Saturday, 18 March 2017

Corset Photoshoot Make-up and Hair

Life tends to get in the way of blogging! I went on a business trip to San Francisco and the jet lag was devastating for a whole week, whew. Can't wait to try out all the new lipsticks I brought from the trip!

In the meanwhile, here's more detailed pictures of the corset photoshoot look Anniina_E did. It's so wonderful to have friends who not only have the skills to do awesome make-up and hair, also have the creativity to come up with wonderful things and the time to work with me!

The hair-do is a high ponytail with the base wrapped and sections done with a crimping iron to give the hair more texture. In the back is a braided section. I kept the jewellery very small and unnoticeable, so the corset and make-up would be the things that really shine. The jewellery should not compete for attention in this shoot.

I really, really love the way Anniina did my brows! I've been going for a somewhat similar style in my everyday look since the shoot, but her take on the brows is just amazing <3

Here you can see the braid, lovely! I'm growing out my shaved side, so the hair on this side is shorter.
The braid is an excellent way to hide it.

The brows are just <3 I do also like the subtle contouring and the glittery eyeshadow!


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