Monday, 13 April 2015

Demon Hunter Cosplay (part 3)

Full body shots from all angles! The previous parts looked at the pieces in more detail, but this post is all about how the outfit works as a whole.

Below is the original concept art by Blizzard that the outfit is based on. The picture after that is the official cosplay contest picture taken by Emilia Lahtinen. Pretty close match, wouldn't you say?


All in all I'm very pleased with how the outfit looks! It is cumbersome to wear, the huge pauldron needs some padding and the larger bracer should be shortened a little bit, and I need to re-do the hood and think about the cloak attachment some more. But everything stays on, I can walk around, sit, eat and brush the damned hair off from my face.

I decidedly left out some armor pieces when making the outfit, but they don't catch the eye almost at all. The collar and the weird flaps hanging from the belt were the pieces I did not make. The collar looks nice in the picture, but would have been very hard to get to sit right. The flaps would have prevented me from sitting and could have made the belt ride up. I feel leaving those parts out was a good choice.

The silhouette is close to the concept art, just like I wanted. The shoe soles are red, just like I wanted. I'm also very pleased with the fact that the armor covers me well but is still sexy, with curves in the right places. There's no fear of wardrobe malfunctions because under it all I'm clad head to toe in black fabric.


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