Monday, 18 January 2016

Spectrum Look, Once Again

I'm alive and he's alive! I've been surprisingly busy taking care of one man with a broken ankle, six cats, including one who just had five teeth removed (the seventh kitty is at a friends' place, she was too active to be kept in the same space as a recently operated person), and handling work and the apartment. I lived by myself for a few years but didn't remember that doing all the housework alone was this much work! Then again there were less cats, the place was a lot smaller, and I didn't need to feed anyone but me and the kitties.

I'm hoping I'll get everything under control soon, so I'll be able to take on some sewing projects. I was supposed to be working on my Demon Hunter cosplay costume so my other half and I could have participated in a cosplay contest as a pair, but that will have to wait. So far I'm just happy when the cats are fed, get their medication, and there's clean plates and clothes available ;D My other half has taken care of almost all the cooking for years, so I don't even know where things are in the kitchen, but so far no one has died of hunger!

In the mean time, here's yet another look done with the Spectrum palette I so love :)

Shades used are Flashback for the lower lid and inner part of the upper lid, Sugarpill Tako for the tear duct area, Deep End on the outer part of the lid and Madness in the crease. I just love how the purples and teals work together!


  1. Your makeup looks good! All the housework and keeping everything running sounds tiring!

    So I guess the demons you were both hunting tripped your partner and broke his leg? Or will you not be able to go to the event after all?

    1. Haha, the demons got him! We decided not to go at all, because it would have been quite a long trip and a bit expensive with a train. I don't have a driver's license yet, and he can't drive with the cast, so options are limited. But next year then!


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