Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been! I'm eager to welcome the next one with high expectations, if it's even half as good as the previous one, it will be great!

Here's a few silly snaps with bat wing headband and crazy edits, just because :)

I hope the next year has lots of travelling, great photoshoots, good friends and excellent projects in store for me! I don't make any new year's resolutions, I'm way too lazy for going to the gym or trying to eat healthy. The only thing I might try to be better at is making new friends and getting closer with old ones. I'm pretty protective and tend to keep people away, but I'd love to have more close friends in the future. Wish me luck!


  1. I love the batwing headband so much! And that makeup is stunning! Hope this will be a good year for you!

  2. I don't make resolutions either, but I do challenges and goals :-) I think they're way more fun. That batwing-headthing is super adorbs!

  3. I wish for you much success, peace, health and happiness in this coming year!


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