Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wedding Things

As you might know, my other half and I got married early this year. We had a simple civil ceremony with no extra hassle. The plan has been to have a wedding party later, and that's one of the things that's been taking my energy lately. We have a venue and the invitations are almost done, my dress is nearly finished and there are ideas for the decoration and food.

I didn't think arranging a wedding is so much hard work! So many little things to take care of, I always seem to forget something. But I do have the most important things: a super awesome dress and a gorgeous ring, so everything else is just extra ;D

Second hand pompoms for decoration.

We are having a small ceremony at a ruined church (here's to hoping it wouldn't rain too much) and a party with lots of music and good food. I've been thinking of a suitable ceremony for the church part, but haven't come up with anything yet. The location has been used as a holy place from at least the iron age and church was just build on top, and neither my other half or me are Christians, so I was thinking of some sort of a pagan ceremony. Maybe handfasting or a unity sand type of thing. It's so hard to choose, as I don't identify with any particular religion, and there isn't that much information on what the original Finnish traditions have been. Any ideas or suggestions?

Invitations, designed by me. I love how they turned out! The wedding is in September, so candles, lights and darkness are
clear themes for the party ;)


  1. I've always loved the idea of marrying in a ruin! I've also considered some kind of hand fasting.

  2. Quite a nice post! Have been looking for nice and creative ideas for a themed marriage. I'm trying to find good New York wedding venues within our budget. It's my marriage in few months and want to plan it well before.


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