Sunday, 30 June 2013

New Jewellery Box

I currently have rented a table from a local self-service flea market, so I go there often to tidy up my spot. I've been trying not to browse much while there to avoid bringing as much stuff back home as I'm selling off, but I've still bought a couple of small things I thought were great finds. So far I've gotten a pair of Alchemy Gothic earrings for 2 euros, two satin linen sets for 2 euros, and this lovely acrylic jewellery box for 2 euros.

It was really dirty and hiding in the darkest corner of one table when I found it.

The top part opens with a clear lid, and the lower part is a little drawer. All the sections
are adjustable, so I can create larger or smaller spaces for the jewellery.

The leftmost earrings in the middle row are the ones I got from the flea market! 

All of my jewellery doesn't fit in it, but almost half does, so I'm planning on changing the ones in this container to encourage myself to wear jewellery more. All except earrings have been tucked away in a drawer and I don't even remember to always check if there would be something to match my clothes or make-up.


  1. I use the same one - it's from Muji

    A great company for simple design and practical solutions.

    1. True, that's definitely the same model! Seems like they do a lot of nice looking stuff, thank you for the link :)


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