Friday, 4 July 2014

Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi and Bones & Lilies Collaboration

Finally the printed tops and skirt are here! I got one of each to see how the print works. I think it's even better than I expected, since the small imperfections that result in hand-made printing work really well with the pictures. They look distressed in a good way, giving some room for error while printing and thus making each print truly unique.

Tops and skirt will be available at Lumous Dark Market and will later appear on Tiina's Etsy store.

Prince of the Forest top. Wore it to go out for a late
lunch. It's important to eat well at festivals so you
can party until morning light!

Crowned skirt, Prince of the Forest top and Cats Will Come top. On a black background, sorry ;P


  1. They look stunning, and your outfit is great, can't wait to purchase a tank top through etsy

  2. Hi! I can se that you have been using Directions or Stargazer hair dye! We are looking for girls who would like to help us on the webshop with showing off to other customers how the hair dye really looks :) As thanks you can have your blog or other website adress on the picture. There are more info here: Have a lovely day! Best wishes, Sophie, Beauty Manager at (we are building new store)

  3. toi printti on nii upee!

  4. perfect, as always :)

  5. Amazing work to you and Tiina!

  6. you're great, really... and the t-shirts look completely amazing!


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