Saturday, 4 April 2015

Machineries of Joy Look and Outfit

Yesterday was a very busy day! First there was the gothic fleamarket event, where people came to buy and sell all things gothic. It was great success, many sellers and buyers and everyone was having a good time! I'm so happy to have been able to make the event happen and hope to arrange many more in the future.

In the evening we had Club Bella Morte happening again, and this time with three bands as a Machineries of Joy special EBM/industrial event. Syncfactory, Cardinal Noire and Machine Park played to an excited audience, and DJs, including me, kept the crowd entertained between bands. It was so nice to see how people stayed on the dance floor until the very last song! It was a great evening, big thanks to everyone participating :)

So on to the outfit and look! I only had a few hours to eat, prepare my playlist and get ready, and I wanted to take a nap so I put everything together in a hurry. I'm still very pleased with the result!

Horns - Crimson Darkness (bought at WGT)
Necklace - Second hand
Earrings - Hand made by me
Dress - H&M
Corset top - Lip Service Katy-Did Corseted Harness
Boots - New Rock heelless boots

I bought the harness from the fleamarket the very same day. I love this collection from 2007 with the metallic purple and green faux leather. The top has been modified, the cups are removed and some rigilene bones have been sewn on the inside to give it a more structured look. It has some almost unnoticeable fake blood stains, the grommets in the back are coming loose and the metallic coating might come off some day, but it's just so pretty! I know the Insecticide collection pieces usually have problems with the coating flaking off, but it feels pretty solid in this one so I hope I can wear it on many events to come. As most Lip Service corsets, it doesn't really do anything to my waistline, so wearing it over a sturdy corset might be a good option.

I love how the metallic purple of the corset top matches the purple on my horns! The horns are kinda hard to combine with most outfits, because of their bright colour, but they go very well with the top. I also like how the green metallic fabric has the same shade as my tattoos, what a coincidence!

For make-up, I went for a simple neutral/coppery smoky eye and purple lips to match the horns and the top. I'm beginning to really like the pink brows opposed to the black ones I've often worn, I think it will be pink all the way for me in the future!


  1. Great corset! xx

  2. You look amazing! I need that head band!

    1. Thanks! I have a special place in my heart for all types of horns ;D

  3. Kaikkeen lyhyesti: vau! Tuo hiusväri on kyllä huikea, en tiedä onko sulle tuttu tuote, mutta Viva la Divalla on samanvärinen fuksianpunainen huulipuna (Show Off) sinisellä hohteella kuin hiuksesi. Tulee se aina tuosta sävystä mieleen.

    1. Ooh, kuulostaa ihanalta! Mun täytyy käydä vähän kaupoilla kattomassa, hiusyhteensopiva huulipuna on aina bonusta!

  4. The colours do all go together very well! A very stylish outfit!


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