Friday, 3 August 2012

Photoshoot Look

Yesterday I did a photoshoot for a friend's shirt collection. It started right after my day at work, so I only took pictures after it, and they are a bit worse for wear. Maybe you can still get the idea :) The shoot was so much fun to do, I'll post pictures of it later! My other half was also modelling and he looked so funny in a pink fleece bunny hat that everyone almost died laughing ;D

I used:
Evil Shades Suffocation (light pink with a blue shift)
Fyrinnae Cuddlefish (a blue-purple with lots of glitter)
Evil Shades Banshee (light turquoise)
Sugarpill Poison Plum

I put Suffocation on the whole lid, then defined the crease with Cuddlefish. Since it's so blue, I added some Poison Plum on it's edges to fade it out and make it warmer. On the lower lid there's only Banshee, continued at the outer edges a bit upwards. Finishes with a black gel liner and mascara.

A full face shot, I look so dishevelled since I had just gotten home after the long day and wanted to take a pic of the makeup. I also tried a new haircolour the day before, it's a purple from Elumen range by Goldwell. I found many people praising how well it stays on, so gave it a go. It's a bit too red for my taste, but if it stays really well, I'll just get a bottle of the dark blue and mix it with the purple.

Kerttu, who had designed the shirts I modelled, mentioned that the nearby toy store had some new Monster High dolls. So naturally I had to stop there and have a look, and this it what I came home with:

Rochelle the daughter of Gargoyles!

Look at the foil printed dress and the tiny bag!

And the tiniest socks!

She also has the cutest ears with piercings in them!
I had been to the shop earlier this week, but they didn't know when they were getting more of the dolls. I was so lucky to grab the second last Rochelle, and Kerttu bought the last one, so both are in good hands now ;P

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