Sunday, 4 March 2012

Concrete Minerals Swatches

Concrete Minerals was the first mineral makeup company I purchased from. Back then they sold through Etsy, but nowadays they have their own online store and have more colours and some lip products too. I gathered all my Concrete Minerals shadows and swatched them, I still use them often and like the colours a lot!

Concrete Minerals uses jars with black lids.

Here are pictures of every shadow in its jar. The shades tend to show up a bit darker than in real life.















From left to right, top to bottom: Lolita, Sabotage, Smut, Jezebel, Kismet, Zealous, Arsenic, Prude and Doe-eyed

Lolita - a light taupe with a metallic sheen

Sabotage - black with multicolored shimmer. Like a toned-down version of Sugarpill Stella, this one is better for everyday wear because it's less glittery.

Smut - A medium taupe with red sheen and shimmer.

Jezebel - A plum purple with some red shimmer. Very usable.

Kismet - A light warm pink with pink shimmer.

Zealous - A very bright turquoise, shimmery.

Arsenic - This is listed a purple, but it's borderline between purple and brown if you ask me. It the same depth as Jezebel, but clearly more reddish and has some shimmer.

Prude - A very light pink, good for highlighting and very shimmery.

Doe-eyed - A warm, dark brown. Matte base with just a hint of matching shimmer. Works well with green eyes, one of my favourites!

Juvenile, Temptress, Croma, Unity and Infinity

Juvenile - A really hard colour to photograph, Juvenile is a light yellowish green.

Temptress - A dark blue-green colour with matching shimmer. Fades to a forest green if blended for long.

Croma - A light lavender lilac matte base with some white shimmer.

Unity - A blue based medium purple with white and gold shimmer. Goes well with Croma.

Infinity - This is a colour I didn't even remember owning. It like a lighter version of Temptress in real life.

I've also had Mad Hatter, but it was very similar to Arsenic so I gave it away, and I got Hearts for my boyfriend. Hearts is a warm, rusty red and he likes it very much. I really like the browns and taupes, Lolita, Smut and Doe-eyed are very pretty and I've used them a lot. I have been satisfied with the quality, and the full size jars are just huge, I doubt I'll ever use one up!


  1. These look great, and I'd never heard of the brand. I'll have to check them out!

    1. I can definitely recommend them! The full sizes are huge and the formula is very nice.

  2. Oh man, love Arsenic! Yet another brand I need to try out. :)

    1. Funny, Arsenic in probably my least favourite of the colours ;P

  3. Lolita is a favorite of mine :) Love all the teals, too!

  4. I love Concrete Minerals! I just tried them recently, and I'm hooked.

    1. I'm very pleased with the formula. I don't know if they have the smaller sizes available (I think they were called deluxe samples), but I really like the amount of product you get.


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