Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday Lumous

What a lovely slow Sunday yesterday was! I woke up very late and we left for the Gothnic gothic picnic soon after. Picking up some Nepalese take-away on the way to the park was a great idea, it's an excellent way to start a day by eating lots of delicious food!

I did a quick smoky eye with purple eyeshadow and put on my eyebrows and some lipstick. The dress definitely needed a hat to go with it (and I have so many hats and there are rarely occasions to wear them!) so I dug one up from my closet. It has a real mink skull on it, but it looks like the veil obscures it in most pictures.

Photo by Hanna A. The sun was in my eyes ;P

The best picnic outfit: dress, sunglasses and no shoes!

Fascinator - By me
Sunglasses - eBay
Necklace - eBay
Dress - Handmade (second hand, I wouldn't have the patience to sew something so big ;P)

The End party was awesome as usual! I even did a tiny bit of twerking, being so proud of having learned it on last Wednesday's dance lesson ;D Great music, great people, and I found a new favourite drink: hard ice tea!

I'll be posting more on Lumous later, I still have lots of great pictures from Saturday's picnic and Dark Market that I want to show! Now my next goal is the recovering-from-Lumous dinner that will happen in a few hours. I'm on vacation so I got to sleep in with the kitties :)


  1. You look lovely! That dress could also be part of a purply steampunk outfit if you pull it up at the sides somehow!

    1. Thanks and true! Maybe I have to experiment with the dress a bit, it's really nice to wear and could work for many looks :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I felt so lucky when I found it just when I was leaving from a meet where people traded and sold clothing. It looked so tempting that I just had to try it on and it fit me perfectly! On top of that I traded it for a few items I rarely used, so it was an excellent exchange :)

  3. Kaikki siun Lumouksen asut ovat oleet upeita! Tämäkin mukavan kesäinen! Ehdoton lempparini on kuitenkin sarvi-asu, se oli EEPPINEN!!

    1. Kiitos paljon! Mä niin tykkään laittautua, Lumoukseen saa onneksi vetää kaikki kummalliset releet päälle vaikka samaan aikaan ;D


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