Thursday, 8 January 2015

Smoky with a Touch of Blue Look

I did this look for the 80's party last Saturday. My plan was to do a smoky look but with a touch of colour. My choice for the colour part was Femme Fatale eyeshadow in Dreamstate. It's a dark blue with a green sheen. With the matte black I used for the smoky part Dreamstate looks quite a bit darker than usual, but the green comes out very nicely. The lashes are by Sugarpill, a pair called Stormy.

My brows are done with Inglot gel liner and on the lips is Fyrinnae matte lipstick in Delicious, a medium purple, with just a hint of the same product in Desire, a darker purple, on the outer edges to give an impression of fuller lips.

I really like how the smoky eye turned out and the touch of colour seems to work well. Next time I'll experiment with something brighter to see how I can blend the colours! I'm also very fond of my new contouring shade, Beaver eyeshadow by Make-Up Store. I saw Rose Shock recommend it and hunted high and low for the shade. Seems that the Finnish sellers no longer carried it, but luckily I went on a trip to Sweden and the airport tax free shop had plenty of Beaver ;P 

My jaw line is not very defined, but a little touch of Beaver helps a lot and it works well with my complexion. Most contouring products are too warm for my pale Scandinavian skin, but Beaver is a totally matte grey-brown that blends in perfectly. I also own Taupe by Nyx, but Beaver is by far superior. Taupe has too little pigment for my taste.

Any suggestions on what shade I should try next with the smoky look? I have over 200 eyeshadows so I'm pretty sure I can manage almost any shade suggested ;D


  1. What an awesome look. I wish I could pull that off. But everytime I try and do a completely dark eye, my eyes just look soo tiny. I have small (ish) Deep set eyes, and I just can't get used to the way an all Deep eyeshadow look looks on me. I normally would have to pop a light color in the center of my eye.

  2. Hurjan hieno! Ihan oikeanlainen "smokey" lookki :) ja sopii hyvin hiuksiin!


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