Friday, 14 June 2013

Wild Friday Night

Tonight I'm staying at home, watching Bridezillas, playing Farmville 2, sipping on some dry cider and waiting for a Queen Helene Mint Julep clay face mask to be done. A super wild night ;P I'm also planning playlists for tomorrow's Club Bella Morte, it's going to be great! I've already decided I'll be wearing my gorgeous DeadlyGirlz corset I got from eBay and I'll be at the very least be playing some Angels of Liberty, Sweet Ermengarde and The Upper Classes. Now back to work! Here's a picture of cats just because.

The kitties are very productive ;)


  1. Kittens picure is always a right picture. ;)I see Möttönen as usually, she's my fav cat from all your cats. :) Does her name mean something in Finnish?

    1. Kitties always rock! Möttönen is just a silly Finnish surname, it seemed appropriate for the cat since she is always doing something silly or just making funny noises and being slightly obese ;D


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