Saturday, 14 May 2016

Goth Flea Market Finds!

I'm a big fan of second hand shopping, and that's one of the reasons why I ended up being one of the admins at Finland's largest gothic flea market group, Goottikirppis. So far I've done three live events and I love it! The Facebook group helps reach the audience that is interested in alternative second hand fashion and we have a great community locally. Today was event number three. My other half and I sold a lot of old clothes and even some of my old, loose eyeshadows found new homes. It was raining heavily, which meant there were not as many customers as there would have been on a sunny day, but a nice amount of people still. I did buy a couple of things, but I sold more, so there should be room in my closets ;D

This is what I got! I traded the Lip Service pants and the Dane skirt for an Artifice bolero that didn't fit me well. I don't know the brand of the bra, but it goes really well with the pants. You can't see the earrings too well, but I bought a pair of A for Arsenic antler earrings and tiny little crossbones with rhinestones.

I try to recycle or donate everything we throw out. We are starting a kitchen renovation next week and will go through all of the kitchen stuff to weed out things we don't use or need. Last time I went through the drawers in the kitchen I found out we had THREE wine bottle openers. I doubt we will ever be opening three bottles at the same time, so now two were donated. I'm eagerly looking forward to a new, more spacious kitchen where it is easier to find what you need. All of the furniture for the new kitchen is now piled up in our living room, which makes me want the renovation to proceed even faster ;D


  1. Antler earrings! Yes! Good job swapping the stuff you didn't want!

  2. There's no such thing as goth/alt. flea market in my area. Sob!

    1. You can do like I did and organize an event :>


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