Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Day Make-Up

May Day's make-up look! This is Femme Fatale The Nightmare on the lid, Femme Fatale Faerie Fire in the inner corners and on the edges of The Nightmare, Sugarpill Dollipop on the lower lashes, Lost in Makeupland Say It Isn't So blush and Maybelline Superstay 10H Tint Gloss in Timeless Plum.

I tried painting my lower lashes with eyeshadow mixed with mixing medium, but it really didn't work. My mixing medium is glycerine based, which I later found out mainly means that it doesn't dry. At all. Ever. So, this meant everything my lashes touched turned pink! The colour transferred to my under eyes so I just gently patted it off from the lashes when I noticed the catastrophe. The idea was good, but my execution was lacking ;P

Look at the gorgeous green sheen!

Femme Fatale The Nighmare and Faerie Fire
Special thanks to Jenni for selling me the extra shadows she had, I really love these colours!


  1. I have The Nightmare and Faerie Fire so I am going to recreate this tomorrow i think! :-)

    1. Can't wait to see your version, I hope you post pictures :)

  2. The top image is simply stunning! I've followed the blog for a time and like all the pictures, but that one is simply amazing.

    I've held back feedback comments but figured it's best to say something, especially as the blog is free to read ;) sort of a free magazine..

    By the way, I got the nail polish on today, which I recieved from you! The one with glitter, transparent. I love it.


  3. Great look! I really love the FFC eyeshadows, they are very unique and have such great duochromes!


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