Thursday, 30 October 2014

Planning an Outfit

I'm turning 30 this December and I'm planning to have a big party, just because I can! I already have a venue reserved and most things figured out. But naturally the most important thing is for me to find something fabulous to wear ;D

My other half promised to make me a mini crown, which will be totally awesome, but the rest of the outfit is still a bit vague. I'd like to buy something that I've wanted for a long time, because giving b-day presents to yourself is fun. But then again I wouldn't want to spend a huge amount of money. There's Christmas coming, a trip to Stockholm and I'm dreaming of renovating our kitchen some day, so I'll be needing some cash in the near future.

Something like this one from Pearls & Swine perhaps!

If teleports had been invented and I won the lottery, I would be getting a Sweet Carousel Corsetry piece. But since they are in Canada (Canadian post is notorious for being slow)  and have a long turnaround time, I don't think it's possible any more even if I did have the money. They have gorgeous designs and a made-to-measure corset would be a dream come true.

A fabulous rhinestoned corset by Sweet Carousel Corsetry.

For a cheaper option, I'm looking at Draculacorsets and decorating a corset myself. They offer a imitation of one of the Sweet Carousel designs, which I adore, but it's a bit shady to be making knock-offs. Then again, I would customize the corset, and I most definitely would not do that to the Sweet Carousel one! It can be a pain to find an off-the-rack overbust that fits nicely, but the cut looks like one that could work on my body. I just hope is actually has a nice curve, there are no pictures of it worn by anyone else than the model RazorCandi, and anything looks gorgeous on her! Some off-the-rack corsets don't have a dramatic waistline and make you look like a tube. I'm quite slim, so my corsets need the shaped waistline to actually cinch something in.

Draculacorsets Skeleton Corset. Suspiciously alike to a Sweet Carousel design.
After I've chosen the corset, there's the bottom, since I might want to wear something below the waistline, too ;D If I go for the skeleton overbust, it's so long that I definitely need a skintight bottom to go with it. I was thinking of a mermaid skirt with some lace and a hem that's high in the front so I can show off what ever shoes I decide to wear. Currently I'm planning to make the skirt myself. I just got a new sewing machine and I'm pretty sure I have a pattern for a mermaid skirt lying around somewhere.

Both the corset and skirt could have some extra bling, so I'm planning to buy some heatfix rhinestones. My other half got a heat gun for working with Worbla and I could use it for the rhinestones. I haven't done much with rhinestones, but it doesn't seem too complicated to add them. I could use the same type of stones to decorate the crown and the corset and the skirt so they all match.

Something like these babies from RhineStonesWarehouse on Etsy.
I'm pretty certain I can find suitable shoes from my own closet, there are so many! And plain black pumps might be a good option to go with a sparkly outfit. I've been downsizing my shoe collection to have only shoes that are nice to wear and also look good. I've done a pretty good job because I can basically grab any pair and stand all night in them. Maybe if a very nice pair comes up I could consider buying something new, but it's not likely.

Any tips on rhinestoning things or what type on skirt would go well with a long-line corset? Or how to face the big 30? ;D Many of my friends are getting married and having kids, and I just pet kitties and go to parties, but that's what I like to do, so I plan to continue as long as I feel like it!


  1. WOW 30! I thought you are 21-23.

    1. Oh, you make me blush! ;D Time has been very kind to me!

  2. 30 didn't bother me so much. It was 32 that freaked me out. At that point you are "in your thirties". Live it up! Age really is just a number

    1. I'm still undecided between a bubble machine, smoke machine or a snow machine for my party. I think this might be the extent my age-crisis goes ;P So I'll follow your advice!

  3. I can never guess anyone's age from watching shows where teens are played by 28 year olds and their parents are played by 34 year olds but I think you look beautiful and radiant! Mini crowns are awesome! Celebrate your birthday and more awesome years to come!

    Wait, I am 27, should I be freaking out yet?

    1. Thanks! 27 is a tricky year too, that's the age all rock stars die, so after that you just have to be a regular person. Which happily is quite fun too ;P


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