Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I spent the evening hanging out with friends. We've had a party at our place the last few years, but this time I was too busy to organize on and I only have one vacation day instead of continuing the holiday to the weekend. I had some sparkling red wine which was delicious!

For the look I wanted to do something with glitter brows and eyeshadow inspired by Phyrra's tutorial. I had not used Sugarpill Darling eyeshadow for a while so that was my choice, since it looked so pretty on Phyrra too!

I used:

Mac black gel liner for brows
Latex free lash glue on brows to get the glitter to stick
Second hand purple iridescent glitter on brows
Sugarpill eyeshadow in Darling for whole lid
Sugarpill eyeshadow in Soot and Stars as liner and in inner corners
Sugarpill eyeshadow in Diamond Eyes  on the inner corners and brow bone
Mac black gel liner for the waterline
IsaDora Volume & Curl mascara in black
Mac Nightmoth lip liner on lips
Mac Cyber lipstick on lips
Maybelline Fit Me blush in Deep Rose on cheeks
Make Up Store eyeshadow in Beaver for contouring

I always feel weird when I put dark products to the inner corners of my eyes because of the
effect it has bringing my eyes closer together. In photos I look normal to me, but when
looking into a mirror the effect is weird ;D

Darling is such a bright colour it makes my eyes look a bit dull.

This one shows the brows better. I painted them on with black gel liner and let it dry, then added lash glue on top and
padded on glitter. I really like the result!


  1. No one can wear glitter as you do! It looks lovely

  2. Glitterit kulmakarvoissa näyttää sika hyvältä! <3

    1. Kiitos! Ne oli kyllä tosi toimiva pieni kimallelisä, ilman että menee ihan överiks ;D

  3. You look amazing, love the colour!


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