Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 Review Part 1

I started going through my blog entries from 2015 and was amazed how much energy I had in the beginning of the year. So many projects and so many lovely pictures! So much has happened that I decided to divide the year review into pieces to avoid posting a million pictures at once.

2015 was plain awesome. The game I had been working on for the last two years was published and became a hit. I finished my Master's studies at the university. I had a huge b-day when I turned thirty. My other half proposed. I participated in my first cosplay contest ever and won it. Got to visit New York. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something from this list, but oh well ;D

One of the finished pictures from a photo workshop held in Dec 2014. Getting this
picture took lots of coaching and many tries, but I love how different it is!
I honed my smoky eye skills in January.
Took pictures with my Queen of Darkness lace top and a second hand corset.
Worked on a Snow Queen outfit and a trial make-up for the shoot.
Bought a cheap Chinese eBay gown for taking pictures with.
Got my striped Artifice Clothing jacket.
Tried on white contacts and found out that black wigs suit me surprisingly well.
In February I finished my scale mail corset project. I used a second hand black
velvet corset as a base and made a 800+ scale piece to cover the front.
This was my cool Valentine's look done for the Queen of Darkness blog. I still like the design!
Tried an all white look inspired by Leena of Luurankoja Kaapissa.
Dressed up as a Victorian version of Death of the Endless for a friend's
comic themed b-day party.
For club Schatten I got to wear the scale mail corset!
Did a little photoshoot with my brother.
Got a lovely corset made by Tiahaar.
The moth jewellery I designed for Rogue was finished.
I had apparently forgotten how horrible making scale mail was and made a necklace
to match the corset.
Did a photoshoot with Sanni Saarenmaa, wearing both the corset and the necklace.
In March I participated in Tampere Kuplii cosplay contest with a Demon Hunter costume
I had whipped up in a few months. Won first place with 60% of all votes!
A behind-the-scenes shot of the Snow Queen photoshoot with Helena Pahaoja. I'm planning to take some more pics with the outfit soon, it hasn't seen much use.
Here I'm enjoying a pink drink at the Finnish Game Awards Gala in April.
I participated in a photoshoot that was published in Twisted Magazine in May. Here's Team Tampere! Bella von Wolfkill, me, Didi Ou and Rogue.
For a graduation present my parents took me to New York in May. Thanks mom and dad, it was awesome!
The photo is a bit older (by Kario Vuorio), but I won the Model of the Month contest on the
Finnish Alternative Models community for May with it.
Just wait until I get to the other half of the year and to my favourite make-up looks ;D But this is a good start!


  1. What an awesome year you've had! And congrats on finishing your Masters! May 2016 be just as successful, if not more successful, as last year. Hugs from NYC.

  2. You are so creative! So many amazing looks! You always inspire me! Have a great 2016!

  3. That's incredible! 2015 was no good year to me, like many, many others. I'm happy 2016 is going to get better!
    Oh my, the dark smokey eyes on you - they're blowing my mind over and over again, every time I see them. You wear them so well! And how I love the victorian look!
    So cheers to a wonderful and creative 2016, and all the best to your man and his leg!


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