Friday, 5 April 2013

Cyclopean Look

I am wearing Cyclopean by Geek Chic Cosmetics. I did a review of another eyeshadow from the same collection, called Non-Euclidean. I thought it looked very different in the shop swatch. Chantel was so kind as to put a free sample of Cyclopean in the bag when she sent me other shades to review. She said Cyclopean might be closer to the shade I had thought Non-Euclidean was, and she was totally right! This is just the right dark green shade I was looking for :)

I also tried adding mascara in the roots of my lashes with a small eyeliner brush, I think it worked really well and makes my make-up look more polished.

I'm wearing:
Geek Chic Cosmetics Cyclopean (dark green with bright green sheen, on the whole lid and crease)
Sugarpill Bulletproof (matte black, added lightly on top of Cyclopean in the crease and blended)
Sugarpill Tako (matte with, on inner corners)
MAC Fluidline Blactrack (matte black gel liner)


  1. Cyclopean is a stunner of a shade. I love Non-Euclidean though, rainbow sparkles!

    1. Non-Euclidean is nice too, I just had a few similar shades already, so that's why I was a bit disappointed with it. I do use the other similar shadows often, so the colour is very nice!

  2. It is very eye catching color, not surprised you love it so much.
    It looks awesome.


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