Monday, 10 April 2017

Sugarpill Trinket

I'm a big fan of Sugarpill products, as you might already know. When they came out with liquid to matte lipsticks, I just had to try them out! I have so far tried three: Trinket (pictured here), Kim Chi and Strange Love, the lippie from Sugarpill's Valentine's set. Kim Chi was insanely hard to get to work with my skin tone, and Strange Love wasn't as dark on me as in the shop pictures, so those two have gone to new loving homes.

Sugarpill Trinket

Trinket has stuck, and maybe you can see why. The shade is very unique, a peachy pink with golden glitter. In my pics the lipstick is freshly applied, but the glitter becomes more obvious with wear. Trinket leans towards orange on me, but it just somehow works amazingly.

The golden glitter makes the shade appear more orange than the peachy base on its own. It's still not too orange, but just the perfect golden peachy blush shade that is hard to capture and describe. The formula is very nice, lightweight and stays forever. I'm not a big fan of the truffle scent, but it doesn't linger long on the lips, so I can live with that. For some reason the printed markings on my tube seem to fade very fast when I keep the lipstick in my bag or a pocket. They don't stand as much wear as what I'm used to with lippies. It's a minor issue, but makes the tube look a but untidy.

Trinket is very easy to apply and I don't need to touch it up in hours. It is a bit demanding on the eye make-up, I would maybe not do very colourful looks to go with it since Trinket is so bright. I find this to be a good thing, as I can just put on mascara and add Trinket and be all ready to go. A lovely product!


  1. Why do you use lipstick always over the lip line? Not a pretty sight.

    1. My upper lip is a lot smaller than the lower, and I like to adjust it a bit with overlining. I personally like the look, but you can never please everyone :)


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