Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moi Cosmetics Labels and Review

I was so excited when Holly from Moi Cosmetics contacted me about designing labels for her a while back! I'm a trained graphic designer and love to work with printed material every now and then, since I don't get to do that at my current job.

So, after many revisions, the new Moi Cosmetics labels were born! Holly wanted to have the same lovely lips as the new webstore banner had and wanted to have a classy but still fun and whimsical feel to the labels. I tried many different colour combinations from the palette chosen for the website and in the end we settled for a light colour scheme.

Holly sent me a huge packet of Moi stuff as a thank you and I couldn't be happier!

So much stuff and a cute thank you note form Holly!

This is all that was inside!

I asked for a few eyeshadows, blushes, some glitter and a lip gloss sample, and I was very eager to try out the High Beam shadows which looked like something I had never tried before. Holly put in a few extra goodies too :)

Here's pictures of all the products, I'm sorry the colours are a wee bit off. The evenings are getting darker and I just wanted to photo everything as soon as I could, so the lighting was not optimal. All photos are taken under a lamp. I think you can still get a pretty good picture of what the products look like! I didn't photo the glitters, since they are just a generic glitter set, really nice quality still.

Cheeky blush

Rose Wood blush

Cheeky - A light coral, matte
Rose Wood - A dusty dark pink, matte





Nigh Shift



Venus (discontinued)



Shiner - A muddy dark red with clear shimmer.
Pluto - Blackened purple with red and purple shimmer and lavender sheen.
GoldMine - A greenish base with tons of golden shimmer.
Diego - A taupe with a vibrant blue sheen.
Night Shift - Black base with red shimmer.
O'baby - A shimmer baby blue.
Tattle - A cool medium brown base with pink shimmer. Very unique!
Venus - A dark pink with tons of shimmer to match. Discontinued.
Far Away - Black base with multicoloured shimmer. Reminds me of Sugarpill Stella.
Babylon - Deep blue with pink and red shimmer and blue sheen.


Man-Eater (sample)

Deep Purple (sample)
High Beam shadows are super glittery shadows (that are also a pain in the behind to photo!). I haven't seen anything like these before and I'm very interested in trying them out in action! In my photos and in the jars they look very similar, but swatched the base colours become visible. EggPlant has a very distinct purple sheen. Man-Eater and Deep Purple are very close to each other, with a bright silver sheen and a purple base, but Deep Purple is slightly colder and more blue.

Paranormal lip gloss (sample)
The lip glosses looked fabulous, so I chose one sample. This is Paranormal, a plum purple with a crisp blue shift. I goes on fairly sheer, but the shift is very visible.

The finished labels! My photo is a bit off, the background is really white/babypink
and the text is outlined in dark grey. The first picture of the post is more accurate!
I'm very pleased with how the labels turned out, my printer malfunctioned and I didn't get to print a sheet to check if the colours are on spot, but luckily they looked nice in the end. I sure hope Holly is as pleased as I am :) 

A fun fact for international readers, in Finnish "moi" means hello!


  1. Hi Karoliina! I published your interview in Gothic Divine Magazine :) Thank you again!

    My goodness I want all that make up! I love the babylon and nightshift shades!


    PS. If you read this message it means I solved the issue with commenting :P

    1. Thank you! And I'm so glad the comment issue has been resolved, I don't know what was wrong but so good to know everything works now :)

  2. It all looks so fantastic! :D
    Wish I could buy 1 of everything haha!

    1. Thank you so much! Moi seems to be closed for the moment, but I'm sure the store will soon be open again :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy it turned out nice, I spent quite a lot of time on it and am pleased with the result myself :)

  4. Too cute! Great job on the labels!


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