Thursday, 16 June 2016

Outfit of the Day

Yes I know the shoes are ridiculous ;D I needed to drive and I need flat shoes to feel the pedals, so these came in handy! I just bough these Black Milk Mecha leggings second hand and they fit me like a glove. It's been very warm, so simple, light clothes like leggings are very useful. I was on my way to pop to a friend's b-day party, just to get out a bit and train my driving skills. I have to say it's weird going to a party and not having anything alcoholic to drink, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! It's good practise to drive on the mostly empty streets, as I can take in all the markings and go as slowly as I need to. I'm hoping to be a good driver soon!

Jacket - Juunappa
Top - H&M
Leggings - Black Milk Mecha Leggings
Shoes - Lidl

One more showing my ponytail! My hair is quite faded, but still has a nice
ombre effect. The earrings I bought from the gothic flea market event, they
are by A for Arsenic. I changed the hooks to studs so they don't feel too heavy,
and now they are one of my favourite pairs :)


  1. Looks great and well, I guess most of us have strange options for driving shoes ^^

  2. I think the plain flats go well with the robot leggings. The ombré looks great! Glad the driving is going well!

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