Saturday, 16 February 2013

Geek Chic Cosmetics' Scapers

Chantel from Geek Chic Cosmetics was super nice and sent me a few samples of their newest collection, Scapers!

Yotz!, Anarchist Priest and Bonded to the Stars

I got three colours: Anarchist Priest, Yotz! and Bonded to the Stars. The collection's theme is Farscape, a sci-fi TV-series which I just happened to watch when I was a teenager. My other half also has the whole series on DVD's, tempting me to watch it once again! But on to the eyeshadows ;)

Bonded to the Stars
Bonded to the Stars is a light acid green. It has silver, turquoise and green microglitter to give the shade some depth. It has some shimmer in the base colour, too.

Anarchist Priest
Anarchist Priest look very purple in the site's photo, but goes on my skin blue. It has blue and purple glitter, but the matte, vibrant blue base takes most of the attention.


Yots! is such a pretty colour! It's a vibrant shimmery raspberry pink with lots of blue glitter.

All of these sample colours are very bold and very pigmented. They went on nice and creamy, and while the glitter in them was more apparent in the pot than on skin, it never disappeared. I'd expect that when you blend the colours on the lid, some glitter may fall off, but adding a little bit more of the colour will help restore the glittery look just fine!

If the colours were to your liking, you can order samples and full sizes here! And while there, remember to check my favourite, The Pointy End from the Win or Die collection :) You can see my swatch of it here.

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