Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wearing White

Thanks to all well-wishers, you are so kind!

I wanted to get something white for the registry office, even when it wouldn't be anything too fancy, as I had to open doors and help my other half with the crutches. So no long gowns and no corsets! I had bought this Lipsy dress from eBay for the original date we were supposed to get married, but it was perfect now with the little hindrances. The hair clip is old, I made it for the engagement photoshoot, but it went perfectly with the dress.


  1. You look gorgeous! Yes, I can understand the need to not have a long skirt, you didn't want your husband tripping and hurting himself again!

  2. I think it's perfect; just fancy enough but utilitarian for helping the new hubs! Heheh.
    Glad things went well, and congratulations!

  3. Lovely look!


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