Friday, 21 October 2016

Photoshoot with Qumma

I have to say the problems with Finnish Alternative Models turned out to my benefit in the end, as I got a few collaboration requests for photoshoots as a result. Some shoots are still in the making, but one was done and I got the finished pictures!

Qumma is if not the best known Finnish fetish photographer, at least among the best known. He does many kinds of shoots, but I was especially interested in his skill of capturing latex as shiny and nice as it really is.  When he offered to do a shoo with me, I was ecstatic! And even more so when we got a talented make-up artist to join! I think our team was better than any I could have gotten for the prize photoshoot, so things went better than expected.

Here are the results!

Model and wardrobe: Me
Hair and make-up: Sini Silfvenius-Bart
Photographer: Qumma

The first outfit was my rococo underwear set with tons of plastic pearls. I should get a medal for getting my hair stay up when I only had two tiny alligator clips and one hair pin ;D

The second outfit is a chocolate brown latex dress made by Tiina Rikala for a gala I attended. I paired it with Jeffrey Campbell oil slick heels and an antler headdress. The headdress just wouldn't stay on my head, so in the end it was photoed separately. But you can't really tell from the photo, I think!

For the third outfit: glitter latex! You now how crazy I am for this stuff ;D The dress in also made by Tiina Rikala, the heels are Jeffrey Campbell and necklace by Artwithlatex. The thing on my head is actually three separate crystal tiaras, as I couldn't decide which one would look best, and then though the whole bunch goes nicely with a look that this ornamental. The tiaras are by Lumissa's Purple Octopus, she does the best crystal jewellery! She asked if I wanted to switch one tiara for a newer, improved model, as I had earlier purchased two and been very happy with them. Eventually I offered to just buy the new model too, as they all looked so nice and I didn't want to give up any ;P So now I own enough crystal tiaras to last me a while!

The fourth outfit was just a pair of heels, but those photos are only for me and my husband :>


  1. Qumma on legenda! ♡ Mulla tuli sellainen hihihi-fanityttöfiilis, kun tavattiin ja kuvailtiin, kun on joskus pikkuteininä katsellut Qumman fetissikuvia ihan lumoutuneena. ^_^

    Hyvä että siitäkin sopasta seurasi hyvää ja upeaa tulikin, mahtavia lookkeja! ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Wau, tosi upeita kuvia! Onneksi tuosta koko jutusta nyt sitten loppujen lopuksi koitui kuitenkin jotain hyvää :)

  3. The rococo pictures look so magical! And I really love the colours of the last dress. Metallics are the best, right?


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