Friday, 14 October 2016

Brass and Copper Look

I haven't played with make-up in ages, but tonight had both the energy and the time for it! So here it finally is, a look with Colourpop metallic shadows!

The dark coppery shadow is called Mooning and the brass one is Kathleenlights. On the waterline I wanted a purple that pops, but it ended up looking a bit muted in pictures. A more blue based purple would have served my purpose better. This purple is Urban Decay pencil in Voodoo, a pretty, mildly sparkly purple, but too red for my waterline.

I used to find it hard to apply Colourpop shadows, as their mousse like formula doesn't adhere to most of my brushes at all. I've been very fond of fluffy synthetic brushes that simply do not pick up any of this type of shadow, no matter what I do. I had the idea to try my new favourite brushes, Zoeva Luxe Shaders, and they were perfect for this! They are not fluffy, but flat, but somehow the shape and bristles are just perfect for blending. This will help my Colourpop shadows see a lot more use, as I'm not very keen on applying eyeshadow with my fingers, as the Colourpop shadows are meant to be used.


  1. Oh so lovely! ♥ I love copper and brown and glitter!
    Good to know about the brushes, I mostly use a little fluffy one, but I guess flat ones are usable to something as well. :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Coppery/gold shades are my go-to autumn look, alongside dark red lipstick (think Jeffree Star's Unicorn Blood). This looks amazing on you!
    And yeah, I don't like applying eyeshadow with my fingers either.


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