Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Nailpolishes

When Anniina painted my nails, she used a shade from the Wet n Wild Fergie collection and hinted that it was now in Seppälä stores. I really loved the polish, so the next day I went to get myself a bottle too. And since only one bottle would surely be lonely, I took two others, too ;P

Mermaid Curves, Ferguson Crest Syrah and XoXo from Wet n Wild Fergie collection.

XoXo, a lovely dark pink and blue glitter top coat.

Ferguson Crest Syrah, a wine red shimmery polish with dark pink glitter.

Mermaid Curves,  turquoise glitter with a golden sheen.
All of the polishes are easy to work with, thanks to the wide brushed they have. I personally like wide brushes much better than thin ones. Mermaid Curves and XoXo are effect top coats and need an opaque shade under then if you don't want your natural nail colour to show, but Ferguson Cresh Syrah is opaque in just one coat. Gorgeous colours, easy application and neat bottles, what more could you ask for?


  1. I really love these colours. Last month I gifted a curious shade from this collection to a friend. The polish has little colourful stars on it.

    1. Oh, I really liked the one with stars also! I just felt like I should try to keep my polish collection under control, but I might just go and get that one still, it's so unique!

    2. I might get one for my self too, I just cant get that starry polish out of my head. But I suffer from the same thing, I have to many polishes already. *_*'


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