Monday, 5 March 2012

Current Obsessions

I like many things, but here's a few things that are on my mind often lately.

This is not what my basil looks like at all. It's a lot slimmer. And with 3 leaves.
I'm not sure if you can call it gardening, since I don't have a garden but only a few window sills and a balcony. Last summer we had lots of green thingies growing on the balcony, and now that all the snow melted off it, I'm already excited over what I could plant this year. I have a basil that looks mostly dead (zombie basil, anuone?) and it might live on to grow big on the balcony, and there's still room in the nice herb planter I got from the fleamarket. My boyfriend also put up a window sill in the kitchen as well, so I can start growing stuff inside and just move the pots to the balcony when it's warmer.

Isn't it pretty? It's pink!
I was browsing through interior decoration blogs and wondering why some people like to paint everything white or collect all sorts of old junk. How can they fit into their houses with all that glassware and old pots and coffee tins? I don't collect anything, and stopped to think if I even own anything that purely decorative. I came up with only one item, a purple resin human skull that's painted with purple blackboard paint. I just didn't notice it at first, because it has found it's use and currently holds a silly looking military hat from my other half's collection ;) But remembering the skull helped me to also remember that I ordered it just to see if it's nice, and that I should get it some company! So now the purple skull will have a pink and a grey friend, soon. They are all from this etsy shop.

They all smell nice.
I haven't really been into perfumes, I used to own only two and both were bought second hand. I'm a bit sensitive to smells. I've tried some perfumes by the Morbid the Merrier and One Hand Washes the Other but I'm still having trouble identifying which ingredients are the ones I like to smell. I ordered some of the limited edition winter perfumes from OHWTO, because I like earthy smells and was hoping wintery smells would be dark and warm and earthy.

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
I had heard the song before and didn't really like it, but a few weeks back a friend showed me the video and told me what the song's about. Since then it has been going on and on in my head. I'm just a sucker for love overcoming even death. I haven't even read the book (or seen any movie adaptations), but I can imagine the ghost of Cathy scratching Heathcliff's window, remembering the love she felt for him and coming back to the home where she lived during the best time of her life.

Rather than buying new stuff, I want to get rid of the all the stuff I don't use. I've even sold shoes! Although those losses were quickly covered with new recruits ;P It's a good thing we have one room that's dedicated to crafts and computers, so I can just dump everything that doesn't have a place there. I've already gotten rid of our old couch, two fugly cabinets (that were supposed to go even before we moved here, and that was almost a year ago) and a TV-table. I've also stashed two armchairs and a coffeetable on the attic and have three huge plastic bags full of stuff to donate to the charity, just waiting for the moment when I feel like dragging them down the road to the charity shop. Minimalism is not my thing, but having stuff organized helps me find everything easily and have room to do projects.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I'm so getting rid of all useless stuff, it's so much easier to for example cook when there isn't all this stuff you never use filling the cupboards. Also I love my crafting table, it's a luxury to have space that's there just so I don't have to start with cleaning up to get to make crafts.

  2. Oh god, Wuthering Heights gets stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. And now it's in there again. Thanks! :P

    1. I feel you, I think I'll get it stuck again just by answering the comment ;P


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