Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Small Make-Up Collection Show-off

I had totally forgotten to write a post about my make-up collection! It was requested some time ago and I thought it would be a nice thing to write about.

I consider make-up a hobby, I don't even pretend to need this much. Some people collect miniatures or movies, I collect eyeshadows. That's my thing ;P Just today I altered my vanity set-up, I used to have just a small shelf but it was way too tiny and there wasn't enough room for the two Helmer drawer units I use to store my make-up and jewellery. Now I have more room and it's great!

The top drawer is for stuff I use often.
My favourite eyeshadow colours are purples and browns, so they have the biggest boxes and are in the top drawer because I use them often. Next to them are all my primers, my mascara and Sugarpill Bulletproof (a matte black pressed shadow) I use to draw my eyebrows.

A closeup of the purples! They are all just in a pile.

And the browns. I've also put cream eyeshadows in with the regular ones
so they can be easily found.

Primers, mascara, eyelash curlers, eyeliner... basically all the odds and ends
I use often :)

The second drawer.
The second drawer has the rest of the eyeshadows (except for the pressed ones). There's a box for pinks, greens, turquoises and aquas, red-orange-yellow box and a blue-white-black box, mainly because I couldn't come up with enough space to have all colours separate. This works well enough!

The pinks. They work well with purple and brown, so I have a lot of these.

Blues, whites and blacks have to share a box at the moment.

Surprisingly few turquoises and aquas considering it's one of my favourite colours.

Reds, oranges and yellows. These are not among my favourites,
but they work very well for quick looks, almost any two or three go
nicely together.

Greens. I'm a bit green-challenged, so there aren't many ;)

Third drawer.
Then there's a pile of blushes, eyeliners, lipliners and lipstains. These have today been reorganized so they are a bit easier to find, but the ugly yellow divider stays ;P

Blushes and lipstains

Other lip stuff
The drawer below is home to all lipsticks and lipglosses. I'm not big on lipsticks, I'm too lazy to touch up my make-up often, so I prefer stains. The problem is that stains don't come in "unnatural" colours, and they are not opaque so you can't change lip colour drastically with them. So that's where my pile of weird coloured lipsticks comes handy!

Indie lipsticks.

Smellies, palettes and skin stuff.
The second lowest drawer has everything I need to make my skin look nice: a L'Oreal primer, Missha BB-cream and loose powder. There's also some elf mineral foundation and the leftovers of a Lumene makeup powder which are for the days when I'm too busy to put on a foundation and a powder. The Lumene loose powder is only used for protecting the undereye area when applying dark eyeshadow, I put a thick layer of the powder under my eyes and just swipe it off with a fluffy brush when I'm done with the eyeshadow. It takes all the fall off with it.

My only palettes are two Sugarpill palettes and a very old L'Oreal palette. There are also only a few pressed shadows, three are by MAC and the rest basically from Sugarpill, with a few odd cheap-o shadows floating around.

Blush samples
The last drawer is for my other half's stuff, he gets only one and the rest are mine ;P Here's an extra pic of the way I store blush samples! It was too slow to try and put a little bit on a palette, so I got this stack of clear plastic jars and put the samples in them. The labelling is done with a Dymo machine.


  1. What a splendid collection! It is cute that you call it small, it's huge!

    1. Thank you! My other half too insists it's a huge collection, so I guess it is. But it fits in a small space, so compared to his scale models it's small ;P

  2. Oho :D Sulla on kyl ihan mieletön meikkikokoelma! Tuollaisen ku itsekkin sais :)

    1. Kiitos! Indie-meikit on aika edullisia ja osa on pikkuisia näytteitä jotka tykkään ite laittaa kunnon purkkeihin, mutta onhan näitä kyllä kertynyt :)

  3. Hii! Tulipas bongattua sut kirpparin kassajonosta! Ja sinulla oli jotkut oikein makoisan räikeät popoiset sylissä! TOivottavasti esittelet täällä millaiset kaunokaiset sä oikein löysitkään ^^

    1. Iih! Joo, löysin ihan törkeän rankat oranssit Lita-kopiot, tarkoitus oli ottaa niistä kuvia jo eilen, mutta hintalapun liimat oli niin tiukassa että valo ehti loppua ennen kuin kengät oli esittelykuntoiset. Mutta kuvia on kyllä tulossa, koska oranssi kiiltonahka näyttää ihan älyttömältä ;P

  4. Holy cow, that's a lot of shadows. I think I have 6.

    1. I have all my loose ones written down in a excel sheet, unless I've missed a few, there's around 240 shadows now ;P

  5. Oooh, the blush stack with the labels is so adorable!

    1. Thank you! It's also very easy to use, I gently touch the loose blush with a brush, then swirl it on the lid and apply on skin. Blushes in tiny jars are so hard to work with!

  6. Super fun to see all those colourful eye-shadow divided in hues. ♥
    I'm very eager about trying those Evil Shades products, specially the lip glosses.
    I really like the labels on your sample stack.

    1. I really like Evil Shades' lip products, although some of the lip sticks are a bit on the dry side. But that's easily fixed by applying them with a brush and putting some gloss on top. The glosses aren't very pigmented, but the gloss-like hardcore lips products are like liquid lipstick and have very nice amount of pigment. I hope you find some you like!

  7. Wow! So beautiful colours! And I see a lot of purple, I like :D I ordered last week at Sugerpill and can't wait to get it.

    1. Thank you! I hope your order arrives soon, I'm eagerly waiting for mine :)


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