Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stripe Make-Up

Here's a few close-ups of the make-up I did for taking pictures with the stripy jacket. I wanted a smoky eye with some colour and short brows. And I just couldn't resist the dark purple lippie!

Products used:

Sugarpill Bulletproof (matte black)
Femme Fatale Eternal Trance (metallic dark green/teal)
Inglot gel liner in purple (for brows)
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, for highlights on the inner corners and brow bones)
Red Cherry false lashes
Fyrinnae Liquid Matte Lipstick in Desire

The false lashes work very well for my hooded eyes. Long lashes open up the eyes and give a nice liner look too. I think I should have primed the lids with a black jumbo eye pencil to get the black to look deeper, but I'll try that next time. When I blend out the edges of the black it tends to go a bit sheer.

The camera makes the black fade! I just need to pile on more the next time I do smoky eye for a shoot ;D


  1. Perfect!
    I really like the green shade :)

    1. Thank you! It's one of my favourite greens!

  2. I love the glowing green eyeshadow!

  3. Beautiful make up, but I'm totally in love with your jacket *.*

    1. Thanks! It's a great jacket, I've never seen one constructed like it before. The pvc is actually individual strips sewed together to create the striped. So neat!

  4. I love the green eyeshadow! Stunning look.

    I’m giving away a Polaroid camera on my blog if you’re interested! :)

  5. This is one of my favorite looks of yours.


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