Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Miss Horse

These pictures are from a picnic at Viikinsaari on Saturday! The weather was great, sunny enough to be warm but with a light breeze from the lake to keep people cool.

First some oh-so-artsy posing on a rock in the lake...

I'm wearing a dress by Tiina of Rogue clothing, with a print designed by me. It's a short dress and I wanted something longer for the day, so I just put a skirt on top of the dress and added a peplum belt there too. The long flowing skirt is really great for staying cool on a hot day.

And then comes the traditional horse mask that appears in each Lumous! I added sunglasses on top, mainly because I had no other place to put them and it was tricky to balance yourself on the rock when you can't see anything ;D

With Mikko, master of the horses!
Photo by Janne S.
Photo by Janne S. Just look at that terrified horse-face ;D

This one came out great with the boat just on the right spot ;D Photo by Jukka K.

General picnicness happening. Photo by Jukka K.

Photo by Janne S. (or at least from his camera, I think Nina took this one ;P)
The picnic is not part of the official Lumous program, but for many years people have still gone out to chill at Viikinsaari. There used to be Die Dunkle Seereise on Saturday, where drunken goths were packed on a boat and cruised on the lake drinking wine for a few hours. The picnic is sort of a remnant of that, because the same boat now goes to Viikinsaari. On some years it's been rainy, but this year the sunshine was great!


  1. Oh my God you look incredible. Love the dress, your tattoos and hair! Wow. Lovely post!


  2. Such a horseface! hahah xD

    Tuo mekko on kyllää niin upea..ah..mahtavuus! ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kiitos! Saiskohan tota heppanaamaria mustana... ;D

  3. Lovely!! (Love the horse head!!)


  4. Wonderful photos of you and your friends. It's lovely to see the your design printed on some clothes, finally :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited about the prints, they work better than I dared to dream!

  5. I love the meshy skirt and the cool dress that you designed!


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