Thursday, 9 October 2014

IsaDora Purple Prune Nail Polish

I pondered long on buying this nail polish, but now I'm happy that I did! It's by IsaDora and called Purple Prune. It's a very autumn-y shade, a dark purple. I was afraid that it would be too close to something I had but luckily Purple Prune is unique in my collection. It's a dark purple with a slightly brown undertone and muted shimmer. In natural light (as in the pictures) it leans to purple, but in artificial light the brown tone comes out and the polish has a wine red hint to it.

The shade is very easy to wear and works with many other colours, adapting to them by looking more purple or brown. I like IsaDora's formula, the polish is easy to apply and dries in a reasonable time. I apply Seche Vite top coat when the polish has dried to plump it up a bit, my nails have a natural texture that shows through a bit otherwise.

Oh and that pretzel? My friend Nina brought me the most awesome nail stickers form Germany: Essence Oktoberfest collection stickers! What a great country Germany is to have make-up collections that have an Oktoberfest theme ;D And the shade goes so well with the polish!


  1. Ooh, that looks like my "Mulberry Wine" that it totally dried out. I've been looking for something similar - Time for a H&M visit! :D

  2. The little pretzel is a very cute detail :)


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