Sunday, 21 September 2014

Outfit of the Day

Of the last three days, actually ;P I had a very productive Sunday but not too busy. My other half was out playing airsoft so I got the apartment all to myself. I worked on my thesis, did some versions of posters for an upcoming event, dyed my hair and soaked my feet in hot water while watching reality shows on Netflix. And there's still time to play some Sims 4!

Leggings - Kill Star Occult Leggings
Dress - H&M
Boots - New Rock (I just grabbed a pair, didn't go outside in these today)

I ordered the leggings together with the egyptian themed maxi dress I showed off earlier. They are very nice to wear and easy to combine with solid color tops and dresses. The sizing was a bit interesting, though. I chose M-L size because the other option would have been XS-S, which sounded a bit too snug. I like my leggings comfy. When the packet arrived, the leggings said L on the pouch they were packed in, which made me worried. But when I tried them on the size was spot on! I usually wear an S, so for anyone looking into these leggings, definitely go a size up if possible.

PS. I must be a genius since I was too lazy for eye make-up and just popped on a pair of sunglasses instead ;D


  1. The sunglasses definitely work with the outfit! You look very cool!

    1. Thank you, they were an easy way out of doing eye make-up ;D


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