Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Superb Sunglasses

My other half ordered a pile of different sunglasses, so he would have plenty to choose from. Some didn't sit well on his face, so I got to pick a pair or two from the leftovers. These ones are so cool! The darkened part can be lifted upwards.

I'm also wearing a necklace I customized. I glued a resin glitter bat piece on the black necklace to have some more bling!

My hair fades to lavender nowadays! I'll dye it after Lumous sauna event
tomorrow, so the sauna would not be pink ;P


  1. Those sunglasses! That necklace! Pure love!

    x Dawn

  2. I love the sunglasses. Great addition specially during summer season ♥

  3. Those sunglasses are really cool!

  4. You have a wonderful combo of Steam punk and goth going on... LOVE it

  5. Your customization of the necklace is great!! Cool sunglasses very classical

  6. I love those sunglasses! My sister got a pair and I was so jealous, cause I am the Steampunk one, lol! That necklace is awesome too!

  7. I have that necklace and customised mine, too - I painted mine with nearly-dried-up nail-polish in black gloss to give it a cool textured effect.


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