikea curtains ;P

Friday, 4 March 2016

Killstar Conjuring Hood Dress from

More pics of the Killstar Conjuring Hood Dress I got from! I love dresses with a lot of decorations, but these very plain types are great to combine with accessories without looking too busy. The fabric is stretchy but thick, very comfortable to wear. I added a corset on top, but I think this cut would look gorgeous with a corset under it, too. I'm wearing a Rogue + The Wolf necklace on my forehead and the corset is by Artifice Clothing.

Black on black on black + pink hair. Just my kind of thing!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Black Moon Cosmetics Selene

Black Moon Cosmetics just released new lipstick shades, and being the lipstick hoarder that I am, I absolutely needed three of the four new ones. This one is called Selene. In the tube Selene looks like a very shimmery brownish plum tone. On my lips the shade is a bit more toned down than I'd like. The metallic sheen is reduced to a faint sheen, but the plum purple goes really nicely with my skin tone.

I'm a big fan of the Black Moon Cosmetics lipstick formula, and Selene is just as great as the older shades. While the lipsticks are liquid-to-matte, they are not as thick and drying as many matte lippies. They are closer to Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams than for example ColourPop Ultra Mattes or La Splash matte lipsticks. While the Black Moon lipsticks can smudge a little bit, it's not a problem and only happens if you actually smudge your lips on something, which is not common. The lipstick does not bleed and lasts for hours without any need to touch it up. While the shade is not as metallic as I hoped, it's easy to wear and the formula is great.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Aches & Music

I've been trying to come up with useful things to do with just one hand, because I'm nursing a cramping shoulder at home. So far I've tried on some lipsticks and updated our music library. A couple of hundred cds later I'm still not even half way through, but eventually all the music will be on one computer!

Last weekend my other half and I traveled to Helsinki for the last Synapsi club ever. Fun but tiring! Tomorrow I have a photoshoot that hopefully does not require me lifting my right hand, but I'm getting so bored it will be good to get back to the office :)

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