Sunday, 8 January 2017

Colourpop Now Playing Eyeshadow Set

Before Christmas I pampered myself by making an order to ColourPop. Their holiday sets looked really nice and the prices are very good. I have some of their eyeshadows and lipsticks and like both. This time I went for eyeshadows, more specifically the "Now Playing" set.

The package itself is impressive. The eyeshadows are in a round cardboard box that is in a sleeve, both very sturdy. My only problem is that the padding is glued in so tight that I can't remove it, so I can't re-use the pretty box.

The set consists of six shadows with different finishes.

Desert Super Shock eyeshadow

Babykins Super Shock eyshadow

Peekaboo Super Shock eyeshadow

Thirsty Girl Super Shock eyeshadow

Patchwork Super Shock eyeshadow

Fairfax Super Shock eyeshadow
What originally drew me to choose this set was the combination of Babykins, a deep pink, Patchwork, teal with multicoloured glitter and Fairfax, as it looks like a very easy to wear neutral shade. The other three seemed like they could work quite well. Light shades are usually quite easy to wear, and they are a bit tricky to choose based on pictures online, as different screens show the tiny differences in shades poorly. So my way is to hoard a pile of light neutrals, try them, keep the ones that suit me and sell or donate the rest.

Fairfax is a matte dark brown. When I went through my stash I noticed that I actually own this one already ;D It's just my type, dark, red based browns work very well with my light green-grey eyes.

Babykins is a new shade. It's a metallic dark pink, a very "me" shade.

Desert is a satin beige-y with pink undertones. It's a bit too orange on my skin tone, but a lovely shade otherwise.

Patchwork looks gorgeous. It's a teal shade with multicoloured glitter and a neat shift effect. The base is dark, so depending on the light, the shadow on skin shows the glitter or the dark base shade, which leans towards plum.

Thirsty Girl is a very glittery, warm medium brown. Many of the ColourPop shades tend to be warm and look a bit too orange on my skin. I'd think that many of these would work better on a few shades dark skin tones and especially on tanned skin. Thirsty Girl is just on the border of too orange for me, but it can work.

Peekaboo was, like it's name implies, a surprise! In the shop pictures it didn't look like much, but it's actually pretty close to my skin tone, giving the illusion of perfect glowing skin. It hides tiny imperfections and works very well as a highlight on the tear duct and brow bone. So this is the one that works on us pale ass ladies!

Babykins, Fairfax and Desert

Thirsty Girl, Peekaboo, Patchwork and Babykins again.
The only shade that definitely does not work on me is Desert. All the other are usable, nice to apply and blend well. I was expecting Patchwork to be a bit darker, but I might try a dark base with it to solve the problem. Being lighter is good, as it can be used for lighter looks too. Babykins is just great, it's quite a unique shade in my collection. It goes very well with Patchwork. Thirsty Girl has gorgeous glitter and shimmer, and Peekaboo is a lovely highlighter shade. Fairfax is just as good as it used to be, I recommend it to everyone with green eyes!

ColourPop offers affordable international shipping nowadays, so finally their lippies and eyeshadows are available to use nordics without fiddling with shipping services! I have another order coming is, as I really wanted to try their rose gold eyeshadow Weenie. The holiday sets are now discounted, so you might do great finds. Some have already sold out, but all of the eyeshadows reviewed here are still available as singles.


  1. Voi miten söpön näköinen paletti! Ihania sävyjä, varsinkin tuo Babykins! ^^

    1. Kiitos! Se on kyllä ehdottomasti mun suosikki!

  2. What cute packaging!
    I'm tempted to try their stuff (especially with the offers nowadays, I live in Norway), but there's TOO many things I want xD

    1. Haha, I totally understand! Their stuff is amazing, and the prices are so good that even if something isn't perfect on you, it's not much money lost. They ship out fast and the delivery doesn't take long, I can definitely recommend them based on shipping to Finland.

  3. Mä olen ennen lähes kammoksunut lämpimän sävyisiä luomivärejä, mutta ColourPopin myötä olen ihastunut niihin. Todella monet CP:n sävyt tosiaan ovat lämpimiä :o Minulle ne eivät sovi, koska iho alkaa näyttää kelmeältä, mutta en välitä. :D

    1. You go girl, sellasia pitää käyttää mistä tykkää! Nää on jo esineinä niin kauniita, ettei haittaa vaikka joku sävy ei olisi ihan täydellinen :)


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